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  1. Haven't tried it in game yet, but I want to build puzzlebox on him. He can possess a lvl 3 puzzlebox minion, deal massive damage, and if he's targeted and they kill his host, they take a massive nuke before even fighting him.
  2. It was still your birthday in Hawaii when I posted! If its the same country it counts! :3 Hope it was a good one! Bonzai hopes so too.
  3. I've never played this game but I love this remix. I'm getting the same pins and needles on my neck as when I hear one of my favorite tracks from a nostalgic game. Except there's no nostalgia here, just raw awesome.
  4. Yeah he's a guy I don't know, but I always traded him my crates because he was atrociously generous. Now and then I would insist on giving him crates for free because... well he was too nice, and I honestly couldnt care a less for the crates anyway. But I never talked to him outside of trading, and I dont know him outside of that. After not launching tf2 for over a month I came back to a gift and I was all wtf? And it was an unusual hat.
  5. I have an Unusual Magnificent Mongolian. Some nice dude apparently gifted it to me during my absence from tf2. I feel kinda bad.
  6. Not sure I get what you mean. With right handed character's, shots actually originate from the right side of your model, not the middle. For instance if youre turning left around a corner, you can press your face up against the wall (nothing but wall in your vision) you can still shoot and hit things around the corner because essentially 'your gun can see them'. This means that if you're a soldier or a demo, you can spam rockets or stickies at sentries and land direct hits, without ever seeing the sentry (more importantly the sentry never seeing you). Alternatively, if you're turning RIGHT, you might not see the wall at all anymore, but you might still hit it because your gun hasn't cleared it yet. Now imagine 2 soldiers in close proximity, on either side of a corner. The soldier that has the wall on his left will be able to land direct rockets, while the soldier with the wall on his right will deal 0 damage to the opposing soldier, and barrage himself with splash damage. Its a considerable advantage. TLDR: right handed character models are a big to do.
  7. Only thing I can think of is right handed character models being default. The corridors between point 1 and point 2 are normally left turns for offense, which means they can spam rockets and stickies around the corners without being visible. If the map was mirrored then defense would then have that to their advantage? Not sure how else balance could be affected by mirrors.
  8. Not gonna lie, it scared me the first time I saw it through a sniper scope. It still died when i shot it though, so i was less frightened. :3
  9. I get spikes frequently, have for over a month now. Its not constant, which almost makes it more annoying.
  10. You can easily trade the mask for zee goggles if you want. It's in considerably higher demand. Especially now that zee goggles can be found in a crate.
  11. When I first read this, I thought you said you were on novocaine till the 3rd.
  12. Right but anyone and everyone who bought that $5 game, and any other promotional hat game during its repective promotion, have demonstrated to valve that this is an extremely valid marketing scheme. If Sam&Max's pre-order numbers are blown out of the water while that promo was active (and they were) then maybe people will be willing to pay for a game that isn't even a stand alone title. If copious amounts of people buy an otherwise worthless game for $5, then maybe they'd be willing to dish out more than $5 for potentially well developed games. Then if enough people do that, maybe people will spend more than $20 for a worthless game. (and or a game that needs help selling) Etc. This isn't ridiculous. It's a glorified TF2 mannconomy shop. And it's in no poorer taste than the shop itself. Side note: I know people who own R.U.S.E. because it looked good.
  13. I wouldn't say this is any more ridiculous than pokernight at the inventory. In fact, I'd say it's less ridiculous. Because chances are if you get some of these achievements, you're legitimately interested in the games you own. It likely isn't going to be a reflection of who is willing to pay for items/hats (unlike pokernight), but rather a reflection of your interest in other games. Of course it doesn't hurt valve to have people who're insane enough to actually purchase enough games to unlock hats, and those insane people deserve to pay insane amounts of money to complete their collection. So it's win win! I do find the name of the last hat amusing though. While its certainly displays the player's wealth.... the respect part is fairly ironic.
  14. Post more strategies on a public forum.
  15. What does this mean? -Gunboats new penalty: -20% self damage force Also, I'm looking forward to exploiting some of these changes. Silly Aero, that "-" is a bullet point, not a negation.
  16. Once upon a time, zircon, zyko and nekofrog were regulars.
  17. In before: -removed demomen from the game
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