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  1. ah... life before the Saharan spy set....
  2. I really, really like the nice pizza. Also, did you fabricate that clock, or does it exist??
  3. I don't think I'd even be mad if I got a virus like this.
  4. afaik, if THEY can't make the default time and you can, they forfeit. It sucks, but that's the purpose of a default time. But having agreed to a different time, I think you're obligated now, so hopefully everything works out.
  5. You gave people <1.5 hours to find out about the time change and get back to you. This after 2 weeks of planning to make sure everyone could make a specific time. I sure hope no one has a conflict.
  6. ABBA was a Swedish pop music group formed in Stockholm in 1972, consisting of Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Agnetha Fältskog. They became one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of popular music, topping the charts worldwide from 1972 to 1983. or ABBA: With stopwatch ON. The home team will attack first, the away team will then respond to the home teams attack. Once completed the winning team will receive ONE (1) point. The teams will then switch sides and the away team will set the stopwatch time first, following by the home teams response. The winner of this will receive one point. If drawn on 1-1, The home team will attack first again once more and the away team will reply to the home's time. The score is to be reported as how many rounds you win. eg/ 2-1, 2-0.
  7. If you wanna be pro like rambo, use a Vintage IntelliMouse Optical.
  8. Any extras that I have before the end of this event, I'll be more than happy to give you. :3
  9. I'll give you all 7 in exchange for a hat. >
  10. Which is actually ridiculously effective if the other team doesn't have pyros or sentries.
  11. Pocket medics win games. Just sayin'.
  12. Fixed. :3 Thank you for amending the MOTD Powerlord. I also liked the sneaky change to idling.
  13. When the expression "That's so ghetto" became popular, ghetto was directly associated with poor, cheap, and minority filled slums. Because of this it is synonymous with "That's so poor/cheap/black/jewish". When the expression "That's so gay" became popular, homosexuality was directly associated with bad and wrong. The term in that expression has always referenced homosexuality as a synonym for bad. There is no definition of gay that would have that expression make sense otherwise. What definition of gay are you referencing when you say that? Are going to try and convince me that "That's so filled with joy" is a negative thing? Would you defend someone saying "That's so black" or "Don't be black" because maybe they mean paint on a pallet?
  14. Alright, as promised here are the rulings toward these above-mentioned issues: Firstly to address Gman's inquiries. From what I understand, you can be as ignorant toward other players as you want. You are allowed to abase and discourage them, so long as it doesn't involve excessive language. At this point I think it's safe to say that trolling is alright as well. (This might only apply if you have a reserve slot, so don't quote me) Swearing at other people might result in a kick or something, if it bothers the admin that's on at the time it occurs. Regarding IJ's inquiries. After a bit of discussion, the following is almost unanimous: You are allowed to call anyone you want retarded/gay a fag/faggot/retard so long as it's not in an offensive context. (Your guess is as good as mine) If you use it too much, you might get a warning. I think. Maybe. Be careful though because dropping an N-bomb is still an instant ban. Unlike every other derogatory term, this one is inherently offensive. (Do not ask me for the distinction) As a side note, I have removed myself as an admin on the server. It may, or may not have to do with the pristine decisions above. I'll still be around the server now and then.
  15. You can jump to the sniper perch on dustbowl without the set bonus. Prior to the patch, only demos, soldiers, and heavies couldn't make that jump. Not sure if heavies can with the GRU now.... I hope not. I don't think you could make the jump to the elevated blue spawn on steel before though. I think only medics could. (or engies if you stood on a building)
  16. Thanks Ian Feedback is appreciated, always. I believe this falls under another topic in current discussion with the admins. Anything that is decided upon will likely be posted back here, or in the MOTD.
  17. I love this post for many reasons. +1 rep I, like yourself, personally think the MOTD needs a bit of tweaking. To include "No excessive vulgarity" among other things. And I'm sure myself and the other admins representing the server will discuss it.
  18. That won't change with a stats reset. lol Yeah! Kills per minute doesn't represent engies or medics very well.
  19. So you can be in the top 10 for a couple days? :3 And after those days reset it again!!
  20. holy crap. http://www.gomtv.net/2010gslopens1/vod/1144 Fruit Dealer madness again.
  21. Well, its a good thing ONE of the teams wanted to accommodate their west coast players. Though I'm sure you'd have done fine without a medic.
  22. Dayum. Looks like he copied mule or something.
  23. Rambo

    Portal 2

    I just saw the trailer for the co-op missions in Portal 2. Then I came here to say how psyched I am for this game in a Portal 2 thread, but there was none. The other videos that Valve has posted look pretty cool too. I haven't checked them all out yet though, because I want to surprised by the new elements on my first play through. Will it be better than the original?
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