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  1. there was a dance scene in spiderman 3 wasnt there? in retrospect that really seemed out of place.
  2. So please consider remixing these the source tunes do very good
  3. Yeah so I can play song of mana on piano, kind of, but like i dont have the resources to remix. someone do it now
  4. haha you know I just got done listening to zealous entropy at DoD. Id help you out bro but my voice kind of sucks. im only good at indian impressions, and even then its pathetic. yeah i dont even know why i posted really.
  5. really it makes no sense for music to even be there, much less a house mix ocr is spreading its roots to the judicial system now...
  6. GT im on right now play me 3995 6446 5120
  7. im gonna see if i can borrow a wee right now okay, i can. friend codes? where?
  8. hilight your text and click the little yellow pic of the mountain limit 4 pics per post
  9. i love destroying pit strategies with heal heal heal heal thx bub. then, like the dude in the video, they have to actually fight, and it turns out most pits are pussies. again why kid icarus
  10. its fun to watch these videos and reflect and realize i will never be that good
  11. Holy shit... michael chrichton is dead... he was one of my favorite authors. god this sucks My favorite authors: [x] Douglas Adams [x] Michael Chrichton [ ] Robert Ludlum better not die goddamit
  12. winamp was playing van halen's eruption so when i turned sound on i was confused for a while... u got sheet music? i hate figuring notes out for myself
  13. the bass part is the same as the source, which is bad. experiment with mixing things around, like D, D, F, F, Bb, F, F+Bb, F+A instead of D, E, F, E, Bb, F, Bb, A. I tell you its actually kind of cool if you change the bass, the rest will follow and drop the chimes, those are for fags. also nothing says too conservative like a reed organ in a windmill hut remix. So drop it and get maybe a good bass violin, something classic.
  14. sigh...*downloads aim grudgingly* yeah so liek whenever. who is your worst character?
  15. gt ill play you not right now i got homework that goes for the rest of the week actually
  16. which is why she can follow up with another attack so quickly. i never made that connection before
  17. thanks. i already knew about the column dair (my little name for it), but the downside is that it must be started from right next to the opponent in order to suck them up. my fav is the sh nair to full hop nair, especially if they have vibrate on, because it annoys the hell out of them. also if you take your balls out =D
  18. wut dsmashes heal lucas?!!?!! and your right i didnt nair at all that match...no clue why did you like my music? you cant possibly still be flustered after hearing that song EDIT: Dervish, whats also funny is if you stand up while playing, walk behind him, and take your hand off the controller, timing it so that he kills you. While he kills you, you take your nuts out and put them on his shoulder. it gets them every time
  19. yo!! heres my first internet video of me battling im playing my faggot ninja friend who likes fast characters and combos and good lolz not a very good one as far as fighting, but the best quality i have on my computer... http://www.megavideo.com/?v=OA99J9DD it would have been on youtube, but it didnt upload at all there for some reason. does anyone know how i can parse megavideo links? anyway CRITIQUE ME
  20. i think it is the ultmate test of skill to face the bananas on fd with a character that takes up a twentieth of the stage, much more to win that match. but i have a friend like this, who bitches about controllers and whatnot but he wins most of the time that faggot. he keeps using fag characters like toon link and Zamus and i chug along with my low tier lucas eating his bullshit SO HES THE BITCH HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA
  21. haha luigi ladder... i thought that was the shit for so long... but then i realized...1s and 0s...
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