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  1. Piano's sound is very nice here. The speed isn't a problem to me, in fact I especially like that crazy fast part at the beginning. And with the original melody as it is, it's impossible to fail. 9/10.
  2. I really can't see what some of you are complaining about. This is A MASTERPIECE. Abstract? Disharmony? Crazy? I love every second of it. For some reason it reminds me about Daniil Harms and makes me want to be a Russian revolutionist...
  3. I couldn't say it better... The insane amount of emotion you've squeezed into 6.50 min is amazing.
  4. This mix deserves more comments! Very sophisticated and a bit sad too. Professional work. A whole new side of Mario. It's revolutional! Revolutional! What you're still reading, go download!
  5. I'm really loving that crazy drum beat. That's the thing which makes this remix dirrefent and outstanding. The sound effects from the game were great! And I really loved the part when all that heavy and dark feeling morphed into "Overworld"-theme...
  6. This remix is very nostalgic to me. It always reminds reading Firesea from Death Gate Cycle... really fits to the mood of that book. With all the dark atmosphere and death... And guess what? I've never played Lufia, but this remix and a few other encouraged me to find out more about that game. I would try it tomorrow if it wouldn't be Midsummer Festival here. //wait a minute... how come this remix doesn't have more comments? it really deserves more... people! download this remix! it's definetly worth it.
  7. McVaffe, I'm going to start worshipping you. Kaoss, Fear of the Flava, Liquid Mario, Bukkis Tango, Crystalline Caverns, Yoshi's Rag and this... This mix has everything a good remix needs. And with that beautiful original melody it's impossible to fail! Great job.
  8. This was one of my first OCR remixes I ever heard. Usually piano remixes tend to be boring but this one... it just isn't boring. It's very relaxing to listen. It always reminds about the moment I stepped outside Midgar for the first time and realized that the world of FF7 is going to be BIG. 8/10.
  9. I cannot express my love to this remixs with words... Beautiful. That's the only word. I'm sure Nobuo would like to hear this... It made me very nostalgic. Best FF7 remix in OCR. 10/10.
  10. Sounds very... well, Final Fantasy 10-ish. I love the original melody and this truly captures the mood. It's icy, sad, somewhat ethereal and surreal. Loving especially those drums from the beginning, those which sound like they echo from under water. Reminds me about Baaj Temple. The lyrics are simple but enough to descripe the story of Yuna and Tidus. I'll give this 9/10.
  11. Actually pretty good, at least compared to the education level around Europe. Well, NOKIA comes from here, so... If you mean that thing in your siggy... I gotta confess I don't even know what it is. If you mean yourself... ummm, sure?
  12. I second that! This sounds very... professional. The melody flows perfectly. When heard this the first time I haven't played FF6 yet. This was one of those songs that made me think "I gotta play that game which has so amazing music!" I always feel very very sad when listening this... am I the only one? ._. 9/10 //p.s. this remix deserves more comments!
  13. My thoughts exactly. It never crossed my mind that "Phantom Forest" could be done with guitars. But now it's done and it sounds quite nice! I agree that the beginning kinda cuts too soon but that's only a minor mistake. The rest of the remix is very flowing. By the way, this remix inspired me to write a poem! That has to be a good sign...
  14. I've never played the game or heard the original one, but trust me: This is one of the most memorable remixes from OCR (despite the fact I just recently joined, I've been around here for years). So nostalgic! For some reason, this reminds me about Super Mario 64 and the volcano-level. I dunno why. It's just the image I always get in mind while listening to this. Very good remix overall: not too repeative, hi-quality sound and one of the best beginnings I've heard.
  15. Okay, let me say this: I know nothing about jazz or remixing. I just happen to love music. And THIS is the stuff I love. Especially the solo is TEH AWESOMENESS. Easily 10/10.
  16. I absolutely agree. I can understand why so many people are complaining about the kick but I think it fits just fine. The beginning is nice, dogs barking set just the right mood. The middle part is THE KILLER. Awesome. Gotta love those violins. It's perfectly how the original one should've sounded. I think the composers had exactly something like that in mind. The slow piano part is very fitting. The whole ending is good overall. So what else can I say... This is definetly one of my fav remixes. Give us more of these!
  17. So yeah. I'm from Finland. And no, there are no polar bears here and no, it's not -60 C cold here. I'm a girl. At least I believe so. I listen music 24/7. I like some anime series, such as Bleach, Yakitate!! Japan, Serial Experiments Lain, Samurai Champloo and AIR. What else... My IQ is 135. I love rain. I have 6 piercings. I play Warcraft, Final Fantasys, Zelda + 1000 other games (and YES, I still am a girl). I hate Hugh Grant. I love autumn. I own a cat. Blah, that's enough about me... Don't get me wrong: I might be "newbie" to these forums but I've been around OverCloked Remix for... gosh, I cannot even remember how many years. I was just too lazy to register. Then suddenly I got this urge to write reviews to my fav remixes so here I am. Off to write some reviews... //p.s. some people might remember me from AHS
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