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  1. Much lulz. And made me think of a certain bit of ytmnd nonsense.
  2. I don't know, i think its cool. THey're doin something different at least: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0VYd9TcrbU&mode=related&search=
  3. I guess it could be important, mostly in cases like this where it's unclear exactly what's going on. Helps you know what at least would be possible to play, and then you can work from there. In a lot of cases, I think it would be sufficient just to have an academic knowledge of how an instrument is played (e.g. range, performance limitations) without actually being able to play the instrument.
  4. My observation on CGI vs puppets/costumes is that CGI often looks more realistic in its own right, but puppets/costumes often look more organic with the rest of the scene.
  5. Dang it. Where's my Warcraft Broadway musical?
  6. Took another listen, and I think you're right. Here's my revised theory. DADGAD is a common Celtic guitar tuning (says this site, anyway), and this tuning makes everything work. And it would make sense, given the Celtic influences in the soundtrack. The starting chord sounds like it may be open fifths/fourths (E and , and it's really easy to finger that on all the strings with the Celtic tuning. It also makes it easy to play the line I came up with in my last post on two strings at the same time, and I think it would be easy to hit the low E whenever the bass does. The repeated Ds could be played on all three of the top strings.
  7. Can't really hear the guitar part very well on the YouTube video because of the low bitrate. A higher-quality sample of part of the section in question is available on Wikipedia. The guitar part is basically doing the same thing as the string part that comes in after it. After much EQ'ing and channel isolation, I'm of the opinion that the guitar is not playing chords. Just single notes. There may be two guitars playing the same thing, actually, because its present in both left and right channels, and it sounds different on each. That would also explain why the sound is fuller than you'd expect from single-note playing. Or maybe the guitar has resonator strings in it. Anyway, here's what I came up with. I'm not sure what it does after the chord progression changes, since the Wikipedia sample doesn't go that far. edit: The guitar in the left channel is tuned several cents lower than the guitar in the right channel, so I think that's what's up with the fuller sound.
  8. Yeah, you may have to read manuals for your sequencer program and the Korg and maybe do some googling, but the basic idea is to run MIDI cable from the computer's MIDI-out to the Korg's MIDI-in. There will be, in the sequencer, some way of setting a MIDI track to broadcast to the Korg and trigger its samples. The sound will play back from whatever speaker you have the Korg hooked to. If you want to get the sound back inside the computer, as Overcoat said, you'll have to record the Korg's audio output. Sorry if that didn't make a lot of sense; it can be a bit hard to explain without a hands-on tutorial kind of thing. This site may (or may not) help.
  9. a somewhat better song about video games
  10. I feel like I'm back in aural skills class. Good times, good times.
  11. You've piqued my interest. Do the grad students there seem happy? (Or at least not too cynical?)
  12. Fastest I can even get is 768 Kbps. Where I used to live, there was only dial-up.
  13. Well, I plan to go to grad school for music composition. Eventually. And I'm not sure where yet. So that isn't really much help to you. Got my BM from Western Carolina University, but they don't have a composition program.
  14. Just thought of something. Wouldn't it have been hilarious if instead of focusing on Harry and co., the epilogue had revealed what exactly happened to the Dursleys? Maybe we'll get that info if Rowling decides to write that encylopedia.
  15. Joining in a little late, since I only just now had time to finish the book . . . But otherwse it would have felt like, "We just had a big ol' battle with the most dangerous mob of cutthroats in wizarding history! And no one I knew even died!" You're right, though. Rowling does seem to have pulled her punches regarding character deaths in previous books (e.g. all the people who indirectly saw the basilisk in book 2, Katie Bell and the cursed necklace in book 6, lots of people in addition to Sirius who could have died in the finale of book 5 . . . ) Up until this point, it was restricted to deaths which directly advanced the plot. The last chapter, which I gather means the epilogue, was finished early on in the series (source), so it certainly wasn't included on a whim. I think it's less of a fan service than it is Rowling's way of simply bringing the story to its complete and natural conclusion. I personally could have done without it, but it doesn't do any more than state what I would have expected to happen. (Of course, I guess that's as much an argument against it as it is an argument for it.) Nineteen years later would be 2017-ish, I think, for whatever that's worth.
  16. The King's Quest games . . . but only if you can put up with the fact that you eventually will need an item that you forgot to pick up earlier and can no longer get, and you'll need to reload your game from 2/3 of the way back to get the item (and you do still have that save, right?)
  17. Moseph


    nostalgia + robots beating the crap out of each other = win
  18. It's not underhanded; it's quite common. http://www.indie-music.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=3811 Har. No, I'm an amateur stalker.
  19. Yes, record companies do that. Specifically, they hire promotional companies which assemble street teams which do that. Judging by the other stuff this guy has posted elsewhere, though, he seems more like a general pop culture tool than a street team member. My guess is that he works for some advertising company that pays him to post on message boards in ways that would increase traffic to certain sites. He has membership at Metacafe (http://www.metacafe.com/user/4309483/justdecent/), which indicates that he's interested in making money on the web. It seems reasonable that he would jump at other money-making opportunities such as advertising on forums.
  20. *cough* http://forum.deviantart.com/entertainment/music/886690/ I Googled "Spoon: dig em?" and unearthed this deviantART music forum thread of the same name which was created within an hour of this OCR thread. It is almost exactly the same. If you check the user's history on the forum, it's pretty clear that he regularly does this sort of thing. Googling other stuff he's got on the deviantART forums turns up almost identical posts on a bunch of other forums. His preferred user names seem to be idowhatiamtold and justdecent. In some cases, he replies to himself under the different names. Anyhoo . . . The Damned is correct. This guy deserves all the abuse we care to heap upon him.
  21. You've tried safe mode, right? Have you tried booting from the XP CD and seeing if it will let you do a repair? And, just to be thorough, have you virus-scanned the old drive? Exploring the unpleasant possibility of drive damage . . . is there lots of dust in the room where you keep the computer? Has the computer been bumped around (e.g during transportation)? Is the drive just really old?
  22. Moseph


    I agree with you. But they're gonna make a sequel anyway, because money is more important than story arc. Still, whatever they do, it can't possibly be as bad as the sequels Disney has been churning out for its animated movies for the past several years. Come on . . . Pocahontas II?
  23. I eat my pudding snacks with a spoon!
  24. Moseph


    Eh, maybe that's why when he died he just sort of fell down instead of exploding into high-velocity bite-size Megatron bits.
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