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  1. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Boss Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ0KilHkxFk Quite possibly the best FF to me music wise. This track really has a feeling of urgency of killing the boss, and also sticks closely to the other more hard rock like tracks of the game. One of the main reasons I still love the game as much as the day I put it in my SNES in grade school.
  2. Happy late birthday my little door knob height buddy!
  3. I was wondering who you were, shoulda said so in the /tell
  4. Good thing he didn't direct Devil then.
  5. They could have made a good game if the management hadn't been retarded.
  6. Wah wah wah. I'm gonna get this on release day and play the fuck out of it, just like I did with FFXI. Honestly, fuck the haters.
  7. EdgeCrusher


    Considering shooter games now consist of 4-5 hour campaigns, no, Limbo is definitely not overpriced based on money/time ratio, especially for a great atmospheric game.
  8. Kane and Lynch 1 was an abortion. I bought it used for 5 bucks, and still got ripped off. The combat is horrid, on the verge of unplayable. The camera, especially in co op, feels like it was done by an idiot. The cover system is ass, the AI goes from flat out retard to insanely cheap in the matter of seconds, etc. K&L2 demo was basically more of the same, add a handicam, a little better graphics, and a lot of darkness. And from what I understand, 4 hours is flat out ridiculious for a single player campaign. What the hell were they thinking?
  9. Oh no, I said christian kids are bad at violent games. Yes, that is so insulting. Sorry to stereotype since every single 12 to 18 year old on that server is flat out horrible, and laughably so. If you really get insulted cause I said it, deal with it. edit: also got a kick out of this. http://kotaku.com/5632520/meet-the-real-weapons-of-team-fortress-2/gallery/
  10. Go play on the {G4C} legoblast server for a good laugh. Christian kids make horrible TF2 players, great way to blow off steam.
  11. I think they say "the baby" in this more than "the spice" in Dune.
  12. The voice acting and flashbacks have killed any urge for me to want to continue playing this game. Seriously, if I hear about that guy or her say "the baby" again, off to goozex this game goes.
  13. Basically not playing on a laptop with a lower end Geforce card is your only option.
  14. I stayed up for 2 and a half hours last night, and finally got a working beta key, and registered it. Was able to create a character this morning at 6 AM, and logged in long enough to run around a bit before the server shitted itself and died.
  15. Ha, /tiny/men/is/wearing/cute/cat/ears/with/gabe/newell/
  16. Luckily my passes worked for the IMAX version. My god that movie was great. I'll definitely pick this up on blu ray later.
  17. I'm hurt that brushfire didn't personally invite me.
  18. Best thing about this game? It made me play SOTN again.
  19. EdgeCrusher

    OCR Sims 3

    How about you just go wild with it, and not put me in a house with Brandon.
  20. EdgeCrusher

    OCR Sims 3

    I want to see what F4T4L would make me look like...
  21. So you are upset that blizzard is actually taking down maps that have racist/insulting/advertising stuff?
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