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  1. The kick drum is a bit too loud imo. Overall I think the delay or what ever effects your using on the instruments that comes in about a third of the way into the song is a bit too much and cause it dominate the whole song and make it hard to hear the melody when it comes in. Also the strings that come in for a short time at the end are too loud and also make it hard to hear the melody. But yeah its your first mix with FL so just to keep at it because the arrangement is good so far.
  2. The main thing I can think of is too tighten up what you've done with the vocals. The effect makes sense for giving it them a robotic sound but at times it makes it hard to understand what the lyrics actually are.
  3. The problem for me isn't that the kick has too much "oomph", its just that it doesn't have much of a kick to it, at least thats what it seems like with the headphones I'm using. Overall the arrangement seems pretty varied and different to the original which is good but maybe expand a bit more on the ideas. For example with the bits with vinyl scratching and sound effects, I think more needs to be done to make thaos parts more interesting. Not sure what exactly though. Sorry for not being more helpful there.
  4. After gaining some experience I've given this another go so it sucks less. Completely re-done the mixing, used some new sounds, changed the arrangement a bit and slowed the tempo.
  5. Wow the quality of the samples is rediculously good and you definitely know how to get the most out of them. I'd be surprised if this doesn't get posted. Good job.
  6. Just wanted to say that that's some great art you did there. Nice job.
  7. I'm glad someone tackled this soundtrack and with a (part) dubstep mix of all things. I hope to hear more remixes from this game and more from the genre aswell. The vocals are phenemenal. Really captured the beauty of the original's.
  8. The main issues I've got are that the kick drum is too loud and pretty much every synth your using seems too simple. You should try layering them with other synths and adding effects to them. Arrangement-wise, its a very unique take on the source, but maybe have one or two more instruments in some places to fill it out more.
  9. Production is very solid. The kick drum could use more of a "kick" to it imo (if that makes any sense to you). You should try layering it with another kick drum maybe. But T=to be honest thats mostly just me being picky because I can't think anything else to say atm. Would like to hear where you go with this from here though.
  10. I've tried to work on humanising my sequencing with this track by doing pretty much all the tricks associated with it but at the same time trying to keep them subtle so things doesn't sound sloppy or weird. Feedback, especially about that, is greatly appreciated. Source: ReMix: https://sites.google.com/site/vspaine/wips/Rise up.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1
  11. Yeah, so the lead is compressed everytime the beat comes in. I'm assuming that should make things sound better but as I said, I don't know much about it .
  12. Nice, chill song but the cut off of the piano loop at 0:10 is slightly off because you can hear the next note coming in. Also, the song gets pretty repetitive after a while. Would be cool if you took this idea further but thats up to you.
  13. At 2:15 the drum line is hard to hear over the bid synth that comes in. You should make space for the drums by cutting frequencies in the synth that are interfering with what the kick and snare are doing. Also, theres a technique called compressor side chaining thats good for this type of music. Don't much about it personally but you should look into it because it will help to keep the beat clear in the mix.
  14. Everything in that post is my opinion hence the term "imo" that I used in the first sentence. Didn't think I'd have to use at the end of every sentence to get that across.
  15. Final Fantasy 13 is pretty underrated imo. Its got the best, most fluid battle system in the series and since gameplay is the most important thing to me in games, the shortcomings didn't even bother me because I enjoyed what the game did right so much. Up until 13, the thing most fans loved most about the series probably wasn't the gameplay. It was things like story, characters, exploration, etc. so people weren't prepared for how differnt the focus was for the game I guess. Also the soundtrack is pretty underrated. Hamauzu did an awesome job imo.
  16. The main thing that I don't quite like is how muffled the bass(?) sounds. Sounds you've got a filter or EQ'd a bit too much of the highs out of it maybe, so it sounds kinda lifeless. Don't mind bass that sounds filtered but this a bit too much imo. Other than that the drums could use some fills and percussion as they're too simple and repetive at the moment imo.
  17. The rain and other various other sound effects seem too loud compared to everything else. Balancing the volumes of everything would help a lot imo. As a nice, easy-listening, ambient track I can't see much wrong with the arrangement since its supposed to be pretty understated so I don't have much to say about that aspect of the song. Good job though.
  18. @MC Ardle - lol, you didn't need to bring that up. I don't like being reminded that I'm getting older hehe. @Level 99 - forgot to out this in my last post. You asked about where else the source is used. Other than where you said, the strings from 2:37 - 3:14 in the remix play the tune that the brass in the original atarts playing at around 1:35 and the piano at 2:55 is playing the melody that the woodwind instrument is playing at 2:18 in the original. These parts are in a different time signature and not always the same notes as the orignal so that makes it harder to spot.
  19. Yeah don't worry I understood what you said. Your idea about taking a break from the song makes sense to me since, even though I understand the issues with the sequencing, it'll take me some time and research to figure out how to sort it out properly. I know it won't it be as simple as just de-quantising/playing things in with a keyboard, and varying up the velocities even more (tried that with a piano remix awhile ago and it just ended up being sloppy in most parts). Also, I just spotted your comment MC Ardle. I don't think MMO games aren't commonly accepted because they're not on consoles. Its because they take up so much time. In fact, people who would remix MMO songs are probably spending most of their free time playing MMOs not making music hehe.
  20. Thanks for the reply. It was helpful. Used Cubase with a plugin called Edirol orchestral to do this btw. Shame the issues can't be sorted out right now. I'll come back to it some day though.
  21. You've got to humanise the piano and maybe give it a bit more reverb aswell. The brass and string samples you're using don't seem to be good enough. You should try changing them to better sounding ones. You've got some sort of effect on the snare (chorus I think) that I don't think it really needs. You could double the snare with another snare sound to make it fuller with having to use that effect. Also the drums overall seem repetive. Use some drumfills occasionally. The synth your using for the lead at around 0:35 could be beefed up with effects of some sort because it seems kinda weak. Experiment with stuff for it. The synth that comes in at 1:40 is pretty off to me. Tone down the delay a bit. Cymbals at the end are too loud and the ending itself is too abrupt. Maybe add another part with just the piano playing again. Hope this helps.
  22. The only critiques I can think of are probably to do with the fact that this is a sketch but I'll say them anyway. The woodwind and then strings that plays the PotO theme could be humanised more The bass and drums during this part could be doing some more varied stuff other than just the fills. But yeah, the intro with the guitar seem pretty solid to me and the bagpipes(?)at the end work surprisingly well imo but would like to see where you go from there.
  23. Update: EQ'd the new sounds so the mix is clearer. Adjusted the compression, volume and EQ of the bass and kick so there less dominant. Made the arrangemnet at around 2:00 less empty and differed it from the rest of the song more so its less boring when it gets to that point. Changed the limiter on the whole track to a compressor. And other things that I'm forgetting. Switching this to Mod review to get an idea of where I'm at with this.
  24. The harpischord isn't playing at 1:40, so I'm guessing you mean the synth thats playing the melody. A good quality flute sample could work instead I guess. And if you are talking about the harpischord, I don't neccesarily think it needs to be replaced. Just humanise it more by varying the velocities of the notes its playing.
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