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  1. I'm glad you're interested in what I'm doing, but I've got some really important exams coming up, so I'm not going to start remixing until those are out of the way. But I do have some really good ideas, but I'm just gonna be way to busy 'till at least 2 weeks into April, and even then I've only got until May and then I need to pick myself up again revision-wise. I'll try and have something in WIPs by late-May/Early June at the latest.
  2. Guilty Gear X2 Reloaded > Guilty Gear Isuka > Guilty gear X2 > Guilty Gear X Plus Although Guilty gear X2/Reloaded (Notice the slash. This means 2 extra characters for some reason) and Guilty gear X2 Accent Core are apparently better. I haven't played either, so I wouldn't know.
  3. I don't think I downloaded the whole thing. It cuts off unexpectedly at 1:07. But What i can say from what I heard: Flute needs to be brought up a little bit. Um, thats it. Reminds me of Sir_Nuts Twinkle Park mix, and thats not a bad thing at all.
  4. Would that be Knuckleduster, by chance? You can download it here: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01526/#
  5. Very interesting choice of track youve chose to mix here. Intro and outro are very meh. I like the way the drums are arranged the first time, the other times there kinda okay-ish. The drum samples are very dry-sounding, though, and that ''brudmbum, brudmbum, bum-bum tish'' fill gets pretty repetitive. You need some new fills. That first instrument appart from the drums that comes in isn't that nice on the ears, it would sound better if it were softer. That bass instrument that comes in at 0:22 is really ugly, and the glockenspiel-style instrument that comes in at 0:52 is pretty ugly as well. Overall, its a good first attempt, so keep at it!
  6. I gotta say, I agree with Arek. How many projects are we up to now? Well its more than ten, and so many remixers are waaaay to busy to join yet another project. I'd be interested, but not until I finish doing at least my Crescendo To Chaos stuff and get my exams over and done with.
  7. I like the arrangement, but I don't think that accordion fits, and also theres some notes that clash at 1:12-1:22. Having not heard the original in ages, i can't say whether the arrangement is too liberal or conservative. Oh, and give a proper ending, it stops way to suddenly. Production wise, though, there is a lot that needs to be worked on. I honestly thought this was a MIDI, I was really surprised when I saw this was an MP3. What program did you use to make this? You really need better sounds.
  8. http://diablo2003.deviantart.com/gallery/ http://kieranoats.deviantart.com/gallery/ http://gts.deviantart.com/gallery/ http://vashperado.deviantart.com/gallery/
  9. No. Still can't get it to work, even with BIOS. Ive tried CPS1 and CPS2 ROMS, and I can't get them to load either. Ive looked at a couple of tutorials and FAQ's as well, but Ive yet to find what the problem is.
  10. The piano collections are also very nice, but only if your into solo piano works (which I definitely am). For piano collections, I'd say V and VI are my favorites.
  11. Oh yeah........ That should probably read Final Fantasy 5(GBA)
  12. OK, so I'm missing out games for consoles you haven't got (Namely Dreamcast, Saturn, Megadrive, PS1 and PS2, which, with the exception of the PS2 you can pick up in fairly good condition for fairly cheap). Final Fantasy 5 (SNES) Afterburner 2 (Genesis) Outrun (Genesis) Space Harrier (Genesis) Lunar (Sega CD) Snatcher (Sega CD) Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64 (N64) Megaman Zero 3 (GBA) Phoenix Wright 2 (The full name currently doesn't spring to mind) (NDS). And at least get yourself a dreamcast. EDIT - Oh, and the SNES stuff Citan mentioned. I feel like an idiot for not mentioning Earthbound.
  13. In before move to request. EDIT - Oh. Maybe not.
  14. A bit repetitive, I think. But its usually hard not to be with an ambient piece. It gets better after the drums kick in. You should use a stronger violin sample. And that piano sample is pretty bad as well, live piano would be best, but if you can't do that, your best searching for a more realistic-sounding piano sample. Off to a good start I'd say. No major problems.
  15. The samples are all very MIDI-ish. Except for the guitar. Very strange drum arrangement, but I kind of like it. Too much dissonance, though. And were onto the next part just like that. It really needs something to join them. Far too much High-Frequency instrument in Part 2. Intro is nice, though. That harp instrument be played on a lower frequency instrument, In my opinion. This bits pretty repetitive until 3:09, where things slow down. And then it very abruptly. Needs to be expanded. And suddenly were onto part 3. Again, you can't just stop one track and go onto the next bit like that. You need something to join them. Fave part so far, although the drums are bland and repetitive, as well as the bass. Again, too many high-frequency sounds. And then an un-dignified fade out and its over. just like that. It needs an ending. I recommend listening to other Medleys, such as Sukutto 42's Megaman 3 one, to get a better idea of flow. You've done 3 very different tracks, joining them and making it sound good would be a challenge, But I think its possible.
  16. Ahh. Good Idea. EDIT - OK, Ive checked, and they are two separate tracks. I still wan't Ending Demo, As I have a good idea for a vocal collab (probably with DragonAvenger, since she has already offered her vocal talent), but I'd still be interested in a collab for Main theme with Fishy.
  17. Really? Crap, I was under the impression they were 2 different tracks. Grr..... Ok I'll take main theme and look for a guitarist to collab with (If Fishy's up for this, I'd be more than happy to. If not, I'll look for someone else).
  18. Ok. Pu_Freak took slider. I'll take ending then.
  19. Either Slider or Ending. Or even both if no-one shows an interest in either of those tracks. I have ideas for both of them, but If someone wants either one of those tracks, I'll go for the other.
  20. I was gonna do that one.... BUT I'll let you have it instead. I don't really have that many ideas for it yet. Just don't disappoint. I'm currently checking out the Soundtrack to see what else I could do. EDIT - We need to get a guitarist for Main Theme. Well, we don't need to, but It would be awesome if we did. And Ive now came to realize that Bomb-On Battlefield and Main theme are the same song. 2nd EDIT - I'd be interested in either Slider or ending... Maybe even both. But if somebody wants to take one, thats cool, I'll take the other.
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