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  1. From a consequentialist standpoint, an M rating makes sense. The only parents who pay attention at all to game ratings are the ones who would freak out over a lesbian romance. It will deter precisely the same families from the games whom the game will upset. Ultimately, maybe we should get pissed off over whether certain families have problems with... progressive lifestyles... but not the type of violence you would find in a T rated game. However, the rating would serve its purpose.
  2. Creating a database of SOME recordings/tracks/whatnot could be interesting if people would end up literally remixing the ReMixes or using them in a mashup. I'm think The Gray Album, for what it's worth. If there was a gray album-ish project done with tracks from OCR, that would be AWESOME.
  3. We're going to be in Boston. Why is Friday's the first thing come to mind? Hynes is reasonable walking distance of both Newbury Street and the Prudential Center, and a short subway trip to Quincy Market, the Waterfront, Fenway, and Allston. I'll happily lead the way if anyone is looking to go to a bar or restaurant.... assuming I end up going, which I do think I will.
  4. The stupid question I'm going to ask is, what does "TAS" stand for? "The Ariginal Story"?
  5. yeah what I was talking about is in the spirit of that, but I wanted to know if there were any others besides what was linked to? also, I cannot stand hearing retarded commentary to go with the game, or watching some idiot replay the same thing six times before finally beating it.
  6. Like Asshole Mario and Super Mario World: Intrigue. Does anyone here have insight into them? As in, what else is out there to watch. I vaguely know what's going on (people hack the games, make their own levels, use emulation tools while playing them, and record their activities), but can anyone here speak to it? What else out there is worth watching? Are there any portals where I can watch them? I have no interest in even trying to play them.
  7. Wow, this is a surprise. Good luck
  8. This just came up on shuffle and I just realized how good it is. It took me a while to get it (five or so listens over four months), but the low-key atmospheric elements to this mix are excellent.
  9. Can you elaborate? This was my source: http://www.heritage.org/Index/Country/Brazil#trade-freedom This is a very prominent think tank in America. I'd like to know if they screwed this up that badly.
  10. I don't have the data specific to electronics, but Brazil's average tariff is 6.7%, which obviously doesn't explain the discrepancy. The other factors which may encourage the high price might be a) There may be high fixed costs involved in importing the game to Brazil. Since Sony expects not to sell that many units, it needs to charge a higher price to make it worth their while. The shape of Brazil's demand curve is probably very different than other countries because they have so many problems with intellectual property. At the price the system sells for now in America, something like 70% of the population cannot afford it either way and maybe another 25% of the possible market will pirate it even though they can. That remaining small portion of the market Sony probably believes is rich enough that they're going to buy it whether it costs $100 or $700. (Technically speaking, the demand curve Sony must respond to is very inelastic). ( is more believable than (a), and the source I'm using says that there is a certain degree of ambiguity and arbitrariness in its trade restrictions and fees that do not necessarily show up in tariffs. In any case, this is not exploitation of a small country. Sony is doing in Brazil exactly what it does in any other country- it's trying to make the most money possible. If you dropped the (possible) trade barriers and protected intellectual property as well as other Westernized nations do, Sony would have no reason to price the system more highly in Brazil than they do anywhere else, unless there are genuine differences in cost.
  11. that isn't particular to video games. it just sounds cool in general. Those were just the first four image search pooped out when googling "of war"+movie
  12. I know absolutely nothing about graphic design, but the new primary logo/menu looks pretty busy to me. The wave form thing in the background is distracting my eye. nitpicks, nitpicks.
  13. Well, not really. I have no idea about such things, but here is something cheap that might be relevant to the interests of those here. So FYI. www.woot.com (8/31/09 - it will change 1 am EST 9/1/09) M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment $59.99 + $5 shipping Condition:NewProduct: 1 M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment Type:M-Audio 49 Key Studio, M-Audio Music Producer, M-Audio Torq Mixlab Warranty: 1 Year M-Audio Session KeyStudio 49 Note Keyboard Features: Includes 49-note velocity-sensitive USB keyboard Includes easy-to-use Session software, play hundreds of sounds or turn your PC into a recording studio Huge library of virtual instruments and sound loops, be the entire band Built-in studio-quality effects, mix your songs with CD-quality results Complete package, everything you need to play and record keyboard-based music Simple setup, just install and launch the software, plug in the keyboard and included high-performance audio interface, and start playing Built with the same M-Audio technology used by music professionals on stage and in studios around the world Works seamlessly with most music software, including Session and GarageBand Use the KeyStudio keyboard to play Session’s huge virtual instrument library, which includes everything from classic sounds like pianos and basses to pop- and rock-inspired synths and sound effects Session has everything you need to turn your jams, remixes and mash-ups into polished, professional-sounding productions. 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  14. You should have everything except what hasn't been released via torrent. However, you will have several duplicates between OCR canon and the album downloads. Given the differences in nomenclature, I would recommend sorting by artist, skimming for similar titles, and deleting as necessary. You only really need to do that if you're OCD. You also shouldn't really download every ReMix between 1700 and now individually. You presumably have a lot of music to digest, going through each page to download is time-consuming, and downloading individual tracks is taxing on OCR's servers. Show up another 12 months from now and there may be another torrent available, although I'm not really in a position to say so.
  15. shouldn't the weapon be salt instead of bananas?
  16. Why get either of those if you don't have a wonderswan?
  17. Yes, if you keep it off of public roads, you can do whatever you want to it legally. I was responding to the way you originally phrased the point. Taking the bumper off the car or putting a diesel engine in it is effectively illegal unless you treat it like a toy (on a racetrack) or a trophy (at a car show) instead of using it as a car (transportation). There's an order to it, however insane it may be. When your actions start negatively affecting the public, the law intervenes. Financial transactions are one of those situations where the state has always felt the right to intervene and regulate. Consider, for example, how drastically the punishment increases when the quantity of drugs in your possession exceeds what is deemed to be for personal use only. If your actions (an intent to distribute) demonstrate that you spread illegal behavior to more than yourself, everything gets a lot more serious. Not necessarily. Zoning laws are just whatever the neighborhood or town or city wants. Such as, regulation of how high a building can be erected. There are towns out there that regulate what color you can paint your house. That was also like one of the many examples I gave (and can keep listing), so I don't know what you were trying to prove in saying that. No, since it's statutory, it's written automatically into every contract, including every sale. Many states demand that businesses offer some sort of implicit guarantee if you're sold a defective product. Renters have certain statutory rights against landlords whether or not they appear in a contract (EVEN if they waive them in a written agreement). Same thing here. Here is a good comp for the original article http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0DIZ/is_7_12/ai_59607220/
  18. Not if you to drive it on public roads. Ever heard of emission controls? Or safety inspections most states require? There are laws regulating many of these... are you aware of zoning laws? The FDA (companies cannot freely sell you their property)? OSHA (companies are regulated in using only approved ladders and a few million other things in the workplace)? There are certain substances out there that are not dangerous in and of themselves, but are still illegal or require a license because they could be mixed in a way to produce explosives or drugs. Further, and much more analogously, although I think those examples completely belie your point already, it's illegal to steal cable. There's nothing unique about this law. There are plenty on the books that regulate your behavior (especially as a business) in the creation of goods which directly encourage illegal actions.
  19. this thread is nothing but a teenage wasteland! HA
  20. wah wah wah profit maximizing behavior etc
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