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  1. Just as a little update, I'm back in the saddle on 'Shadowsong' and now Kil'Jayden (sp?). So if your in the neighborhood (server) give me a whisper. I'll most likely be using my main character 'Lhrayven'. I have the same name on both servers.
  2. First time Trygon played this for me I just went, "OH MY GOD," because it was just that awesome to me at the time. It really is nice to hear a remix of a Grandia 2 song considering I don't see/hear much mention of it. It's definately one of my favorites. I feel like the song itself could have been used for at least the staff credits. It also kind of had a Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy sort of sound at first to me. It's also sort of ethereal in a way as well. Very cool.
  3. Right O. I'll put it in at the correct place then.
  4. So would it be alright if I put in a request here instead of the Sig Shoppe over in TA&N? Because I can do that to.
  5. Says that she was a host and because of the reunion I thought she may have DJed at some point. I must have just embarrassed myself. Oai sorry my bad. Yeah having little audio tools like that are pretty handy and nice.
  6. I'm listening to the reunion right now actually. I think it's pretty cool. I keep wondering if the former DJ Aurora is the one everyone kept refering to when I had changed my name to Aurora Borealis at one point. I tend to use a logitech USB headset myself. It's the one that came with Karaoke Revolution. I find it amusing that I have found other uses for it though such as voice chat (which is something I really don't do, but I guess it's cool if I ever consider doing it). Those microphones are not bad, those are the rough and tough ones. They can at least give you decent sound which, from the
  7. I didn't realize how awesomely amazing this thing was until I listened today. I was hoping to listen to the podcast with Neil Gaiman. Wow this just blew me away. My only question is, what kind of microphones are you guys using? They sound like they are pretty good ones, or it could be just it's running through a really good mixer or both maybe. Just...wow...you guys are pretty awesome. Edit: I voted for you guys by the way.
  8. (Not sure if this is allowed but...) Hello to the current newbies of OCR.
  9. Here is an avatar from the comic series known as 'DAWN'. Dawn/Aurora herself: LT: A little too dark to see very well. Can you brighten the image up a bit so it's easier to see? I make a horned god or rather Darrian AShoka one. Not sure yet.
  10. My varity in music didn't change much until toward the end of my High School years when I was a Junior and on. I got more into Jazz and well, where am I going with this? I enjoyed the remix. It definately is an interesting remix to say the least. However, even I am having a hard time trying to come up with words to describe this remix. I can tell you I enjoy listening to it when I do homework because it helps me focus, which in a way proves it's good at getting someone to focus on something they are trying to get done rather then trying to pick the thing apart instrument by instrument. It's ju
  11. This is definately one of my favorite remixes. Just love that techno-beat in the background. The procussion at the beginning almost sounds like the start of some free-style drum circle, which is cool. As for that strange futuristic whistle, that's something diffinately interesting, but I feel it gives the remix personality. When the melody begins to kind of kick in before the harpsichord, I like how almost the game music itself was implemented, because again I felt it gave the remix character and a bit of personality as did when the harpsichord finally did kick in. I really liked that touch, b
  12. Well there you go I edited my last post to have the link to where I've uploaded my sound clips. Crappy recording stuff doesn't do justice to my voice at all. It sounds way better, but that is what I get for using my Karaoke Revolution headset and my Windows Sound recorder. *rolls eyes*
  13. I offer my voice and 5 years of choir experience and my own musical studies to OCRemixers. I am a soprano and used to be much more Pop then anything, but I've evolved into something else that I wouldn't know what to call myself now. I guess I would be varied vocals because I can do quite a range from bass, melody, and soprano. I do have sound clips of my voice, but they aren't the best in the world due to my crappy recording equipment at home. If you want to give a listen I'm more then willing to let you hear what I have. Samples I have: Clean Lyrics to Devil's Never Cry Nightwish's Sleeping
  14. I recommend herbalism/alchemy. Leatherworking is not all that good. Self sufficience/self buffing pushes any character a lot further than putting armor kits on stuff you can easily buy off AH because of the money you make from seling superfluous potions. I already have leatherworking as my craft. I don't plan on taking up those again till I create a second character, which I do plan on, so it really doesn't matter much.
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