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  1. Oh, OK, I was just wondering. I mean, I thought It might be the same as another track, but It would be a shame to leave awesome tracks such as that and Stage Boss Theme out.
  2. Well, were gonna have to get a forum set up. i suggest http://www.phpbb.com/ .
  3. Megaman IV project. Not V. And Arek once said he was thinking about starting a Megaman X series project, when all the OCR projects have died down (Although he did say that it might not be an official OCR project).
  4. I'd take Metallic Mario. I think I could do a pretty cool orchestral arrangement. Is it OK to take2 songs and merge them together?
  5. For the most part, I really liked it, but a few things I think could be better are: 1) The strings at around 0:30 - I think arrangement wise strings are a good idea, but your sample is pretty weak - you need a stronger, more realistic-sounding sample. 2) The ending. The piano really doesn't fit. Maybe a short Coda would be more suitable, still using your more electronic, trance-y samples, followed by a perfect cadence.
  6. wow. I wish dreamcast had that. That way I could complete shenmue.
  7. Wait, don't you have to save the game before you move onto the next disc?
  8. Update on my Garry Oak Track over on the public forums.
  9. First thing I notice as I listen to this is that the samples sound very midi-ish. All of them. Also, that snare is especially annoying. You really need to replace that with something a little more... powerful. I haven't heard the original, but with proper samples and less snare, this could be a pretty good mix.
  10. By looking. Anyway, I won't be able to play anyone 'till Thursday, I'm afraid.
  11. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01516/ EDIT Oh. Kanthos bet me to it.
  12. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00552/
  13. This is nice. Real Nice. Only criticisms are: a) Its far too short just now and Lack Of Bassline and not enough percussion. But I really like where this is going. Its a little sad not that many people who claim that the site hasn't had enough electronic remixes recently haven't checked this one out yet. I eagerly await an update.
  14. The link appears to be broken, I'm afraid....
  15. This has potential, but it sounds a little dry at the moment. Main criticisms: The main melody needs to be louder. You need better samples. That organ sample near the start is awful. Some of your string and brass samples are pretty ugly as well (especialy in the intro and chorus). I can kinda see what your trying to do with the piano at 2:45, but its just not working for me. Try just going for straight piano, rather than making it all weird and stuff.
  16. I have multiple versions of the ROM, but none of them seem to work
  17. Yeah. I got raped. But not as hard as Vega12.
  18. Has anyone spoke to Psychotic Ninja recently? I PM'ed him about a week ago and gotten no reply...
  19. Your right, It would be cool, but It would be really, really hard to pull off. What kind of songs would suit this style? And would doing it make the song too liberal? Theres only one song I can think of just now, and thats the High-Score board music form Space Harrier.
  20. Guilty gear X - Advance Edition. Don't get me wrong, console Guilty gear games are awesome, and damn hard too. GGX Advance, on the other hand, Is shit simply because: a) The enemy AI on one-player is a joke. The whole game can be beat without using any continues on hard - In fact, the whole game can probably be beat without losing any life. At first I was all like ''Yeah! Guilty Gear! On my Gameboy!'' but theres no challenge. Theres no point playing multiplayer if you have a console version of Guilty gear. In fact, theres almost no point playing this if you've got a console version. However, Its guilty gear, and its pretty useful for practicing. Its also a slight challenge if you go someone your crap with, In my case, Potemkin or Milla Rage. And its also really good for Guilty Gear noobs, as they can learn the basic techniques without getting their ass kicked on the 3rd round of Arcade mode.
  21. *politely disagrees with you* I preffer Zero 3 to any of the other megaman zero games (although I haven't played 1). Spiderman 2 was better, but I can't say why just now.
  22. Ahh... good point. Forgot about that one.
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