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  1. Update. Worked on everything said. Most notably, I've reworked the compostion of the drums completely. Changed them to rock drums, added fills between transtions, etc. Also, changed elements of the composition and arrangement of other instruments to refect the new fully rock genre. Made the lead guitar tone fuller and removed more highs from rhythm guiitar so they interfere less. Varied things up with a clean tone in a part towards the end. Did other smaller changes you mentioned as well but will keep tweaking things. Same link
  2. Hey Roz. Thanks for the review. I'm on a DAW now but, since this remix idea was done back when I was using just a keyboard, I transferred the midi info from back then so it wasn't built from the ground up in the DAW. I'm thinking I'll play it safe and try and make this more of a typical rock track, especially the drums. Atleast then I'll know the drums will definitley fit the guitars both mix-wise and stylistically, and the arrangement will be more cohesive. The key thing I've been focused on with this track was trying to get the guitars sounding decent since the song depends on them and fake gutars can be seen as a big negative. Other thngs took a backseat. Sounds lke they still need a bit of tweaking but now I can focus more on the song as a whole as well. Cheers
  3. Update. Increased tempo a bit. Changed tag to finished. Link in orignal post.
  4. Updated. Got a new electric guitar virtual instrument and amp simulator. Experimented for months trying to get rid of harsh frequences without leaving the guitars hollow sounding and hopefully i succeeded. Improved the overall mix and arrangement of the song in general as well. Link in original post
  5. Update: Adjusted the electric guitar mix some more. Got rid of more of the high frequencies in them but also made them more "in your face". This is the first song of mine that has featured electric guitars so prominently so some trial and error. Same link
  6. You're definitely on the right track. Changing the drums was a good move. Implement the things you've said as well. Maybe having some sort of improv style solo with the guitar or that e piano you mentioned would work well. Also, maybe try and find an RnB style vocal sample (not necessarily singing any lyrics, just singing notes, if you know what i mean) that complements the melody.
  7. Thanks for feedback. Was needed as this is an experimental song for me. Update: Most of the work was done on the mix of the electric guitars and - adjusted cabinet, amp and eq settings - but I just saw your comment and adjusted the arrangement so the two halves of the song make a little more sense. Did that part in a few minutes just now so not perfect. Same link above.
  8. Specifically he kick itself shouldn't be swung quite as much as I feel. Especially now that you added more bass to it. You could get away with that if you wanted to go more in the smooth jazz direction though probably. Speaking of bass, you should get some reference songs in this smooth hip hop style your going for and get a feel for how their kicks and bass balance with the rest of the track.
  9. Hey. I'd suggest a kick with more bass if you're going for hip hop and as you said, swing is important as well. I'd need to hear this extended to give more help.
  10. Update. Slightly adjusted mix and added a second half. Same link in the original post.
  11. Hip hop/Rock fusion. Need to add another half to the song: https://sites.google.com/site/vspaine/wips/Kingdom%20Plantae%20M.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Feedback appreciated. Cheers Original:
  12. Wasn't expecting another reply to this so didn't see until now. I'm using a laptop with an intel core i5 cpu M430 @ 2.27 Ghz of RAM. I'd love to know how to get this sounding good enough with the samples I'm using because I'm sure its possible too but I've gone as far as I can with my attempt at humanising. I've tried PMing Emunator a few times hoping he could give me the specific help needed but haven't gotten a reply. Haven't given up on this song at all by the way, its just that I can't take it any further without some help. Trust me, I've tried my best up until now but theres somethings I seemingly can't figure out by myself as much as I'd love too (I hate asking for help lol)
  13. This is not an original or a re-arrangement, just a hip hop intrumental I made using samples from a song called "Torn apart" from the Anime Bleach's OST 2. This seems like the only place on these forums I can share it. All rights to the original composer of the samples http://soundcloud.com/vidilian/torn-apart-hip-hop-remix
  14. Thanks for review. If the issue is the samples then this ones as good as its going to get for a long time. I don't see me getting a computer that can run the type of samples you're talking about anytime soon if ever. In that case I've just made a quick update to this and will change it to finished since theres nothing else I can do to it atm.
  15. I've come back to this one after learning some stuff. I'm pretty sure everything thats been said has been resolved now. Humanisation and production in particular I focused on. Arrangement-wise theres a few tweaks here and there aswell. Added brass later on in the song so it hopefully sounds more like the part in the original that its based on. Gonna go ahead and keep this Mod review so I can see how much progress I've made since the last wip. https://sites.google.com/site/vspaine/wips/Harmonious.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1
  16. Well when a boss catches Vincent they smash him and he explodes with his blood and guts flying everywhere and when you get caught by the spike blocks you get impaled. Thats pretty gorey to me even if the art style isn't super realistic.
  17. From what I've seen of it (which is around half of the game) I reckon your wife wouldn't mind it if shes open minded initially. The game is more or less just a slightly twisted interactive soap opera.It might even make you think about your own relationship a bit. Your kid shouldn't see it though. Like someone else said, theres swearing and also gore.
  18. For some reason I don't really like the snare you're using. Would be good if you used a more "open" one beacause this one seems a bit stifled but thats just my preference i guess. Is a little harsh to say the endings bad imo. Could be better like with any ending, but it works I think. Can't really give any suggestions for that but maybe someone else will. I really liked this song btw. Good job so far
  19. I'll try and help. At first I thought the sample quality of some of the intruments were't good enough but I'm pretty sure if you just mix and balance them properly that will make a big difference. Although when the strings are exposed by themselves they do sound kinda poor quality so try not to let that happen. Speaking of the strings, they're too dominant in the mix. Tone them down EQ and volume wise because they're just ment to be backing instruments the way you're using them. That will let the other instruments be much more clear.
  20. I don't see much wrong with it arrangemnt wise so far except maybe extend it slightly with an original part but you probably already know that. You should work on the EQ aswell as I think the mix its still a little on the muddy side especially when the drums are playing. Nice song overall though.
  21. I like it but its way too repetitive especially for a genre like jazz and you don't seem to have any orignal parts to it, in other words it seems more or less like a cover rather than a re-arrangement. So yeah, just add a bit more of your own ideas to it and don't just loop it so the arrangement is more interesting all the way through. Either way, you seem like you're done with this so my comments are probably pointless.
  22. Thanks for replies. Glad to know I'm on the right track with the humanising. Did everything that was said plus adjusted the EQ so its more subtle, added a bit to the percussion, gave the kick more thump, made the bass more interesting at the chorus and added about a minute to the song. Still need to add a couple more minutes to this.
  23. To up the kick you should EQ every other intrument thats playing as the kick is coming in so there not interfering with its important frequencies which tend to be around 50-100 hz or so. Don't remove too many frequencies from them, just the specific point where the kick is thumping the most. Also use compression and maybe double up the kick with another one. As long as you EQ things properly it won't matter that there seems like theres too much going on sometimes and I wouldn't say theres any point in this song where theres too much going on anyway. Thats just my opinion but you'll see once you start trying to EQ things.
  24. For a trance song this is too short a wip at the moment for me to say much because it takes a while for this genre to build up and this cuts off before you can get it somewhere more interesting. So for now I'd say you should just extend this and see what you can do with the arrangement with another couple minutes added on. Other than that I'd say that the synth that comes in at the last 3rd is a little too loud compared to everything else.
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