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  1. This remix just made me start playing Earthbound again. It's a shame, I was really into earthbound, but I got a little stuck and started playing Chrono trigger instead, but I'm gonna go back to this now. The production on this amazes me. Reminds me of Busdriver. In fact, the whole song reminds me of Busdriver, but better. Its obvious that everyone involved put a lot of effort into this, and it really has paid of. I'll need to find the rest of 'bound together', I hadn't heard of it until I saw DJ pretzels write-up just now.
  2. As well as xenogears comming out way before Xenosaga (as Arek said), Xenosaga wasn't even an official sequel (or prequel) to Xenogears.
  3. Sonic 3 and Knuckles was amazing and probably the best sonic game ever, as long as you didn't go sonic and tails. Firs game I ever played was Master System Sonic. Or maybe Alex the Kid.....
  4. Yes you could. You'd play the Blue Orbs special stages. But yeah, I guess Sonic 2 was an improvement on the Original Sonic. Spin Dashes, Better Bosses and improved level layouts. Although you did have to put up with tails.... I suppose he wasn't really that annoying until sonic 3, though. Oh, and Phantasy Star 2 > Phantasy Star.
  5. Awesome. Can the victor participate in the contest for the game he/she picks?
  6. Ah, they'll probably still have a title screen theme song thing, just all the in-game music will be procedural.
  7. Wow, wait a sec, WAV's are massive. Do you have Audicity? You can convert it to MP3 with LAME VBR.
  8. OK, here's my (hopefully constructive) critique: The actual delphinus theme should be a touch louder, there are bits where its a little hard to hear it over the background. Drums should be slightly louder as well. Gets Slighty repetitive between 3:25 and 4:07, I reckon bringing the choir up and maybe even getting rid of the beats here will get rid of that problem. Take out the violin at the end. Instead, I suggest taking the trancey backing out at 4:18, so the Xylophone-thing at the end is playing solo for just those few remaining seconds. Awesome mix though, but change those few things and it could be even more awesome.
  9. Its 'cause its V-Bullettin. Some really big oversights on their part, it seems.
  10. Yeah. I'll just need to get a backup file from one of my music teachers.
  11. Awesome. A Skies Of Acradia Mix. I casn't listen to it just now, but I'll listen to it later tonight and comment tommorow.
  12. 'Peanut' is not an adjective. Apart from that, awesome. Edit - Oh, Peanut is an adjective.
  13. Every time I try to open this, I get this error message: Is anyone else getting this problem? Nice sig, by the way.
  14. Site down just now. I hope it comes back up again soon, as I recently lost disc 2 and need to re-download it.
  15. Wow, you beat Ballos? I can't even beat Final Battle! (Misery/The Doctor/OMG SPOILERS!). Then again, I did stupidly use that life pot Jenka gave me earlier in the game....
  16. How many songs do you plan on covering? Not that I'm a skilled pianist or anything, I'm just wondering...
  17. Sound interesting. And starts on the day just before my birthday! I'll be listening.
  18. Ok, I thought of one: Gheese Howard - King Of Fighters : Neowire. In team battle, he's pretty easy, but in single battle he's a royal pain in the arse without having to resort to the games continue service. He's a lot more powerful as the computer and his his ''le' doken'' move takes away a lot of health even when your blocking.
  19. Man, I love that emulator. I found and have been playing Golden Axe: The Duel for the last few hours. I remember back when I had a working Saturn, i could never get passed that evil voodoo person (zazo?), but with my new and improved l33t fighting skills, I completed it! Yeah, I had to use quite a few continues, but yeah! And now: Street Fighter Alpha. Ahh, Akuma's raging demon special... takes me back. EDIT - And I know that Akuma has had his raging demon special in other games, but It never took half a lifebar away in any other game (On a direct hit, of course).
  20. The White Stripes pretty much are a bunch of piano/drums songs. I mean, at least the good ones. Hey, The Denial Twist had some guitar in it, and it's one of my fave Stripes songs.
  21. Yeah, Dragon Force is pretty cool. It ain't no Panzer Dragoon Saga or Shining Force III, but It still rocked my world back in the late 90's. Man, I hope the Saturn emulator actually works. Every other Saturn Emulator Ive ever downloaded either didn't work at all or, in one case, only played Sonic 3D.
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