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  1. Weapon X / Machine X / That big X-shaped machine thing from Cave Story was pretty hard. I was stuck on it for hours before my PC corrupted and I lost all my files
  2. Makes me wish I wasn't moving house at the time of the survey
  3. First of all, there needs to be a bit more varation in that acoustic guitar riff. It gets really repetitive after a while. Also, its nowhere near long enough (of course, I understand its a WIP, and therefore not finished) Use a better trupet sample. The one your using just now is a bit annoying. Also, You need some low frequency instruments. And that high-hat gets really annoying after a while as well. Apart from that, the rest seems to be fine.
  4. It scared me a little as well. I had to google 'Crescendo To Chaos' to find this.
  5. Ive actually had this for a long time, for some reason... I was wondering why I couldn't find it on the site... I like it, but as quite a few others have else said, it could use a little more variation. Perhaps you could add one of those cool flute things that snake charmers use (known as pungi). But, yeah, if I was a judge, i'd pass this.
  6. There is no need. I'm doing live drumming. Or rather, Ive done the live drumming and have a few technical issues to sort out.
  7. You could do a guilty gear boss (Justice/Dizzy/I-NO). They would a suit a guitar-based mix very well.
  8. Well, I was thinking about doing a Ramriez/Zelos one in my own Baritone voice if I had the time, but since your classicly trained..... Well, If Ive got time after the Garry Oak and Andross ones, I might arrange something for you.
  9. that'd be cool.. hit me up if ya want me geetawrs! Not meaning to overload you in collab requests, but your name has been mentioned a few times in the thread to the Gary Oak remix, and I've been thinking in doing it in a fast upbeat boogie/rock'n roll style (even though Tallest, the guy I'm collabing with on it, probably hasn't heard my version of it yet). It would be cool if it could be done in the style of Joe Satriani (if that name doesn't ring any bells, download his 'satch boogie', it should give you a good idea for what I'm aiming at ), and since you're so proficient at playing guitar (probably more than me ), I'd love to have you playing (at least some of) the lead guitar for it. gah, here I go again with the long posts.. Ive just listened to your version. Ahh! Thats insane! I Love It! I'm gonna post of my opinion at the forum, but yeah! Woo!
  10. We gotta leave something for Crescendo To Chaos 2!
  11. Ok, I'm gonna post the WIP at the public WIP forums. Its a MIDI, the Bass riff is a bit messed up just now but I have every intent to change that, and, well, your just gonna have to read the description for the rest.
  12. Avaris - Yeah, i got that PM. Thing is, though, I never noticed. I'm an idiot like that. Pi - Cool. Your in then.
  13. Check out OZMA's Korobenki. Its not on OCR, but you will probably find an MP3 of it somewhere. And I'll post a MIDI WIP of Garry Oaks theme later today (or maybe tommorow depending how busy I am). I need someone who can whistle as well for the intro... Also, Avaris, can you still tell me how to re-install my audio driver?
  14. Actually, could provide electric guitar for my Garry Oak mix? That would be brilliant.
  15. Yeah, I need help with that. Help along the lines of, you know...... how to do it. I mean, do I go into Control panel, and if so, then what? I was never good at the installing/uninstalling part of hardware or software. Oh brother Yeah give me some time but I'll type out something for you. If your on a MAC then I can't really help you. But since you said control panel I'm assuming u run Windows. If you could answer a few questions for me first: 1. Mac or Windows, maybe even Linux...? 2. Desktop or Labtop 2. Wat is your Soundcard? Did you buy a seperate soundcard and install it? Or do you just have have the soundcard that came with your computer? 3. Any other problems with your computer? Ok this is really important.(this is for windows) 1. Right Click 'My Computer.' 2. Go to 'Manage.' 3. Go to 'Device Manager' on the left hand column. 4. Click on the little speaker icon that says 'Sound, video, and game controllers' next to it. 5. There should be a list that drops down. 6. Tell me everything that is listed in that drop down list. OK get to it almighty, it is very important you give me everything in that drop down list verbatim(exactly as it is written) With all that info I'll go track down the drivers for you, and then give you the link and then some more step by step instructions on how to install them properly so you can get everything back to normal. Right, 1) Windows 2) Desktop 3) Default Soundcard (the one that came with my PC - whatever that is). Unless someone installed another Soundcard without me knowing - but I highly doubt that. 4) None whatsoever. Audio Codecs Legacy Audio Drivers Legacy Video Capture Devices Media Control Devices MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device SiS 7081 Audio Driver Standard Game Port Video Codecs
  16. Yeah, I need help with that. Help along the lines of, you know...... how to do it. I mean, do I go into Control panel, and if so, then what? I was never good at the installing/uninstalling part of hardware or software.
  17. I found out what was wrong with reason. Suprisingly, techinically nothing is wrong with it. It would be working fine, if it were not for my completely fucked-up audio drivers. Seriously. Really, really fucked up. I'm going to try and see if theres anything I can do, but at this rate, I may as well buy a whole new PC if I ever wan't to use remixing software again. Well, my dad might let me use his laptop, but I seriously doubt that.
  18. I think it may have something to do with Reason getting all messed up and me not being able to submit a proper mix for the original deadline (a week ago). Or it could have something to do with the fact Liechmiester is getting his friend down to do a guitar solo for his track during thanksgiving break, but I doubt it. So its probably my falt. Sorry.
  19. I was actually thinking about doing a nice jazz mix of the Dr. Willy Megaman 2 theme myself, done with saxaphone as a main instrument.... ....But Ive decided instead to do a jazz mix of all the Dr.Willy themes (well, a lot of them, anyway), with different main instruments for different themes (saxaphone for Dr Willy Megaman 2, though).
  20. Thing is, though, his Sigma WIP is pretty badass. Have you not heard it? Very cool Trance mix. And remeber, theres loads of Dr. Willy remixes on the site (although they are mostly from Megaman 2). And his themes getting mixed again for the Megaman IV Remix Project. Sigma deserves to get a remix. Plus, it was up to Doomsdasy to decide whether to do a Sigma remix or a Dr. Willy remix in the first place (on the fron't page, It originally said ''Dr Willy/Sigma'').
  21. It will probably take me a long time, and I may do it for Crescendo To Chaos 2, But I will do it.
  22. Ok, Ive posted my mix. It sucks ass, but Reason is still not working. And I don't wan't to get chucked of the project. And some other stuff.... You best read the description in the public forum first.
  23. Man, thats a bit harsh. I mean, seriously, what if someone is working on the track, but something really bad is happening in thier personal life or something? You should probably PM them if they don't make the WIP deadline. Don't get me wrong, I think its a good thing that we drop people who are being lazy and shit straight away, but there are other things that could mean they don't get it posted by Sunday. Not that I'm going to be late, of course. But REASON just wen't and got all messed up. If you don't like the WIP that I post on Sunday, thats because i'll have to post a Sibaleus version instead. Hopefull I'l be able to get REASON working tomorow. And what did you mean about not liking Pu_Freaks M Bison mix ending? I thought it was great. EDIT - the reason my Sibaleus one sounds so crappy is because you cannot do Trance in Sibaleus. God knows how Ive tried. Also, you can't add effects.
  24. Its just Guilty Gear. You know, the first one. Not Guilty Gear X, X2, X2 Realoded or IsukaOh, and justice is a her First GG game I played was X. Never played the original. Haha never knew Justice was a girl. She was a hidden charecter in Guilty gear X2: Reloaded. I think she might of been in Isuka as well. Not very people have played the original Guilty Gear.
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