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  1. Teris Block either the I shaped or L shaped one ...... Nuff said
  2. no. Just turning on the PS3 is kicking everyone off the internetz
  3. hey just have a question! does anyone else have a problem with PSN disables your computer(s) from accessing the internet? If so how do you remedy this situation
  4. Hey I was wondering if someone could remix Godot's Theme into a slow jazz like song. You could call its something like "Black and Bitter" here is a link to the song
  5. it started in Canada so why not have it come back to its roots
  6. Hey all. I picked up this game tonight and I seem to be having a problem getting past the first...... tutorial, if you will it says the movement controls and thats it I move Sora, the camera mash R3 a couple times did this for about 5 minutes and nothing else is happening has anyone else encountered this?
  7. I just got a new TV that supports PC hookup (LG30LCD) I followed the hook-up in the manual and it just gives me an invalid format on the TV Screen, anyone got any ideas to why this is happenening
  8. my friend, there is a certain feeling that one gets when they listen to an amazing song, like a chill down the spine as a smile flies across your face. I got this feeling over and over again kudo's
  9. I been thinking about this the last while since its been up. just for curiosity sake, how would Spittin Narsism and Thank You work?
  10. its an awesome piece, I laughed at the name at first because I thought it said, "Shirt skirts Shorter temper" lol
  11. *Kicks TheThoughtfulOne out of his spot in the line* Yoink!, I'll be there before you! lol
  12. lol don't we all.... wait she's not gonna read this thread is she??
  13. Do ya think since its been awhile since this was released that you will ever do a remastered version of it?
  14. Awesome, so I'll look into getting one, see how much money Payday gives me lol
  15. So I don't have to physicaly get my PS2 Modded?
  16. I am interested in buying a copy of KH2FM+ but I have a bit of an ordeal. On one site I visited, it said that it was compatable only on Asian or Japanese PS2 Systems. On the other one it said that it was compatable on all systems. Can someone please Clarify?
  17. my jaw dropped and I started crying with Joy over this Remix.... I hope you continue your carrer EDIT : I just restarted the song over for the third time after downloading it
  18. something tells me that those of us waiting for Diablo III could be waiting just as long as the people who were waiting for SC2
  19. that was really sweet, you know if I would be able to be hooked up with an audio version of that ! :>
  20. I was listening to The Black Mages version of this song and I was thinking that it would make a pretty sweet Epic Mix, so I am just going to throw the idea out there
  21. Name : RepressedChaos DS Pokemon Code: 3265 1603 2310
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