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  1. zircon can I sleep with you I mean at your house. there is parking there I assume.
  2. believe it or not there's actually one posted
  3. I have never been to the statue of liberty or any other famous new york city landmarks but any of them are terrible ideas. but don't look at me as any idea i have usually somehow involves drinking does anyone know any cheap bars. my company sponsored an open bar right by penn station during the summer (Stout), but i have only been disappointed with the city since then.
  4. Fine I will attempt a real review since everyone else including myself has simply gushed over it so far. I only read Ender's Game about a month ago after having heard this. A lot. It's hard to get me to read much of anything, especially what ostensibly appeared to be Just Another Self-Glorifying Science Fiction Novel, and when all is said and done Ender's Game, and especially its sequel Speaker for the Dead are just that. However, Shnabubula has captured anything worthwhile in Card's book, carefully selected a handful of effective motifs, and transcribed the pacing and mood of the sections of the wok into each of his movements. The result is something for superior to the story itself. It opens up with a childish melody that quickly splits into a carefully phrased synth choir, perfectly elucidating Ender's trite early life that was seemingly silly and transient in quarrels with his brother and neighborhood bullies, but in reality dangerous and very real. The choirs sing to his ability to overcome any obstacle, and another melody resolves the chaos into harmony at 1:59. It than flows tactfully into a softer orchestral tone to demonstrate his loving relationship with his sister Valentine, foreshadowing the fourth act. One can trace each explicit section, each motif, and each phrase to a definitive action found in the plot, but for me to do that would take the fun out of it for anyone who has or is willing to read the book. My favorite track is the third, which is also my favorite part of the book. The synths' complexity and speed increases as the same motifs speaking of Ender's greatness continue to unfold before the listener's ears and the protagonist's juggling struggles of warfare and morality are exquisitely laid out. Shnabubula does not simply equal Card's success in creating a character of raw intelligence and creativity that could save the human race; he surpasses it. Rat-Bonzo is the mind of Ender in music. This is still while, of course, the track still develops the other aspects of the plot and characters. As to everything else... well let's just say he couldn't have done any better in portraying these themes with the instruments he had. The transfused synth and orchestral is a style I haven't seen elsewhere, even in Sam's own work. If it exists, let me know because I'd love to hear it, but could there really be any better way of portraying the ideas of the book? The chaos, the greatness of Ender; the ultimate irony of the plot, the warmth of Valentine and darkness of Peter, the fast action, and the consistency of voice throughout. Sure, you knit-pick a tiny bit, but not a bloody lot. It would be nice if there was a real chorus, I guess. That's of course too much to ask from anyone but those with real financial clout, which is too much to ask for. This is far above in terms of production values anything he has offered overclocked remix, which as a baseline is hardly poor. Please, listen to this in its entirety. If you have, do it again and concentrate more. Seemingly each time I've heard this, I feel like I understand more what both Shnabubula AND Orson Scott Card were getting at. If you haven't read the book, um, listen to this while you are reading the book. There is very little I will endorse without reservation, but this is an exception. Please, listen to this, enjoy it, and shove it others' faces as I have tried to do yours.
  5. I've been listening to this for a while since shna linked me to it and it is probably my favorite thing I've heard by any member of this community. as others have said, it's unfortunate that there isn't really a vehicle for this to be better spotlighted than a thread. I've sent it to anyone who I thought might enjoy it irl and I recommend others do the same.
  6. the 29th works this time can we have "planning" on "going" to "places"
  7. this is passivepretentiousness's favorite remix of 2007.
  8. The current market structure of the industry makes sense to me. There is no reason to believe that a shift to consolidation of different systems is likely, let alone desirable. The only change I see possible in the next decade is room for smaller, specialized companies making consoles that cater to specific audiences as the size of the market continues to grow. I'm surprised that hasn't already happened more.
  9. have you considered offering various individuals/sites the ability to "sponsor" a remix and have their ad permanently on the remix page?
  10. witty remark about black people being lazy
  11. seriously how can you hate radiohead unless i guess thom's voice is pretty annoying.
  12. I used to use a screenshot from a game, but that was back when I had altogether too much free time to organize my library to that extent.
  13. Time Time, time We see it tick It is a crime We see the time Are we fated or consummated to slowly die in time? My, eyes They see its death Our debt of crime We're taxed by time. With eyes jaded We're lacerated by the whims of time. My, sight I see my death By whims not mine, But rather time's. Satiated, life eviscerated Time will win in time. say it aloud in a very sing song way.
  14. well obviously it's not tested in court because thankfully no one in the community has been taken to court. the question is what OCR's response would be if taken to court instead of quickly taking the remixes down. if there isn't any you should really be getting explicit support of all copyright holders.
  15. I thought it was predicated on fair use.
  16. atma come back to offtopic we are nothing without you ok we weren't anything with you so whatever.
  17. I meant more along the lines that if there's a minute of original material, the melody plays, another minute of original material, the melody plays again with a lot of interpretation, and a final minute of original material, the song would probably be rejected. Maybe my simplification is too facile, but that is recognizable and probably considered dominant if the original is acting as a refrain, but it isn't connected to the rest of the new material. I cited Rhodes to the Past because if memory serves correct there was concern that it was a sweet intro that had little to do with 600 A.D. acting as virtually the entirety of the arrangement.
  18. but victimizing yourself is so fun and easy. ask zircon I do it all the time. why does everything have to be so zomg.
  19. irc is for communists I don't understand its intricacies. and what I don't understand I hate. i told you before zircon let's be friends
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