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  1. That could happen, he's in the hospital from a major accident if I remember correctly.
  2. give me a couple hours and i'll have it for you.
  3. So true...then the first battle after *a certain character* went back to level 1 kicked him up to 7. FFIV, why did I leave you alone all those years?
  4. Just beat the Antlion, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. This is definitely the remake FF4 deserved.
  5. just got it, and died for the first time at the Octomammoth. I was stupid and forgot to heal consistently.
  6. So I ran out of time, so it's not as good as I wanted, but at least the parts fit together. My only complaint is that the piano bit in the beginning only varies a little bit, I wasn't able to work something else that would fit the feel out in time, but it is rather short, so there isn't much time for it to get on your nerves. Without ado, here is Jazzed Up 'Troids! http://rpggamer180.googlepages.com/jazzeduptroids.mp3 EDIT: Also, I fail at quality as well.
  7. Hey, I resemble that remark.
  8. http://rpggamer180.googlepages.com/jazzymetroid.mp3 The Story Theme(or whatever the name is). Just a quick little jazz WIP that I put together in the last hour or so. Hopefully I'll have it finished tomorrow night, if not, Thursday. Comments please. I want this to be as good as I can get it.
  9. Yeahhh! Splat! I'm gonna hurt you badly. I mean really, really badly. Whoever wrote that should have never been born. Seriously.
  10. Since I'm Mormon, I'll see if I can get him on the D.C. Temple prayer roll next time somebody goes. How you get well soon bLiNd!
  11. Man, I'm sad I missed out on this, I totally would have been there if I didn't have a job...then again, with gas prices, maybe not.
  12. Other than my 18th b-day. Other than that, its good to see CT gettin' some more love.
  13. I second that motion, put them over a beach scene. Other than that, great job, keep up the good work.
  14. Foxhull


    Added Apparently there's going to be a Spore dance contest: Link is www.youtube.com/spore
  15. Foxhull


    Here's Douli, the two-headed, six-legged dog-thing.
  16. Foxhull


    Here's another creation: I call him "Finsect", loosely based on an insect, and can swim.
  17. Foxhull


    Sweet, will definately join. Just created this one in the last hour: Fun stuff.
  18. Lipsmackinthirstquenchinacetastinmotivatingoodbuzzincooltalkinhighwalkinfastlivinevergivincoolfizzin?
  19. Foxhull


    Trogdor:lmassoff:with some cutification (made slightly cute).
  20. To quote DarkeSword: He's even throwing in porpuses now!(albeit spelled badly - Porpoise)
  21. A few more for Xenogears: Emeralda Id Rico Sigurd Have fun. LT: Those should be sharper. The Grafh one you're using is much better on that level.
  22. I know...quick, somebody rickroll FreakinDeath!
  23. Ah, I was trying to figure out which that is. So that's 3 for 3 of videos on youtube. EDIT: He didn't even get the game right this time, it's A Link to the Past, not Twilight Princess.
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