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  1. That was the first thing to come to my mind when considering material for this theme. But... there was already concept art for this in the game. lol
  2. Holy cow you're on the forums! And moreover, in the FAC thread! Happy day!
  3. Soooo, they removed the ability to bring up a vote kick? Is it just well hidden? Or is it gone completely.... because that would be absolutely freaking brainless.
  4. Kevin Butler? I thought that was the geico guy.
  5. I've heard really good things about the WCIII tower defense mods. I've never played them myself though.
  6. If no one really got your sarcasm, this is a sad day. I think you're fine though, and your post just got derailed to the point where the original context became overlooked. What I'm saying is, you just don't matter. So don't feel bad. <3
  7. Wait. Are you in ottawa? Our jazz fest just ended, and I never got a chance to go (despite having bronze passes)
  8. This ^ honestly. I ONLY saw the overtime, so maybe I missed the good bits of the game. But what I DID see was pretty awful. (again from what I saw) This game was on par with baseball for entertainment as far as I'm concerned.
  9. I started young. Castlevania III is SUCH a huge part of my childhood because of the soundtrack. Still probably my favorite to date (probably for nostalgia's sake) Though, in TMNT4 I do recall dancing and punching like a spaz while playing the Super Shredder theme in the music selection screen.
  10. It's like watching high definition amateur pron. Noone really wants that.
  11. No, you should definitely watch The Happening. It's hilarious. I can't think of a movie that provided more laughs in recent memory.
  12. With Japan out... Go Germany/Netherlands!
  13. I should NOT have watched that. Way too stressful. God damn you Paraguay.
  14. .... lol well played sir. As well played as it could have been.
  15. That was fairly excellent. Also, someone got a hat at the end.
  16. You know, up until extra time I thought that this was an exemplary game of sportsmanship in soccer. Annnnd then extra time hit and the same reasons why I've always had a love/hate relationship with professional soccer kicked in. That business about being stretchered off because he feel down on his own, was straight up bullshit. I understand it. But I hate it with understanding. Entertaining game overall. I thought USA was gonna get one around the 128th minute. Exciting stuff.
  17. The reason that the AWP was never significantly frowned upon is because starting with max money never used to be default until recently. So saving up for one was a risk. But if you start with enough to buy one.... laaame.
  18. One way or another this game has been a treat to watch. SIDE NOTE: I liked the shot of Clinton and Mick Jagger chatting early in the game.
  19. YEssssssss. It has been coming along for quite a while now. I thought NS was a HL mod though, not CS.
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