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  1. I know, I just got to Sector 8 the first time this time through, and I've doing missions non-stop for the past half hour and I'm now at 5%.
  2. I'm using the Adaman Bangle, you get it from one of the mission sets, I forget which one though. I actually new game plussed and lost my 52% completion on the missions, dangnabbit!
  3. I'm working towards mission 9-6-6, or in other words, Minerva, who does 65000 damage per Ultima WITH max out stats and blocking EDIT: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/925138/50976 has her stats, it's ridiculous.
  4. Two words for the Movers: Costly Punch. Other than that I HATED the Emus until recently, then I got my HP+ up to +999%(Believe me, it took forever)
  5. 9 tracks complete, and a whole bunch of others that are almost there. I've also started to add the remix names to the tracklist, so if I got your track name wrong, let me know and I'll change it. Other than that, keep up the good work everyone, I know I'm not around much, but I do keep my on everything(almost). ~Foxhull
  6. I'm still up, just PM or e-mail me(though I would much prefer e-mail), if you want me.
  7. I'll throw my hat in as well. I'm much better at original compositions than remixes/rearrangements, but I can do pretty much everything(except electronica, I have no clue there). If you are interested PM/email me and I'll upload some samples, as nothing is online right now.
  8. Alright I'm back, I had a FREAKIN' hectic summer, but school just started and I have to catch up on things now, so I'm updating the main post...NOW. If you have any question as to where I was, just ask me.
  9. OK, school is over, so I should have more time, but my folks decided to build a patio outside the front door, and guess who is manual labor . anyways, once I have some time i'll open finale and start working my WIP on June Mermaid.
  10. alright, I'm back, I'm using my spare time in music theory class right now, but i've been checking up on everybody, work-wise, so the front post will updated in a few minutes
  11. Sorry, but I've been drawing blanks for my mix, so I'm gonna have to drop it. That, and school is hatin' on me.
  12. Yeah, somewhere around there, I just back from my choir trip so I was dead for the past few days. I'll post the new date when it is officially confirmed.
  13. sorry that i've been gone, school has been hurtin' on me, and now colleges are trying to get me, just so you, I do check this thread, and good job everyone!
  14. just checking in, letting ya know that i'm alive
  15. Yes, I know that I am slow, but I just got the updates on the main post up, many thanks to avaris. We're in the process of deciding the next WIP date, we should have that soon. And Fishy, you know what.
  16. I'm sorry to see ya go. Reminder: WIPs are due TOMORROW. P.S. Fishy, this bears repeating - TAB!!!
  17. Flik's was definately priceless, but has left me mentally scarred, and I probably will stay that way for the rest of my life.
  18. Just so you know, I've been getting sick lately, and I have Indoor Percussion, which doesn't end until the 31st. After that, I should have more time. PS. I have been making sure to check the daily.
  19. Well, I have it recorded, I just need to figure out how to get it off of my recording board, so as soon as I figure that out, I'll upload my WIP, but I'm gonna be gone all today so it may be late tonight or tomorrow.
  20. Congrats! You definately need to post some pics, and the wedding is mid-July or after, I'll be 18 by then, so I'll try to come.
  21. Fixed...finally. Also, Fishy...TAB!!! Sorry, I'm just a little anxious to start playing around with what you've got. Everybody else, good job so far.
  22. As soon as I get my WIP recorded, and figure out how to work the CD burner on my recording board, I'll have my WIP up on the forum. The intro sounds almost like a waltz, it's pretty sweet.
  23. updated, just need to do one more update really quick. Also, two more track spots are left open, after that...anyways Fishy, I need the TAB.
  24. Ooh! Lovin' it. Add me. STAGE BOSS(hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
  25. As I keep up with the Superbowl, here is brief announcement: Alright, new WIP date is...(drum roll), March 27! So keep on working! And yes avaris, I'm giving them an extra day on purpose. Also, since I can't seem to change the title of the thread, I would like to ask the moderators to change the date in the title to March 27th.
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