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  1. Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Confused? Doesn't end on a good note, though.
  2. I own all those games, except Super Turbo. I'm telling you, the AI doesn't teach me bad habits. Your experiences do not define everyone elses. I'm going to leave it at that.
  3. Toejam and Earl is probably your best option. Paperboy, Mario paint and Moon Patrol all have themes which could easily be mixed into funk tracks.
  4. I get plenty of human competition. Granted, I use different strategies against the computer than I do against most human players (especially when it comes to I-No users), but I wouldn't say playing against the computer makes me any worse. What's your opinion of a 'decent fighting game, then? Perhaps my experience is completely different because I have playing different games. Any game in which fighting against the computer makes you worse at fighting human opponents I would say was flawed to some extent, but whatever.
  5. Very wrong. Especially in Guilty gear. Maybe fighting against the computer makes you worse at fighters, but it really helps me.
  6. You may need to use the same strategy in easy mode. I know I did when I started out. I spent three months figuring out how to beat her. The bitch.
  7. How to beat I-No: 1)Go chip 2)Avoid annoying ball attacks - One you just have to go to the end of the screen and crouch, another you crouch in the middle of the screen and then slowly move as the attack moves, and for the hardest one, go right up to her then tripple-jump (If you are chip, that is. Every other character, with the exception of Justice who you unlock way later, can only double jump) 3) Charge special bar 4) When it's pretty high, corner her and then press all the buttons at once, putting you into instant kill mode, and then 2xQuater-circle... something (On the PS2 pad it's O, but i don't know about the X-Box). She usually walks right into it. Alternatively, keep playing survival or story until you unlock SP mode for a character you are good with, select them with start to get dark mode (with an unlimited special bar) and then spam her with overdrives. Or just practice a lot for 4 - 6 months and get really good.
  8. I have a few play lists with remixes for separate games (Megaman 2, Zelda 3, Castlevania 2, Super Mario World and Phantasy Star Series on this PC), but I never make genre-specific playlists of just game remixes. I might post a couple later.
  9. Mines is even longer than Doulifée's. At least 3 times. I really need to cut that one down. And what the hell is that 'Feel Blue Ink' playlist? I mean, i can guess the others, but ... Feel Blue Ink?
  10. Panzer Dragoon Saga has a soundtrack that still sounds amazing today, despite being released on the Saturn. Also, possibly in before lock.
  11. True. Tech Romancer is pretty good as well. A couple of flaws, but overall a worthwhile process.
  12. Is the recommended list only for consoles that are still around? The Dreamcast, and to a certain extent the Sega Saturn, although dead consoles, had far superior 2D fighters to most of what's in that recommended list (Although they are good games. I never knew those Dead Or Alive games were 2D, It's been so long since Ive touched anything DOA...)
  13. The problem arises when two artists with the same name share a page.
  14. Nice. I'd join you, but we don't know each other very well and I'm not really that active a member of the community. Well, just as long as someone does it.
  15. Have you tried "ChrisSerani(Flik)." or "Chris_Serani(Flik)." Or something similar?
  16. I heard it was just a note saying ''You made me do this''. Of course, that may not be true, its just what I heard.
  17. There is no way I'm gonna be able to do Andross in a rock style, I'm afraid (I'll be suprised if anyone can do it). Could you please drop me for that one? I'm still working on the Garry Oak mix, but taking on Andross's theme in any genre is hard enough, Rock is just impossible for me.
  18. I'd be 'Unleashed! The large hearted scientist boy'
  19. I'm actually reading the Death Note manga just now, Chapter 42. If you can get past some of the gaping plotholes, then its brilliant. I'm suprided no-one mentioned Neo Genisis Evangelion yet (unless it's because its crap). I haven't watched it myself, but its pretty well known. Beserk and Fist of The North Star are pretty awesome as well, but I doubt thats what you are looking for. Studio Ghibli stuff and the Akira movie are pretty awesome as well, although if your just looking for series's then I can't really give you that much more help.
  20. I thought your track sounded pretty finished already... Could we add it to the project even if no-one picks it up? (Hoping someone will, though).
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