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  1. I don't recommend posting numbers in a public forum. I will attend the show.
  2. yeah so ummm I'm totally broke but will make it out to watch people play video games etc and maybe have a drink at some dive bar. bahamut if this is still on pm me for my phone number etc.
  3. I had a story drop into my head this afternoon and I may be interested in submitting it. I have no reason to believe I'll finish it within a week, though.
  4. noon might be pushing it a little bit. I mean twelve hours in the city sounds pretty expensive.
  5. meh, different readership to a certain extent. Unless there is something interesting going on I'll only visit communism twice a week.
  6. bahamut can you move this to offtopic just for a couple days to see if anyone else responds.
  7. zircon should come zircon should come. and I may be able to harass atma into going
  8. OverClocked ReMix has drawn me out in many different musical directions that I would have probably never otherwise found. Before I discovered the site from the EGM article in 02, my musical taste was constricted to blink-182, the offspring, and video game midis. At first I did what pretty much everyone does, that being download everything from every game they would recognize. I then followed a pretty standard path of realizing how awesome mcvaffe is and grabbing everything by him. Then at one point I said the hell with it and downloaded everything to listen to it at a point later in time. Then something funny happened. A read the writeupto this, realized I really liked the concept of that genre of music in general, and bought myself a copy of dummy by Portishead. I hadn't bought a "real" music CD in several years before that. And while I hardly consider myself an expert in musical taste (or even an intermediate, for that matter), I now have the pleasure of owning Blue Lines by Massive Attack, Endtroducing by DJ Shadow, Kid A by Radiohead, and Maxinquaye by Tricky. I would have never touched any of this without reading that writeup, probably. So I'm looking to match another group of remixes I greatly enjoy with music found outside this community. The following songs are emblematic of what I'm looking for. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01365/ http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01529/ http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01477/ http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01178/ http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00581/ so jazz/hip hop/early 90s dance? free (legal) music suggestions are especially appreciated, but I'll make a note of checking out anything suggested. thanks.
  9. be a little more vague and enthusiastic I'm confused.
  10. this mix is from at least 100 years ago give it a break. imo this was the best remix of a zelda 64 tune prior to pachabel's ganon
  11. I understand why they throw all the competitions here. I mean, the first page of communism used to be half full of these threads and they cluttered everything up. Not to mention that djp has expressed lukewarm feelings about them in general.
  12. If there is enough interest that someone will always swing by I'll show up at some restaurant/bar once every two weeks throughout the summer because seriously I want to meet some of you guys irl
  13. I'll go twice. and I suggest moving briefly to offtopic to drum up interest.
  14. djp if you come I will most likely buy you several beers and or shots
  15. my price range is probably no higher $25 a plate and $6 for a decent draft. are you sure that the weekend (28th or 29th) wouldn't be a better option? I could probably make it into the city that night, but I wouldn't be able to make it out until about 7:30 at the earliest. I'll also be coming over a nine hour work day so I'd have some difficulty staying out much past 10ish.
  16. no I moved into new york yesterday and have never been in the city. any place inexpensive and not in a crappy area works for me.
  17. my account is as old as yours hence the reason why I'm not a moderator is backwards racism and nothing else.
  18. yes same here. hypothetically I could meet a weekday night but weekends would be far more preferable. and I insist we meet at a bar/restaurant because I cannot socialize with strangers irl without lubrication. I will be like "JOSE HOW BOUT THEM RAP" and "BAHAMUT HOW BOUT THAT MODERATION" otherwise. like literally.
  19. why do trolling offtopic threads get moved to general discussion and serious threads don't
  20. moar people respond I want to meet celebrities!!! come on who doesn't want to meet passivepretentiousness
  21. the now banned hoboninja stole my handle and cluttered my google searches. THIS SN IS MINE AND IT IS CLEVER AND AWESOME.
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