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  1. then make one in notepad and stop trying to put your name on a stickey
  2. the problem isn't that people on this messageboard don't know which is which. If you spend five minutes on this website you can probably figure out any mislabeled songs on your hard drive.
  3. I never got a chance to listen to these as much as I wanted and probably never will because apparently itunes is never going to accept .ogg format. Would anyone be willing to re-render it as an mp3? Yeah, I know the sound quality would be ghey due to artifacting or whatever, but I'm more than happy to pay that price not to have to listen to it in winamp. also apparently the project thread has been pruned unless I'm blind.
  4. would it be possible for anyone to try battlestar galactica avatars? I have zero artistic ability (and more importantly, no photoshop), and I was desperate for a Baltar one.
  5. I thought the parody was genius. South Park is a rare show that can pull one over on me, and it certainly succeeded with wednsday's episode. I didn't realize the parody until seconds before THIS IS LESBOS
  6. He was one of my favorite writers from a stylistic perspective, and he did have something meaningful once every five books or so. Too bad he won't be around to randomly materialize every few years and do something ridiculous like his cold turkey speech.
  7. Uhh I'm pretty sure you can get more than $10 for Chrono Cross.
  8. djpretzel tracks down graylightning and tells him to take over or he shuts it down. gray then takes over as the dark lord of the mix and ruins any career he has. or liontamer gets pissed he lost his "super moderator" title and points a gun to mr. david lloyds head until he signs the deed over to him. assuming ocr actually does get incorporated.
  9. I can't read that can't you just post links to some schala crap that will come up on itunes for me a few days from now.
  11. http://www.esrb.org/ratings/search.jsp
  12. it's a step towards fazing it out. if it catches on at all, they'll dump the $.99 option inside of two years. Also, um, can you make your sig smaller? I'm on a laptop and it stretches my screen horizontally.
  13. They're just using this as an opportunity to cave into the studios, who have been pushing for an increase in price for years. Plus, can't you get around the DRM issues by burning it to a CD and ripping it as an MP3? Sure you're going to some sound quality, but that doesn't apply to none-audiophiles like myself.
  14. request thread title change to itt unmodders post in gen disc
  15. a compilation of kidthunder quotes on ocr "I agree with I-n-j-i-n" "Oh, C'mon!! I can't be the only one in all of OC Remixville that know about this game!! Or am I?!?" "A Few kidThunder Remixes StarForce - Target Attack (Hard House Mix) Megaman 4 - Boss Theme (Hard House Mix) PowerStrike - Aleste Theme (Hard House Mix)" "If you're a Black person on OC Remix and if you're proud of your heritage, represent!!" "sort of...true, myspace is sorta below facebook, because you have some folks' pages who literally drop the "F" bomb like it's so cool!! saying F--- this, F--- that, F--- you!! but if you were to... " "kid thunder! the coolest kid around!" I don't judge. Anyone willing to make a sociological interpretation?
  16. I'm pretty sure it's just supposed to suck.
  17. wow no one else in the remix community can write and perform sappy remixes like oneup studios can!
  18. I came to the same conclusions, but then again I am very pretentious. I'll give 3:1 odds half of the deductions are true.
  19. I wrote that comment on the ED artcile and don't actually believe it. I was grasping straws for judgehate.
  20. Not according to everyone. Look at anything postmodern. Whether a third party attaches meaning to a work is not absoulte... necessarily. Most contemporary english courses in college demand that students conside only the CONTENT of the work rather than the INTENT. By extension, something may be (or may no be) art regardless of whatever the "artist" intended. It's not something I agree with, but it's legitimate. I think she's trying to be cute in regards to shroendinger's equation and insisting that the indefiniteness of quantum physics somehow suggests that nothing in the world is definitive. At least that's what I'm assuming, because I've seen this especially banal and dishonest argument used more than once.
  21. don't betray all that is good and true such as pretention by comparing it with that garbage.
  22. if you have any social skills whatsoever (or cooking abilities), you're going to make more money with the tips at a restuarant than stocking shelves at a store.
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