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  1. salluz arek jam get a chat room godammit who here have accounts on smashboards, and what are you usernames? I just joined, Ive been watching videos like crazy, i think ive gotten better without actually playing the game.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHxpnBGaJAE
  3. actually i was referring to mugging children for their cartridges what is an emulator
  4. I wanted to be the one to make this thread godammit. I was going to make it after the next update instead of too soon, like you. Now there will be a suspenseful wait for 2 weeks.
  5. it baffles me that anyone would pay money for a snes game. or a wii for that matter
  6. did any of you see indy get raped or are you still in shock. i saw it twice, they aired the episode again
  7. This game was doomed from the start. They should stop what theyre doing and donate all of the resources on this game to charity, or better yet, towards work on a 2d rpg sidescroller.
  8. omg rob dougan depresses the shit out of me. The theme from I am Legend, "I'm Listening" was depressing beyond all comprehension. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxdSryaDtmI&feature=related he had to kill sam omgooooood EDIT: Mad World by Gary Jules nuff said
  9. was there ever a prophecy in dragonball?
  10. okay so this to me is just going to be another Forbidden Kingdom.
  11. Chill out guys Im sure that they will fix all of these problems when they release the DSi Lite.
  12. We should do it again. You people are my only friends other than level 9s. the time has come
  13. there should be an ocr online tourney just saying. even though we know who would be the top four atma gt jam arek but still it would be a fun and enlightening experience for us noobs
  14. Fable isnt a jrpg... and yes, I meant Meter Polynox, not game company and o noes we wont get our figurines!!!
  15. I hate jigglypuff. I know she not a total piece of shit but I still get the impression that someone at nintendo was either a flaming fag or put her in as a joke. I mean they replaced mewto but couldnt think of anything better than jiggly? they cood hav put cloud in soopr smash bros hehe
  16. please replace their sigs with mine, I want an entire forum full of the salesman. LOL THEN I WILL HAVE STARTED AN INTERNET MEME AND MY LIFE WILL HAVE MEANING!!!1 btw excuse my last post I had no idea of the efficiency of this forum's moderation.
  17. Dont mean to bitch but what was the point of this? There are several people who either wont get the memo or just wont change their sig.
  18. What if I made my own engine? Is that sort of thing hard?
  19. I hope poppy moxlinox (i give up) watched that review. Every game company should be required to watch their respective Zero Punctuation and take notes on it before making a sequel. Nintendo: 'Eight...cunt gargling...hours.... ok.' *clicks pen*
  20. Technical depth basically means you need controlled hand spasms to execute some of the moves correctly, right? I never got great in melee. I only short hopped successfully about a third of the time, and wave bounces were a sincere challenge for me. And then I found out that I was supposed to be short hopping, attacking, fast falling, and then L cancelling in one move if I was to be truly good.
  21. Is there some magical way to turn my laptop into a wireless hotspot? that would allow me to play you guys
  22. guys, Im sure you can handle stupid sigs. Your scrolling finger just has to take one for the team.
  23. Thank you gollgagh. Hopefully this will work well.
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