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  1. After years and years I keep coming back to this mix. This song can take me from feeling despondent to calmly optimistic in 6 minutes and 20 seconds. This song has been on my phone / portable music player for probably 10 years now and I've never gotten tired of it.
  2. superjoe30

    Blip Festival NYC May 25-27, 2012

    Hmm this conflicts with a game of Capture the Flag I was planning on attending. I wonder which one I'll choose.
  3. superjoe30

    JH Sounds new album - The Duosis Sessions

    JH finally started using a kick + snare? :DD :D
  4. superjoe30

    Stop Online Piracy Act

    Is it supposed to be silent?
  5. superjoe30

    Stop Online Piracy Act

    Solid Composer and ThaSauce are blacked out. ThaSauce went hard core though - you *cannot* access any site materials. Interesting.
  6. Mashups!

    Mediocre song #1:

    Mediocre song #2:

    kick ass mashup:

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    MAGFest X! PMD Time :(

    I'm moving towards this as a general rule of life. It's kind of bad for you, mentally and physically. (sorry to change the subject to a more... sober... one.)
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    Post your MAGFest 10 Pictures & Videos here

    Re: D-Lux's story According to Game Theory, there's no way the ending to that story could be good.
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    MAGFest X! PMD Time :(

    Nice picture Rama!
  10. superjoe30

    MAGFest X! PMD Time :(

    woo, finally home. fun times everybody. WTF rellik was there and I missed him?! :'-( Here are some pics The girl I tried not to stalk, and mostly succeeded. nice pic of stevo and wildfire
  11. It rocks my pants off!! Been listening to it on repeat all day at work. Not that I take my pants off at work. *shifty eyes*
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    MAGFest X! PMD Time :(

    Nice! Done.
  13. superjoe30

    MAGFest X! PMD Time :(

    I have secured a hotel room, flight, and magfest tickets! Obtuse and I are sharing a room and have open slots if anyone wants in. If you want to contact me, you'll want to do it through email. I check these forums about once every never.
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    So... Dubstep?

    Klaypex. Klaypex #1: Klaypex #2: The kick-ass video that leads everyone to discover Klaypex: I'm amateur at music making. I tried to make dubstep twice, and failed miserably. It's HARD.
  15. Exactly one year late! Enjoy. (To download for free, type "0" in the price box.)
  16. Surely I'm not the first person to think of this. Does it exist yet? Or should I create it and start rolling in the dough?
  17. superjoe30

    an obvious idea: steam for VSTs

    KVR Audio doesn't: 1. Keep track of what you own. 2. Automatically install it for you. (think about how long it takes to set up your studio on a new computer)
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    OCR02190 - Sonic the Hedgehog 'April Rain'

    I'ma let you guys finish, but I'm already the all-time top listener for this song. har har. But seriously, The Cynic Project is the shit. Check out more of his sonic stuff here: And his original stuff is fantastic as well: In fact, you wanna know how I found out about The Cynic Project in the first place? I was doing what I usually do on a Friday night - lurking in the "NO"'d submissions forum section, looking for rejected Ice Cap Zone remixes, when I saw that The Cynic Project submitted an Ice Cap Zone mix. I immediately found his website and downloaded all of his amazing tracks.
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    MAGFest 9 is gone - PMD sets in :(

    I have arrived! But with no toothe paste. Those bastards!!
  20. superjoe30

    JHC - Are you ready for JHCompo?

    Compo tonight! Will the theme be a good one inspiring all to create music, or will it be a dud? You decide.
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    Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]

    Yes it is. Thank you very much, sir!
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    Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]

    I vote creepers ON. I love that element of danger. Also we need a way to be able to get TNT. Also, Crowbar Man, I got a couple endorsements. Whaddaya say you let me on?
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    Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]

    I just started constructing traps for players. This is the first one. Here's what's inside: Room mate started constructing a mob trap. Here's where the items come out. It still needs work because chickens and spiders don't drown and clog up the pipes. Battle arena in the sky. No turning back once you go in there. How it works is, you and your opponent(s) are only equipped with shovels. You have to try to dig the dirt out from under your opponents without falling through yourself. Below that single layer of dirt is a long drop into the water. I want to modify it so that you drop into a lava pit instead And this is why we like to play with bad guys on. Because first of all it's more fun - there's actually danger at night. And secondly you can make TNT, which is the basis for pretty much every player trap you can make. Neither of us ever use admin hax, except to disable the spawn protection, because that's dumb. Fun game! I'd love to play with fellow OC Remixers.