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  1. Alright here is a list of who has NOT turned in a WIP. Dale North(for obvious reasons) Tensei-San(contact me, I think I know the reason but I'm not sure) Jormungand(reasons understood) Doomsday/The Vagrance(Steel Giant, but reasons are understood) Small of Two Pieces collab(sort of) Awakening collab(sort of) Next WIP due date is in consideration(possibly about halfway through March). Fishy, I really would like the TAB for Awakening so that we can both work on it.
  2. 2 days to WIPs! Get 'em in! (shameless bump)
  3. Alright, due to laptop problems, I have to abandon the intro and go for a straight rock mix, but it's definately gonna be interesting(thinking 9/8 time signature). So when I get a significant amount of progress I will record what I have and post a WIP. BTW: I'm going to need help on percussion, since I can't sequence anything without my laptop.
  4. It's pretty much gonna be you and me arranging, and then everyone recording it. Once I see what key you're working in and the progression you have I'll be able to start working on it some more. Reminder: Less than a week to WIP Day!
  5. separately or medley? I need to know before i update the post. Also Doomsday/The Vagrance has dropped out of the Awakening collab so i'll be contacting LuIzA for drum sequencing. And Fishy, darn you, post that TAB! sorry i just really want to get playing.
  6. that makes me sad. we'll miss you. Attention all Awakening collab remixers!!! We need to get to work!!!
  7. I'm back from finals! YAY! We are ALIVE! Remember: WIPs - January 31st. Also, Doomsday/The Vagrance, whoever you are, I'm sure everyone would like to see the ideas for Awakening, plz.
  8. just to let you know, i'm alive, i just had finals today, so i'm gonna get back to work
  9. there is a possibility that i won't enter, but if i can, it will be melodic oohs and ahs, due to time
  10. maybe later, i just have a paper to write, physics to do, etc. All i have time for is doing snippets here and on my WIPs
  11. the private forum, if you need the link again PM/email me or avaris, and its good to see some more activity
  12. i've rescinded my claim on Faraway Promise, as i've been having some problems with it, but doing better with June Mermaid alone Faraway Promise is open for any takers.
  13. alright, quick update to the main post keep up the good work people!
  14. alright, it is updated, i managed to find some time, i still don't know who exactly is doing Daijiru Everyone who hasn't needs to sign up on the forums!
  15. ok, i need a little help I've gotten it, installed it, actually run it in FL 6 as a "tool" but i can't figure out how to actually use it as an instrument VSTi, as in actually running a sequence of notes through i have been able to listen to some of it though, and i love it
  16. well, i've worked out a melody(sort of) by i have no talent for lyrics my question: would someone write lyrics for me?
  17. just so you know, my WIP is taking a little longer than expected, as i'm having a little bit of trouble with the transition to the second part and integrating the battle theme, but other than that, i'll have it soon
  18. PRIZES?!!? OOOH...Pretty. This wouldn't happen to be from the Flowbasket would it? Oh well. Off to the microphone!
  19. After the Xenogears project is finished, I have a concept that is similar to this for a site project, and if it works right, it will be awesome, but, until then, it's going to be a secret .
  20. i'm about the same and i have an L and it fits me just fine
  21. alright, an update of the main post, fixed some things i missed, thanks avaris. since VHD has two songs in his medley that others are using as well, the track "Wings" is exclusively his. a reminder, everyone who has not signed up on the project forums, sign up. and i like the idea of a sax solo and possibly vocals, who knows, metal distortion on a sax could be interesting . so i'll add you to the list Mephisto.
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