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  1. LMFAO... its all about the friggen Mexicans eh?
  2. I can't wait for the new Megaman ZX to come out seeing is how I am an huge fan of Megaman and especily Zero
  3. Lol of course I support the thread I am going to enter a sweet pic of a mettaur or protoman... Havn't Decided yet :P Lol I havn't had the chance to download the last show, I am from Canada and have a awful time getting the feed so I gotta download em individualy....sry Zirc
  4. Just a question, have you guys ever considered doing like a big VGDJ Torrent because I was gone most of the summer and missed like 10 podcasts and I really don't feel like downloading them each individualy
  5. lol I called in this morning cause I thought I found the composer for the Tetris Music.... well it turns out I found out who invented the Game NOT the composer of the music.... lol silly Omega trix are for kids..
  6. I'd absolutly love to be part of a remix project but I don't know how to remix period
  7. lol I think I've decieded to start calling in weekly Blitzball tips just to be on the show hope you enjoyed my last message
  8. I really enjoyed the album my friends were asking me if I could burn them copys I cried when it was released in a good kinda way
  9. anu suggestions on how to sharped better cause the sharpen tool in fireworks is what I've been using
  10. in order l-r Roy Raven Pent Karl Hector Heath... All from Fire Emblem LT: Sharpen these up more when you resize them. Right now, they're lacking some detail.
  11. this is a test... SLICK [MOD EDIT: Please use the edit button rather than multiple replies for image and sig-testing. It's the one that looks like ] [MOD EDIT #2: No, seriously. Edits also allow you to attach your signature if it wasn't on there previously]
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