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  1. I thought so. I should have considered the irl ramifications before i trolled these forums.
  2. Hey a floridian on OCR, didnt know they had those. Yeah im going. If any of you still think im a cool cat then plz I need roomate. I havent booked a room, or preregistered, or bought my plane ticket, but Im getting on it. if anyone has a spare slot, please consider me:razz:
  3. Isnt this like the fifth Far Cry game? I saw an extended trailer, and was shocked to discover that it doesnt take place on a tropical island. Far Cry one was one of my favorite games, hopefully this one will do it for me. As for AI, it goes with the series man. FC1 had some of the worst Ai I have ever seen, but it was young back then.
  4. if you beat the game with every character in classinc on very hard in under 20 minutes yu can play as master hand
  5. i miss mewtwo too man that nair was so much fun, and he had this awesome grace about him. as someone who caught him using an ultraball in pokemon blue, i firmly believe that they did a great job with him in melee. lucario is cool and unique and all, but who the eff is he? and i lold
  6. I hate this. when I face metaknights and snakes in tourneys, it makes me want to sit the user down and lecture the users on not being a cheap douschebag. roughly 3/4s of mk users I know havent even played any kirby titles with mk in it. I think that in order to main a character in brawl you need to have beaten at least one of their games. This allows you to appreciate them for more than just the fact that they are really good characters. Lucas is my main and I havent beaten mother 3 yet but I am working on it. the reason I say this is that mk users should have to beat mk in the kirby samurai minigame. that would cut mk users by 9/10s. Marth is a fag, snake isnt as bad because its tricky to use him, diddy needs a new down b. playing him in fd is absolute crap
  7. ultra mega spoiler below!!!!! dont look you cant!!! CLAUS IS LUCAS WITH REARRANGED LETTERS
  8. hey, someone's brother here is on the production team for dead space http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=419702&postcount=55 thought that was interesting
  9. I havent had that problem, but make sure you save to multiple slots
  10. YES. But its not a very well known game. Im very glad that angels fear/ fear of the heavens made that list. And I can see why OCR discourages fav threads. over 50,000 responses? no way they read them all
  11. I love you man thanks for the advice plus Im hungry for shit
  12. Its not a direct sequel, these are totally different stories. Play them both, theyre about just as good. and combo spoiler below, if you need help. Putting enemies to sleep allows you to feel their heartbeat. this is the rhythm at which you want to press th button once the combo gets started. when to first press the button to get over 2 hits is still a mystery to me. And yes, each rythm is dependent on background music. one good way to practice on emulator is to save state when the window "Flint attacks." comes up, try to get a combo, and then load state every time you screw up. you can do that for every attack, but in the end its a waste of time and takes away from the value of the game. my highest combo is 13, pretty sweet. The fluctuating speed of emulators really throws it off though
  13. MUST...NOT...READ..WHITE TEXT WHY DID YOU PUT THAT THERE godamnoallcaps EDIT: oh ive already seen that haha nvm
  14. playing it now, this game is awesome. so now i know why there is a red haired lucas skin in brawl, thats his brother claus. cant wait to find out more about my main
  15. I would probably let it get in the way of schoolwork, but during the weekend thats not a problem
  16. so glad its being released at the end of the week. That way I dont fail school
  17. Since we are talking about Michael Chrichton, how about his latest novel, Next? Im telling you, that is exactly what you are looking for, Im suprised no one as mentioned it yet. Chrichton gives you fact with his fiction, and hes one of my favorite authors because of it. I now know that global warming is a total lie. heres a link bub http://www.geneticsandhealth.com/2006/12/03/book-review-michael-crichtons-next/
  18. what. how does one meteor cancel, that sounds like it would be immensely useful.
  19. why are we discussing melee this is a brawl thread. we should make a melee thread edit why am i still here i need to do homework
  20. hey, this is good, and im patting your back here, not kissing your ass. blatantly. Im glad I clicked into this thread, and that doesnt happen often to me round these parts
  21. I was never good at melee, but I'll tell you what i can. you need to short hop more, if your having trouble with that just sit down for like an hour and practice nailing a short hop then regular jump over and over. next, stop using shiek, she is a god in melee and those two hit ground to air combos were nothing special. youve got the basics down and are ready to move on, so just watch videos upon videos, i suggest smashboards for those, to get better. or just play brawl
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