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  1. I'm confused. Is this song, "You can hear the Cry of the Planet" in FF7 and Raptor? Sorry if I'm being an idiot. Great calming song btw.
  2. Hmm, when I took the track you're talking about out of the song towards the end, it seemed to make it really "empty". That track is what completes the song imo. I'll get a version of it without it anyway. Edit: OK here it is and I've slightly changed my mind about the change. I'd like to know which version people prefer.
  3. Wow, tihs sounds a lot like the version you've done already in the "Blood on the asphalt" album but significantly better. Do you consider this an update of "Murder Instinct" or completely seperate. Edit: OK I just re-read your first post, my questions been answered. Great improvement on the song btw.
  4. Hate doing this but I just want to know if I should move on from this now and start on something else. Good enough to submit? Comments needed please. (missed out on the Nintendo Wii and Zelda so I need some cheering up)
  5. Did this a while ago under a different username. I had a lot to learn about mixing back then but hopefully I've fixed many of the faults it had. I'm still a newb though. Latest version http://vspaine.googlepages.com/Zelda_Majoras_Mask_Deku_Palacide_OC_.mp3
  6. Thanks for the help everyone. Wish I'd looked back here before I went for the PSR 1500 instead of 550. I wasn't expecting any answers. Oh well...
  7. I apologize if it wasn't right for me make a thread on this. But could someone direct me to somewhere where my question could be answered. I'd appreciate it.
  8. I'm very much a newb to making music (other than playin the piano), so I was just wondering if the psr- 550 is a keyboard capable of making remixes that are of this sites standards? If not, are there any sample based keyboards like this within the same price range that are good enough. Its the quality of the samples I'm most worried about. The features on the psr 550 are good enough for me.
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