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  1. This is going to sound really silly to most people, but I have been wondering if the New Slimline PS2's sold in the US and Canada are able to play imported games; I got my eyes set on Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + but it says to make sure your System can play that kind of disk.... so can they ?
  2. I would still like to see a Rock remix of the FFIX Battle theme, personally I think Sixto could do an amazing arrangement... a classical style I think would sound pretty sweet, so I think I would say Sephfire could do a pretty sweet arrangement other then that.... more FFIX love is requested lol
  3. I can see it, what with the destruction of unmod, people are finding it hard to post just day to day randomness
  4. lol its ok, I go to school with people that act like small children all the time so this is nothing new to me lol [apparently Mozilla doesn't know how "ok" is spelled]
  5. Chills were sent down my spine and I creamed my pants in anticipation
  6. Tell me about it, I used to save them for monday at work, it helped it go by quicker. But now my mondays suck even more. I AGREE TENFOLD!!!
  7. My week is incomplete without VGDJ I've listened to every show at least 4 times each to try and get my fix COME BACK VGDJ WE NEED YOU
  8. lol the name on the envelope looked fammiliar but when I opened it and saw the VGDJ button inside I jumped for joy. Thanks for the messege on the envelop Zircon...btw you write like a little girl P.S That was a pretty corny joke Andrew *on the back of my envelope he put eh? eh? eh? jk *
  9. LOL kids camped out at Futureshop last night and It dropped to -50 lol dumb shits they froze their testes off for a PS3.... if you ask me it just ain't worth it
  10. Its definatly Songs like this that keep me comming back to OCR for Great Music :> thanks for this beautiful arrangement
  11. This might seem like an awkward request, but could someone remix some different themes from any video game that have a bit of a X-mas twist too them, I think it would be cool
  12. I'm confused about the presence of Solid Snake... doesn't he belong to Sony?
  13. uhh is it just me or do Jill and Andy sound like their extremely Constipated
  14. Would you like to know more? Also, good to see OCR still getting recognition. Before taking the field for the pre-game show this weekend (Marching Band for the uninformed), my linemate muttered: "Remember your training!" Me: "And you will make it back alive!" Starship Troopers is a B-movie because it gets an A for nostalgia and a C for effort. EDIT: It's a shame that the forum doesn't get more credit for being such a timewhore for so many of us. Yup, its definatly moments like this that make me glad I joined the forums
  15. good I am not the only one.... and the online capabilities will be very nice seeing is I think I am the only one outta my friends getting it lmao
  16. TO tell u the honest truth I am really psyched for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl... and I am going on 19 years old lol
  17. Approximately 42 hours, 5 minutes, and 49 seconds. Rather specific for "approximately". Heh. I say approximately, because that's what Winamp tells me when I list all episodes 1-61. It's not counting our video releases or short MP3 clips. Meg an Approximation is an approximation right? lol
  18. The Mexicans are always the hard bosses
  19. Your MOM'S FACE is more of a soft setting! Your GRANDMA'S FACE is more of a soft setting! (It's been debated at great length in my college... nothing officially beats your grandma's face.) Yeah! Well....uh.... I really gotta think of a comeback BEFORE I post a reply ... crap I got nothing
  20. I imagin the Quality of these badboys should be pretty decent eh? or is it like alot of American products I've heard about and falls apart 2 weeks later? because I am seriously considering buying a hoodie and a few shirts.... with my first paycheck.... w00t start on friday
  21. Dragoon Class? HAH. All you need is Ramza's Accumulate and Yell abilities. Piece of cake. :/ lol that guy was a piece of cake... how many people do u know of that have enough time to get Bolt 4 and leviathan before finishing Chapter one... (and I went and got all the magic legit)
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