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  1. Check with your local video store. They have to repair their own scratched DVDs, and they may be willing to repair your discs for a small fee.
  2. I and a few friends attended NAB 2007 earlier this year, and a bunch of those music library people had booths. Regarding one of the freebie CDs that he got, one of my friends said something to the effect of, "The music on it was actually really good. When I got back to the hotel, I just put it in the CD player and listened to it." People just have low expectations for "canned music." I think maybe people make the assumption that if someone is willing to license away all of his rights to a piece of music, he must never have cared about that piece of music, and so it must be garbage.
  3. And when that doesn't work, they'll change it so you have to physically go down to the corporate offices and present two forms of photo ID and a birth certificate.
  4. One of the reasons that I use Sonar as opposed to Cubase is that Sonar doesn't require a USB key and Cubase does. I hate those things.
  5. All of this is why I hope to teach music rather than attempt to make a living as a performer/composer. A steady paycheck is a very good thing. If that doesn't work out, I guess I'll move to LA and try to find a big-shot composer who needs an office assistant or a recording studio that needs someone to make their coffee.
  6. http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3483 has some recommendations that might be useful.
  7. Shot in the dark, but is it maybe some sort of security feature that got turned on which only lets you do specific things? Are you logged into Windows as the admin?
  8. I'm listening through a not-so-great setup right now, but the overall mix sounds bass-heavy to me. I'm using EQ to cut by about 3 db in the frequencies below 750 hz, and that seems to tighten everything up a bit -- vocals included -- so you might want to play around with that.
  9. I've never used Cubase, so this may be no help at all ... You could try this (it works in Sonar; it may work in Cubase): Open the file with the tempo info you want. Bring up the tempo track view, highlight want you need, and copy. Close the file (or if Cubase lets you have multiple files open, you can leave it open). Open the other file, bring up its tempo track view, and paste.
  10. I just bought 6 pretty recently, but I may upgrade. The MIDI tools overhaul looks like a very good thing.
  11. I haven't played around with this too much yet, but what I've done so far seems promising. I've picked apart the NN-XT patches (for each of the string sections, so far) and set each of an instrument's various articulations as a separate zone in an new NN-XT patch. I've set each of these zones to use a different output on the NN-XT. This basically means that I can use a single MIDI track to trigger every possible articulation, and then automate each articulation's level using a mixer. I guess you could do the same thing by combinating a bunch of NN-XTs with the different articulations, triggering the Combinator with a MIDI track, and mixing the NN-XTs' outputs, but there's duplication of data between a lot of the standard patches, and cutting that out and minimizing the number of NN-XTs (like the method above does) would make a file with an entire orchestra load much more quickly.
  12. Yeah, for most VSTs if the synth properties option isn't checked, it doesn't give you the synth window so you can't really do anything with the synth. If you insert the synth without that option checked or if you've closed the synth window and need it back, the way to bring it up again (in Sonar 6) is Views > Synth Rack, then double-click your synth in the window that comes up. Or, in the mixer, double-click the input field on the synth's track (it should say "sfz 1 Primary Out: Stereo)". Glad we could help!
  13. I have neither Kontakt, nor HALion, but man, 18 gigs of samples for a hundred bucks ... I may have to just buy it and just save it for when I get the equipment to use it.
  14. Just to make sure we're on the same page, here's how I get SFZ to play SoundFonts in Sonar 6. Sonar 3 ought to be similar. Let me know if this is more or less what you've tried. From Sonar's Insert menu, I choose Soft Synths, then SFZ. It brings up the Insert Soft Synth Options box. I ensure that the boxes "MIDI Source," "First Synth Audio Output," and "Synth Property Page" are checked and hit OK. It brings up the SFZ window. I click the long gray field to the right of "File." It brings up a load window. I select, say, Sitar.sf2 and hit Open. The File field now says "Sitar.sf2" and the Program field says "0: Sitar." When I click and drag the mouse along the dark gray strip at the bottom of the window, it previews the sounds. Keep in mind that not every note is always assigned a sound in a SoundFont. There are some SoundFonts where only a couple of notes actually make a sound, and you have to try all the notes to find them (clicking and dragging slowly across the dark gray test strip lets you do this). EDIT: There are some SoundFonts that contain bank and program data which allow multiple patches in one .sf2 file, but SFZ reads these properly, so that's probably not CHIPP's problem. EDIT 2: I just downloaded ns_kit7free and it works with SFZ.
  15. You'll need a microphone, of course. Your $10 PC mic probably uses one of those 1/8" plugs (looks like a headphone plug) and connects to your computer's line-in/microphone jack, right? To get a high-quality recording, you'll want to use a higher-quality mic -- the kind that uses XLR microphone cable instead of headphone-like cable. About the only cheap mic I know anything about is the Shure SM-57/SM-58 ($100-ish), but I'm pretty sure there are even cheaper mics that might work for your purposes. example You'll also need a sound card or an audio interface to hook the mic to. You'll want something with at least one XLR-input so you can connect the mic directly without having to worry about cable conversion or mic power issues. example You'll need some XLR cable to connect the mic to the audio interface. example And you'll need a computer program to handle the recording. If you're not doing anything really heavy-duty, Audacity should work fine. Or if you don't want to do the legwork of assembling your own setup, you could buy an entry-level recording bundle. example
  16. Have you tried any other SoundFonts in it to see if they work? (If you don't have others, you can get 'em at hammersound.net)
  17. What version of Sonar are you using? In the newer versions (4 and later, I think) you can use the included SFZ soft synth to load SoundFonts. If your version of Sonar didn't come with it, you can (as Yoozer said) download it here: http://www.rgcaudio.com/sfz.htm
  18. I'm not well-versed in the guitar repertoire, but this might be a good place to start: The International Music Score Library Project's List of Compositions Featuring the Guitar/Lute I doubt this list is exhaustive, but they have downloadable sheet music for everything listed.
  19. Can't help you with the hard drive, but I would like to chime in that the headphone short is exactly what happened to my Dell laptop. My next computer is so not going to be a Dell.
  20. I am having this problem too, but my monitor setup is the same as it's always been (laptop screen + CRT). My comp will usually go into standby after a half hour or so and entirely skip the screensaver stage. Sometimes the screensaver will start working again, but I'm not sure what causes it. IIRC, this started about a month ago, around the time I installed Windows Media Player 11/installed Exact Audio Copy/updated WinAmp. Also, when I reboot I get an ending program box for some sort of Microsoft .NET 2.0 thing. I think this started around the same time -- not sure if it's related. EDIT: I just tried using mscofig to reboot in diagnostic mode, and the screensaver worked. Then I turned my startup programs, services, etc. back on, and the screensaver still works. Weird. I don't know if it will last.
  21. Next on the agenda: International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  22. Indeed. That's the main reason I use Sonar instead of Cubase.
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