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  1. I've just had the pleasure of listening to the majority of the tracks from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I'd say 90% of them remixes of old school tracks and I mean they are absolutely fabulous. Granted, they're professionally done, but even still they are remixes. If you haven't had a chance to check them out yet, you should try it. Mind blowing, for sure.
  2. I would have to say Omega weapon from FF5. He was a monster. I've managed to beat all the ones from the other Final Fantasies, including Omega from 8 (without The End, too). But for 5s... I even maxxed all my characters, went back, and he still wiped them out. Honorable mentions goes to any of the last few bosses from Enix's secret dungeons (Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, etc). Nightmares, all of them... Star Ocean 2 had a pretty damn tough final boss... as far as final bosses are concerned. Most of them are cake. FF7s was a complete joke.
  3. Exactly. I still listen to several remixes of the CT sound track and even some of the original pieces. However, this I could make myself after a few hours of tweaking with just a midi sample and Fruity Loops or Reason.
  4. This song is very close to being a straight cover. It's good, but it's hardly original. The tempo has been altered slightly, making it a bit faster. That's really the only major change that I've noticed. It's strikingly similar to the arranged From theme that came with the PS1 remake (I believe). The only thing missing is the percussion. Not to say that it's bad, by any means. It's just not very original.
  5. It's surprising, but it seems that they do mostly grunt work.
  6. 12 is par at best. For being in development for 5 years, they should have done something more. When I got to the last dungeon, I was stunned I had already reached it. Without the side quests, the game is 30 or 40 hrs, tops. That's not much longer than FF6. It felt rushed and the storyline was unimpressive. Suikoden V and Valkyrie Profile 2 were both much better.
  7. Sure, it's a possibility. However, if Square is going to re-release FF7, it'll be on the PS3. The buzz created by that Tech Demo was huge. A fully remade FF7 would do extremely well on the PS3. However, it's still just a mediocre game... I'd rather see a remade CT or FF6 any day.
  8. See, I only find a very small handful of the VP1 tracks to be noteworthy. Most of them aren't particularly to my liking stylisticly.
  9. It was. I don't remember many of the tracks from the game and at the time none of them really stuck out in my mind. Sakuraba is good at making songs that compliment the mood of the game, but I find that they don't translate well when played outside the game.
  10. Has anyone else had a chance to check out the music from this game? Historically speaking, Motoi Sakuraba has never been a favorite of mine. His works have always been obviously synthetic. While I enjoy the tracks while playing through the games (such as the Star Ocean series, and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth), none of the tracks really seemed to stand out to me. They were all very par for the course. However, I noticed that Silmeria seemed different. As I was playing the game, I paid closer attention to the tracks. Some of those songs are damn good. I'd wager that it's his best work to date. Did anyone else get that impression?
  11. I actually really liked this rendition. With the exception of (I think) one missed key, it's very well played. Can't wait to hear it finished.
  12. I enjoy this song a great deal. It has instantly become one of my favorites.
  14. You all really need to get off Ziwtra's back. The changes or so called "errors" in the song do not detract from the piece as a whole. Putting too much emphasis on "perfection" is a limiting factor in this sort of remixing. Afterall, these are really rearrangements. You shouldn't come here expecting to hear the exact same song from the game. And as for this one, there's nothing wrong with it and it happens to be one of my more favored pieces from OCR.
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