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  1. I'm the wrong person to ask! And I personally prefer Bomb and Hostage and Aim maps over Deathmatch as it is. And I know jack about servers. Or computers. Or technology. EDIT: but deathmatch can be lulz
  2. And then let's not forget the shining force of a team they have in England! lololololololol
  3. Oh I forgot about deathmatch. Yeah if you play with respawns there's bound to be a lot less camping, but I don't think we're looking at making a deathmatch server. Fireslash?
  4. What the hell. This game is so pretty. I can't get over the chronosphere. Its beautiful! Does not look like the same game I play. I was watching you elec video again and I clicked on another related link. Sure enough its by the guy who destroyed me and my team with elec not even an hour after you showed me the build.
  5. CS is organized as attack/defend maps. So typically you'll have one team camping, and the other team on offense. There's plenty of roaming, but the idea is to camp the objectives. It's not like a TF2 attack/defend where you can sacrifice yourself to push them back slightly, because you can't respawn. Though a CS:S map organized in the same fashion as a TF2 arena map would be pretty sweet. Don't know if that exists.
  6. Unlike TF2, I think my computer can still run CS:S at 30fps. I'm pretty terrible, but I'll try it out.
  7. Bahamut has been paying for this server for 3 years, almost exclusively out of his own pocket, despite hardly even playing. Take a look at his sales thread if you would, and see if you can help him out by practically stealing his shit. Anyway, this solidifies the fact that we need some community support. If you enjoy playing on the OCR server please give serious thought to donating when we implement the paid reserve slots. Any continued feedback on the idea right now is appreciated. (even if you just say yay or nay it's helpful in getting some realistic numbers) I'll be contributing even though I can't play on my current computer. It's really not a lot, and if enough people contribute it will go a long way. Thanks. EDIT: Thanks to everyone who has already provided feedback. :3
  8. This was literally unpleasant to watch. Painful. Poor guy
  9. I would have broken something by now. There would also be vulgarity. You're a masochist. lol
  10. Just when you thought dustbowl couldn't get any worse...
  11. Holy hell. This game isn't very forgiving with the invulnerability time after being hit. They let you take a pounding. Awesome work with castlevania III by the way. Very enjoyable to watch. Good luck!
  12. afaik... DS -> DS Lite provided intermediate backlight settings and ~50% longer battery life. DS Lite -> DSi adopted dlc (including trial versions of games), however lacks a GBA slot? Not sure of either of those. But that's what I thought.
  13. Yeeeah. What's the deal with that? Edit: New post in the admin group.
  14. Hahaha. That would be pretty funny otherwise.
  15. I for one, wouldn't think less of you if you played through to the staircase on a controller and faced dracula by foot from there. I thought the dracula fight might be inCREDIBLY difficult by foot. He's among the hardest bosses I faced in any game as a child. lol
  16. That's what crits are for. Random spread is just dumb. I mean really, it hardly affects the gameplay for people who can't aim anyway. So why shouldn't people who can aim be slightly rewarded.
  17. I have a very intimate and sadistic relationship with those F***ing bats.
  18. I thought he might have just lost a bunch of times, with the win yet to come. lol ANYWAY. When I first read what you were gonna do Nario I didn't believe it was possible, ESPECIALLY with useless Grant. But I can't believe there is such a drastic difference between the 2 different versions. Actually being able to THROW your knife makes him freaking amazing. Probably an easy jump from worst to best tag along in the game. I downloaded CVIII for my Wii and just played it as I'd play it on my NES. I'm gonna have to try it differently now. Having watched so far all I have to say is that you're a beast. Straight up nuts. Are you going to play through it upside down and on hardmode, and the 'impossible' route the second time?
  19. I did not stay up until 5am catching up so that I could NOT watch you fight Dracula. God Dammit.
  20. I hope that's the god honest truth.
  21. FAC 36 Theme: Boss Month (part 2) Firstly let me apologize for the late thread. Bonzai knew she would be out of town and left me charged with the task of bringing this thread into existence. Soooo... my bad. NINJA-SAN had a sick entry for last month, and has agreed to continue the long running OCR tradition of June featuring bosses. So lets see the most bad ass dudes in their full and artistic POV glory! Without further ado... Welcome to the June 2010 edition of the Fan Art Competition (FAC)! -------------------------- List of Previous Competitions FAC 35: Body Swap FAC 34: Role Reversal FAC 33: Free For All FAC 32: Revamped FAC 31: Video Game Remix Art FAC 30: Steam Punk FAC 29: WTF FAC 28: Sega vs. Nintendo FAC 27: Panzer Dragoon Series FAC 26: Marvel vs. Capcom FAC 25: Blizzard Games FAC 24: LucasArts Adventure Games FAC 23: Heroes as Villains FAC 22: Creatures FAC 21: Femme Fatales FAC 20: A Final Fantasy Christmas FAC 19: Ultimate Power FAC 18: Sidekicks FAC 17: Mecha FAC 16: Zombies FAC 15: Weapons FAC 14: Boss Month FAC 14: Chrono Series FAC 13: Konami FAC 12: Super Mario Bros. FAC 11: Phoenix Wright FAC 10: Castlevania FAC 9: Metroid FAC 8: Pokemon FAC 7: Ico/Shadow of the Colossus FAC 6: Final Fantasy VI FAC 5: Warioware FAC 4: Mega Man FAC 3: Zelda FAC 2: Skies of Arcadia FAC 1: Mana images from FAC 3 to FAC 10 Photobucket Albums from FAC 20 to present -------------------------- DEADLINES! PM your entries to BONZAI(not me) by SUNDAY, JUNE 27th. -------------------------- Support this competition by wearing one of these fancy sig things, or make one of your own -
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