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  1. Dubstep. More like durrrrrrrrrrrrrstep, am I right?
  2. Don't worry OP, I'll make sure to pollute, use up power, and waste the environment enough to cover us both.
  3. I'm only up to 2696. http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/EdgeCrusher36
  4. I'm back to playing some, but seems to be impossible to get on tonight.
  5. Gamestop here has the collector's edition marked down to 27 bucks. I still got my copy installed, but I just never get around to playing it.
  6. Wow, havent kept track of anything going on here, but looks like I'm glad I didn't.
  7. I'd hate to think I had to nitpick every detail of a show and not enjoy it...
  8. I didn't care for the Hive level, mainly due to the lighting/using duke vision. But enjoying the rest of the game for sure.
  9. Welcome to the internet, where anyone can be white knighted.
  10. Why the fuck would you want to mess with Bethesda? I hate these lulzsec fucks. Then again I hate all of 4chan too.
  11. I just 3 refined and got a Camera Beard. A Fucking Camera Beard I hate you Gabe.
  12. I haven't played either Witcher games, but I bought the Collector's Edition of 2 for my wife. I must say its the most packed and worth the value CE I ever bought I think.
  13. Ha. I'd seriously hate to think that in terms of one of my major forms of entertainment that I considered all 3 parts of it in a negative manner. But to each their own. I don't see much use in even arguing this any more. Continue with the Fox News debating on this issue with Kotaku "facts" and armchair business ethics.
  14. You'd think that Sony killed Crowbar and Brandon's dogs when they were children or something.
  15. I did, you are basically saying you wanted more. That = bitching. You = entitled.
  16. What gave that away? The 12/07 right next to the bar? Hurrrrrrrrr.
  17. Tennessee charges tax on everything but Amazon. I just bought 40 bucks worth of points through xbox live with my card and ended up paying 42 something. Same goes if I go buy a card at walmart, or buy stuff on PSN.
  18. Credit cards stored offshore on servers in germany and spain, all cards from 2007 or earlier. But lets see how Kotaku spins this...
  19. I'm waiting on Kotaku to post that Bin Laden was found cause his credit card info was leaked during the PSN fiasco. Hell, I'm more prone to believe The Onion these days compared to some of these news stories on the big K.
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