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  1. Gauntlet Legends. And if anyone knows where I might be able to find some chiptunes of it, it would be very much appreciated.
  2. I'm dabbling in making my own masks as of late, going for a kind of ballad mask of Hel. Though papier-maché is pretty badass, it's really not working out as well as I'd like. Does anyone perchance know of some good methods for this type of jive? (By the way, I think someone should dress up as Steve Ballmer.)
  3. Wow. This is absolutely scrumtrelescent. It's powerful and heavy in that it has a somewhat slow tempo, but each note hits really hard because of how real the recording is. It doesn't have that warm and fuzzy quality that digital music gives off. Most inspiring.
  4. I loved this. The bassline is simply delicious, however I agree with Dhsu about the backing strings. Overall, I think it's a great accomplishment, it just could have been much better with a little more elbow grease and possibly some headlight fluid.
  5. Jazzmaster


    I f'ing loved it. It was nice for me as I had only seen the commercial once or twice and never even really caught the name of the movie until I was invited to go see it with some friends. Needless to say, it exceeded my expectations. Something that I noticed that I thought was really cool was how the blood seemed to have the same solid shade of red throughout the whole movie (and the credits for that matter), kinda adding to the stylish comic book goodness of it all. That and it wasn't just ridiculous, like a certain Kill Bill. I highly suggest you see it even just for the hell of it. It's not necessarily something to take seriously, just something that's extremely worth seeing.
  6. Actually, I believe there are some higher end LCD monitors out there have the right input for those yellow composite cables, or perhaps s-video, at which point you could acquire a composite to s-video adapter.
  7. http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=AVC-1400
  8. If you're using Firefox, there's a way to change which program opens what type of file, and if you want to save it or not (Tools > Options > File Types > Manage). I've no clue about any other browsers though.
  9. Herro, the name's Josh and I'm yet another guitar player (at the age of 16). I've been a big fan of this site for a while and I hope to have a few remixes of my own from some overlooked games on here someday. I'm also a loyal fan of pancakes.
  10. Ok, well that's cool. Hardly a problem seeing some old has-been 60s sex symbol jumping around showing off his wrinkles (not creepy), but once you have a guitar behind a curtain... That's when our lives are truly in danger.
  11. Holy crap. This is absolutely necessitous for my playlist. My only complaints are that the volume on the bass seems to jump around a little bit, and of course it needs to be longer.
  12. Decided to download some bongo samples and junk, and this is what came of it. Feedback and advice is most welcome. http://media3.filewind.com/g.php?filepath=5602
  13. This is f'ing METAL. I mean seriously, this is excellent. Really excellent.
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