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  1. well at least you still got the article on encyclopedia dramatica
  2. yeah, he was really worse than all of them. I forgot because that was pretty back in the day.
  3. There are no more than three judges who have a large degree of classical training. To the best of my knowledge, none of them have actually graduated from anywhere with a major in music, and pixietricks and zircon are the only ones working towards a degree in it. the only two judges who could ever really come off as classical snobs were shnabubula and danny b.
  4. http://remix.thasauce.net/ essentially. I'm not even that big of a fan of r:ts. I'm just not a big fan of this remix. it strikes me as awkward that it seems like the song meets 45% of the site's standards in production and 55% of the standards in arrangement, and it is accepted, where as songs that meet 30% of the standars in production and 90% in arrangement are routinely rejected (or vice versa, in fact). My criticisms don't stray that far from half the panel or even your own, zircon. I've reacted kinda harshly towards this because it contains so many defaults that *I* can recognize, which means something because I don't know crap. If this viewpoint is wrong and I'm missing something, fine. But it's still the way I see it right now.
  5. I don't think I've heard that kind of base on ocr in about three years. You could actually say that about half the synths used. That doesn't make it bad per se, but I have no idea how it passed in comparison to umpteen rejected mixes that had slightly worse production and significantly better arrangement. I also don't agree with djpretzel's compliments regarding the stuttering. The synth is too quiet to hear the effect properly, and it only compounds the volume level issues.
  6. that the Judges' Decisions forum now has pruning. Yeah, it may have been like that for a few months, but I just noticed like yesterday. It's your site; do whatever you want. I like seeing things archived, but it's your prerogative to do whatever. I only wish to express my mild disappointment.
  7. http://thisisspartaaa.ytmnd.com/
  8. aka consumer demand increased, and instead of increasing price in real dollars, they got rid of the extras
  9. Hardware companies used to use killer aps as selling points, but they now have sufficient product differentiation to generally lean on their brand name.
  10. 1. 3DO, $699, 1993 2. Saturn, $450, 1995 ... care to share anything else worse than PS3?
  11. SNES was $250 and came with two controllers and a game. Let's add $50 to the price of the PS3 and ignore the lack of second controller for the sake of argument. According to the inflation calculator, the SNES would be $392 today. So. 650-392 = NOT ZERO
  12. I'm not talking about the genre. I'm talking about something more fundamental relating to the meaning behind the mission statement. Some aspects of neoclassical are certainly eclectic, but it's generally a misnomer to call anything neoclassical unless there's some element of classicism there in. If you want to misconstrue what that means and start comparing classical music to classic games, whatever, but otherwise I don't that's very honest terminology.
  13. While many songs on ocr could certainly be explictly considered postmodern (such as a majority of the works of mazedude, shnabubla, and israfel), I'm suggesting that each song submitted to ocr is implicitly postmodern as well. Modernism was about order, disregard for artistic tradition, and original expression. Postmodernism is more open to eclectic use of various borrowed forms of the past to complete an artistic expression. These borrowed elements -the video game elements of any arrangement- are generally not the original intent of the composer, but are given new meaning by the arranger. The notion that this is acceptable is predominantly a postmodern idea. This is very analogous to the decisions made by some trip hop artists such as Portishead and DJ Shadow, who take different elements of jazz or whatever else works and give it a unique expression. Any academic you dig up would probably label them as postmodern. Thoughts?
  14. I don't like the balance in this track. The left hand seems like it's flooding out the right without contributing much to the arrangement. I've been listening to this a few times to be sure, but I feel that more subtle compositional choices would have improved the mix substantially. See 1:45, 2:20-3:00. The later part should be the climax. It feels instead like a wall of sound most of the time.
  15. the drums shame the rest of the mix and the piano could be much better, but it's still fun. also: no u
  16. it's irrelevent we're going to run out of fossil fuels before we can even consider really screwing anything up.
  17. Too liberal for my taste, and the wall of sound effect I find to be a bit too much even with the breakdowns. The latter probably goes with the genre, so whatever.
  18. That's absolutely fine, as long as there is no more talk about a greater community on ocr. David Lloyd has the right to destroy it, but the community is gone. When I log on and have free time, I quickly check for posted songs, announcments, and judges decisions, but then what? Idle in IRC? Unmod was an opportunity to see people with established personalities, in contrast to far more anomynous general discussion. The whole notion of "community", which the administration flaunts as much as possible, is destroyed. There simply isn't very much interaction in review threads and whatnot. And I'm sorry, no matter how insular unmod is, I feel far less ostracized occasionally wandering in there than attemping to break into the vgdj/remixer elite clique. OCR will live on without unmod, but unmod will never live on without OCR. As much as they supposedly hate n00bs, unmod was wholly dependant on the occasional creepy fifteen year old wandering over and lurking. Wherever Radical Dreamer, Mahaboo, Atomic Dog, or anyone else lands up, it will not be for very long. Without a huge group of prospective new unmodders, there is little use for a new forum that a private AIM chat cannot already provide. I was never really a part of you, unmod, but I am sad to see you go. I'm only beating the dead horse, vigilante, because I'm a necrophiliac.
  19. quietly applauds and awaits for POTENTIAL RE-CUT VERSION OF TIMELESS HERO. I can always hope to see it here one day.
  20. The vocals are good-not-great. In keeping with the rest of their work, it sounds best when the lead's voice is not overexposed. I have some issues with the arrangement. It jumps around too many places without fully developping the ideas in place. As with virtually remix using sound effects from the game, it comes off as unproffessional and extraneous. The rest of the chiptune-ish section towards the end really doesn't work given the context. This is still direct post material. I'm just overly-critical.
  21. Excellent, professional production. I wouldn't have minded it if the mix had expanded on the melody as well as just dicing it up with the (admittedly awesome) effects. Some of the phrasing could have been cleaned up a little, for instance, even if it was like that in the original. Well above the bar.
  22. Indeed. That's the part I'm most impressed with. You took a totally acapella solo voice piece and added a chord progression and listenable rhythm. Very impressive considering how little there was to work with in the original. Actually, come to think of it, the original is really dry and boring (though I guess it's part of the atmosphere) and I can actually listen to this one. Just never was a fan of solo vocal music. As for the choppiness and cutting of the vocals/sounds, that's part of the genre. If you don't like it, you wouldn't like the genre. Good stuff. D zircon: is this track really as simple as you insist. One of the toughest judges ever suggested otherwise.
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