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  1. Bought it, and horribly underwhelmed by it. Shoulda tried teh demo first I guess. Too much of it just feels like a "hey, fan service! money grab!" and the multiplayer set up for getting games together with friends sucks a big dick.
  2. Finally got my free passes in from a local radio station to go see this. Only good on monday through thursday though. Can't wait.
  3. Quick pics from mine, and I still got a lot boxed up in the basement. I got to redo my organization, and build a better shelf in the first pic. Actually probably will put up 3 or 4 shelves just for collectors editions.
  4. All of my game list is at www.raptr.com/EdgeCrusher36 , but I'll take pics later.
  5. I'm stuck in a hotel room in Atlanta right now, but I got a friend picking up my CE copy of SC2, and he's suppose to IM me the key out of it when he picks it up tonight so I can download it from bnet.
  6. What's the deal with the subscriptions? I paid on July 8th, and now I keep getting kicked for slot reservations.
  7. I'd be perfectly fine with forced auto. I usually join whatever team has the least people anyway, or do an auto if its balanced number wise. Teaming with friends is for chumps.
  8. I got entirely burned out on the SOTN style and didn't even buy the last DS game cause of it. Konami just ran it into the ground.
  9. I only knew someone was using Frogg, and that it wasn't MAV. No idea bout the other ones.
  10. Hey at least there wasn't a free weekend this time.
  11. And this will bring me back to the engie class.
  12. Silly console people and playing MMOs on it. Man up and get the real game. Preordering 2 collector's editions today.
  13. I never posted in here that I was for sure married. Doh.
  14. EA is under the idea that if the seller of the game isn't gonna play it anymore and willing to sell it, then they would not be online playing the game at all anyway. So yeah, that is resource being used by someone other than the original buyer with a game on a shelf collecting dust.
  15. I'll just stick to goozex, get games for great prices, and this shitty online payment mode can suck it. Kthx. All of you whining about price costs can continue to be raped by gamestop, and all the people sucking up to the gaming industry can justify it. I'll just game.
  16. That's what people get for buying sports games every year.
  17. Never was a huge fan of his, but much respect to what he did for metal and his impact as well.
  18. If you hate this game, you hate fun. Fact.
  19. Apparently the guy that did this isn't just happy raping Mega Man, but he felt the need to rape another franchise as well that is near and dear to many of us. http://eddielebron.com/filmography/ghostbusters/
  20. Both of mine are TenTonHammer23
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