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  1. i can play flute what? don't give me those weird looks
  2. im not on for two days and the tracklist is almost full? SWEETNESS.
  3. i like the title, i want to help, but im currently in the process of learning how to do orchestral stuff, but when the time comes for auditions, ill send you something
  4. You incorrectly corrected my name! fixed the fix
  5. im in the process of learning guitar, but i don't think im good enough to do solos yet, maybe rhythm or backing lunch...Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly sandwich, pickle, Capri Sonne, hershey kisses, oreos...thats pretty much it.
  6. looks like it got moved, and that was just theoretically speaking in the first post, and you all have convinced me to stay away from anything with more than two necks, but looking at that fretless guitar...nice.
  7. yeah, i got the email, changing the post and fixing Jormugand's misspelling-sorry! EDIT: Check out the announcement and read the note underneath.
  8. It's starting to come along, we have another mixer-Jormagund.
  9. it spins on the pivot connected to the strap(s), theres actually a video somewhere of a 4 neck guitar in an x shape, search 4 neck guitar on google
  10. ok, i was thinking of building a three neck electric on a pivot, or ordering one 12 string 6 string 4 string bass rough sketch: any advice, how much it would cost, recommendations, or(although unlikely)offers to make it for free for me(hey, i can hope right?) the pic is a little big though
  11. Thats... mine? Wow, right to my face, and you didn't even realize. I give up. I think I'll go crawl into a hole, no one even wants me... I think I feel worse than Arek. Arek, pretend to feel bad, thats the only way it'll work. Seriously, you don't need star power (although it helps). As long as you have good mixers, and an original theme... Snap! I've got you beat! HA Ha haa.... suckers. No, no, really. Thats what makes a difference. Since yours is "just another project" (no offense), you've got to get it hyped. Make it as good as you can. Obviously. But contact everyone. Listen to 200 mixes... seriously. Then pick the top 15 favorites in the style you want. Then contact those people. Hey, no badmouthing other projects, especially ones that your participating in...unless you are Doomsday. dead yet? since when? also, im going to pming a few more people soon hopefully. also, when this one is finished, ive already got a few ideas for my next project...and i can guarranty, they are original.
  12. im interested in going, it's just a matter of if i can get my parents to let me go, and if i can convince a couple of friends to split the cost with me. that, and i would need a ride.
  13. FL is messing with me right now so its gonna be a little bit before i can update my WIP
  14. I LOVE THIS!!! *runs over, bookmarks, and downloads as many as possible
  15. ok i found a couple websites with in depth help on orchestration and posted them on the private forums, so anyone who is doing an orchestral mix, go check it out! Also some more updates to my WIP, in the form of an update to my last poste
  16. my most recently uploaded WIP is on the forums(its about a month old), check it out, but know that i am completely redoing it, that is just a bit of concept work
  17. Chrono Cross I love the storyline, it's part of the Chrono Trigger series, and I have never played PS4. Besides, who doesn't love the Chrono Trigger series? I would also love to try to participate in the project for this game. EDIT: Look what I just found, Chrono Cross guitar tablature!
  18. OMG you mean we don't have to remix every single song, that'd be around 50 in total. Haha, well I was curious as to what the final number would be. It's a more realistic goal to do this number of tracks. WHAT!??! you already knew the max track amount just a friendly bit of chat
  19. Major update to the main post-lookie lookie
  20. just so you know, i am leading this on a regular basis, it's just that the majority goes on behind the scenes over at the project forum, and there will be a major update of the main post here pretty soon
  21. i just made a global announcement over at the project forums, and i need your thoughts on it(everyone that is on the project)
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