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  1. Some of the instrumentation is very reminiscent of Teardrop specifically. Is that what was intended?
  2. uhhh that was nine minutes of dated trance and a rip from the OST NO OVERRIDE
  3. Battlestar had the best music I've ever seen on television. I'm not really sure I've heard of anyone in this community remixing TV music on a large scale (besides anime), but I would like to agree completely with this n00b that it would be fantastically worthwhile to listen to some of Bear McCreary's music and consider whether it could be feasibly arranged in OCR's style. Examples: (a cover of all along the watchtower arranged specifically for the show) McCreary, the composer worked with several leitmotifs throughout the series. Several of his songs were effectively arrangements of what he already did... in a way very similar to the extremely "liberal" tracks on OCR. Again, I highly recommend him.
  4. I don't understand what you're asking. It was my understanding that what you just described was true about everyone in our generation, although I'd replace Everything She Does is Magic with Don't Stop Believin. It's frankly ridiculous how ubiquitous Journey has become in the under-30 culture nowadays.
  5. idk I always thought comics were for queers.
  6. I would get the shakes and the sweats and barely be able to function for a week. Then I would lose thirty pounds. Then I would write the Next Great American novel.

    I'm glad I can drink.

  7. I know that the original command & conquer was re-released for free a while ago. Does anyone have a link to where I can find a copy compatible with 128-bit vista? If this is irrelevant let me know because I'm somewhat sketchy on how and where it matters, because sometimes old software freaks out altogether when I use it and other times it doesn't care at all.
  8. I saw the movie last night, but only because I was out with people.There were very funny moments scattered throughout the movie, but it dragged quite a bit after the first third of the movie.The bookending felt very contrived and Tom Cruise's antics were only funny because it was Tom Cruise doing them. Everything would have clicked if the script was just 5% more self-aware and put itself in Adaptation territory.
  9. five years ago or so and I actually cared that album art matched when the song came up on musicmatch jukebox or some other ancient crap, I went through the trouble of finding a screencap from the game. those aren't hard to find and are applicable when you have 2,000 video game remixes and half of them aren't OCR. so if you have all the time in the world like I did, there's an even better solution than some ridiculous high def .png file.
  10. to be honest the question of how you got him to write the music for the game is more interesting than the game itself. it's not bad and I certainly couldn't do it, but it isn't, as they say, front page material.
  11. I am inquisitive as to where and when I can transform this hotness into a women so I can have sex with her.
  12. These nation of britainsure can make music well. Along with the rest of America, I heard The Ting Tings first in the ultra-catchy Shut up and Let Me Go on an iTunes commercial. I just got a hold of their album, which recently hit the states, and I am convinced they are the best thing since sliced bread despite middling reviews. Other than the singles, "We Walk" is my favorite of the album. The repetition, catchy-ness, and unapologetic, upfront mixing of their tracks reminds me of Daft Punk in several ways, only with an Indie twist.
  13. so is August 2nd the date for sure? I'll go so long as the company I work for still exists. where is all the gratuitous updating of the first post I have come to expect from these threads?
  14. intellectual property fight!!!!! my favorite part is the multitude of specious arguments the anti-intellectual property crowd bounces between because each one by itself is not defensible such as -YO MAN IT AINT HURTING ANYONE -the system in place is only to help the execs -popular music sucks -anyone who cares about making music doesn't care about the money -any music that is worth anything and not crap is art and all art ultimately belongs to humanity -et cetera your logic is undeniable!
  15. no u. this is complicated enough dealing without public transportationary. I demand line by line directions; otherwise, I refuse to go unless someone who understands NYC like atma or dagney taggart to drags me around.
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