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  1. Seriously sweet - the rhythm and strings all worked together to make it dramatically engrossing but still completely hip. The only thing that weirded me out was the whistling - while there was nothing wrong with the timbre's authenticity or whatever itself, I thought, it felt very out-of-place in what was besides that a rather dark piece. I also thought the third rendition of the first part really lacked the punch that pushed it past being repetitive. Still, pretty good overall. The arrangement was a tiny bit off, but overall it was very fierce and thrilling. I absolutely loved the intro.
  2. Holy mother of freaking pearl, how can nobody have commented? Even though I played the game religiously, the source tune isn't the most memorable for me - your remix, however, was stunning. All of the tambre truly felt authentic and moving, and the saxophone was a nice touch to give it a unique feel. I truly LOVED it. Now, this was like for the first half, but still, that's pretty good. By the end, however,I was feeling like the arrangement could've used some touching up. While the song is gorgeous, one really can't have a four-minute song without changing the tone more than you do. Even if you made it for relaxing, four minutes is too much, at least in my opinion. At around the two-minute mark, I was very ready to be hit with more powerful tambre, like some solid percussion. I was ready for the the tune's beauty to be presented in a more hard-hitting fashion. Unfortunately, the song's tone remained fairly the same for the last half. Your song is nothing short of ethereally beautiful, but if I were you, I'd really try to have at least like a minute of a very dramatic, less gentle sort of mood towards the end. It would really make the song come out and grab you by the ping-pongs, which would really make it perfect to me. I'm very sorry no one else commented - really that's criminal. I hope you don't give up, though - I definitely have my eye on this one.
  3. Dude... this is freaking awesome. I think I slight break before it gets back into the real intense stuff might have helped make it feel even more dynamic, though - like if the beat took five while the piano went or if the spindly things went for a few moments before surrendering back into the main thing. That's small though - on the whole, this piece is AMAZING.
  4. I really, REALLY like it, but I wish it used that one sort of not-in-the-original, kind of adventure-y chord a little more towards the end. I loved it and it seemed it was sort of forgot about. Anyway, I love how the guitar echoes - the song really pulls you in. Great song. :]
  5. Not familiar with the original, but pretty cool song. The percussion seemed a bit stiff at times, but the tambre choices were very unique, ambient and interesting. Nice job! :]
  6. Not bad. The production was spot-on, but I felt the arrangement was a bit lacking/predictable. I'm sort of an ecclectic listener, so I'm into songs with a little more creativity/genre-breakin'. I liked the left-wing bizzare-ity of Oedo Hop a bit more. That is, of course, just me - the piece isn't bad by any means.
  7. Broken link!! Dying of music remix song not being there when I click! It's like suffocating inside a small balloon in that it would be much more enjoyable if the link was working so I could listen to some music!
  8. A very great piece - it sounds a little dark but has wonderful emotion. I don't mind the "lack of humanity" because of said emotion, and also because it makes it seem a little more nostalgic somehow. I'm afraid I wasn't a big fan of the big sunshiny happy ending - I would've much prefered something that went with the rest of the piece's minor mood, or at least something that didn't sound so outright happy, at least not when the rest of the piece is somewhat dark. Still, the rest of the song is so good that it's just forgiveable. That may sound pessimistic, but it's not a bad listen by any means - goin' on the player.
  9. There was a lot of great stuff in this mix. I think it could have used a breakdown somewhere and a more climactic finish, and I felt the ending was a bit repetitive, but those are my only complaints. Overall, it was a pretty good listen. Very layered and enthralling. Good work :]
  10. I think it's fine without using the melody, but like I said before, I'm not a judge. I don't really examine what they say about the songs on the site very much so I'm not entirely sure what they'd think, either...
  11. Wow, amazing... it's pretty much done, I think, and I think it's wonderful. There are a few tiny things you could change, but you don't have to or anything... 1. It's very difficult to explain what I mean with the piano when it first enters. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate it is if you copied that section (when the piano first enters, ideally just the piano) somewhere and sped it up exactly twofold, then listened to it. That should demonstrate what rhythm I meant by 1 and 4. (Or perhaps I could say: you're playing the piano on the 1st and 7th beats out of 8 when I meant the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 8th beats out of 8, or in other words the 1st and 4th out of 4). If you think it's enough the way it is, that's totally fine, but right now I think it'd be better if it played more when it first entered. 2. I'm sorry if all this criticism is frustrating for you! It sounds good when it ends, but I think it might sound better if you also had a higher note or two that played when the final two chords did so that it didn't introduce higher playing then not utilize it. 3. I really like the tambre you added in the chorus, but it sounds a tiny bit awkward when it first enters. I'm not entirely sure of the cause, but I might suggest adding another one of those big surrounding fading fwisssshes that you had at 3:11 (if it helps, it became indistinct at like 3:17 - sorry if my music vernacular is horrible!) Anyway, I'll listen to whatever you throw out, but I'll warn you I've heard the piece so many times it's starting to get a little difficult critiquing it - I'm sure you know what that's like haha. :] Well, whatever you decide to do, the piece is very good!
  12. Hmm... okay on another listen... I still feel like the piano when it first comes in feels odd somehow. I think I may have misspoken - what I meant by 1-and-4 is what you're doing but actually twice as fast. ([.--..--.] rather than [.-----.-]) Also, I do think it could be a bit louder from 1:30, a bit. It's not a problem when it reenters, however. I still feel as if the main synth in the song's climax is a bit too fluid, and I still feel like the piano's rhythm doesn't work as well in the speed up at 2:50... Now I think a slight problem is how long it builds up and then quickly deteriorates after the climax without giving much new material. One might want to introduce a quieter, secondary tambre (probably also a synth?) interpreting the 3:10 melody a bit in the middle of the climax that remains in the section directly after the climax that starts at 3:56 even though the main synth did not. Also, the piano still sounds a bit odd in the end, although I like how you give it time to echo before doing the variations. I would suggest having the variations be way higher and much less prominent. Maybe just a few notes plunking and echoing. Sorry, I know it's getting really complicated and confusing - this happens the time when I'm making music, too, but I guess it could just be cause I'm something of a perfectionist
  13. Well, the too long problem is definitely taken care of IMO, but the outro still feels a bit off - don't give up! First off the cutting back on the piano when it first enters at 1:19 seems extreme. This is probably going to sound exTREMEly bossy so you DON'T have to do it (disclaimer!!), but if it were me I would fill it out a bit more by having it play the chords on beats 1 and 4 in the 1-2-3-4 rythym rather than just one, so it sounds like "dum-__-__-dum-dum-__-__-dum-dum-__-__-dum" rather than "dum-__-__-__-dum-__-__-__-dum-__-__-__" but again, that's just an idea and it's totally up to you. The piano just sounds a bit too uninvolved in that section before it goes to the rythym you had before. I nailed down what I feel is a bit off in the 3:10 climax - it seems like the synth is echoing a little too much so it can't breathe enough. You don't have to change it or anything, but if you cut down the echo I think it would help. Now I want to say this - don't make the outro any shorter than it is now. I suggest that in 4:19 you put more of the piano in than just the chords. Like very small melodic variations occuring between them. I also suggest you stop the main percussion or at least significantly downsize its prominence when you take out the synth at 4:30 - I know you'll end up with just the piano and the wahwahwahwah echoey thing (for lack of better word , but it'd help the listener know the end is nigh because when I first listened it sort of came as a shock. I'm really sorry if it feels like I'm stomping all over your creativity or something (cause it sort of feels that way to me :[ ) so just know that all of these are just suggestions of what I think would help the piece, not that you have to do them or anything. Good luck :]
  14. This was pretty good - it really had a catchy rythym, and I especially liked the rush of high-pitched strings or whatever it was. I wish its pacing was a little bit faster or that the song's near-end climax was a little more sweeping, but on the whole, it was a pretty good song.
  15. Wow, I love what you've done with the intro - it feels so much more complete :] My complaints are very few with the edit - a few things that still seem a BIT off are... at 2:49 when it speeds up... mainly the piano, it feels a bit cramped/rushed. I would suggest giving it something smoother to do that still portrayed their chords instead of still trying to fit that rythym in, which, while it was great with the slower tempo, seems somewhat off in the quicker one. When the big happy doodah comes in at 3:10, the main synth seems a little too wavy or soft or dilluted or something I can't quite put into words, but a slight touchup that gave it a little more oomph might be good, IMO. The final thing is that the outro still feels a tiny bit repetitive, even though it's great you shortened it up. I would suggest taking out or varying the brumpy instrument at the 4:18 mark, perhaps to reinsert it a part later somehow, so that one can hear the synth better (but I'm probably just saying that 'cause I like it so much). I know you don't like much variation in the outro, but it does seem a tiny bit bland in the final stretch. I might want to suggest the creating two mixes - the two do have somewhat different purposes. But totally your call. Anyway, I really really like the new edit. I don't think I mentioned how much I like the piano (it kind of reminds me of the target test in SSBM , and I just overall like what you did with the tune. (On a note of complete irrelevance, I've come across another more acoustic remix of it, have you heard it? Not that you need to or anything.) I don't know if you're planning to submit it (I can only assume so), and I really think you ought to. There's a lot of production quality and good rythym here :]
  16. Here's what I think - There's nothing inherently wrong with the piece, but I do feel it's much too long. Maybe that's just how the genre is, but the problem feels to me as though it should definitely be addressed. 2:20 is when the actual song started, but I felt it should've been a bit sooner. The tambre delivering the tune also felt somewhat quiet/apathetic, but I suppose that it could've been to contrast with the song's climax at 3:10 (which, by the way, I loved). I also felt by 5:20 that the song should have ended a long time ago, when in fact there was still half-a-minute left. Again, it's possible people will overlook it because it's how the genre rolls, but it feels like way too much, IMO. Parts of the piece also felt somewhat gimmicky and flat, namely 1:30 to 2:10 and 4:00 to 5:03. These places, IMO, would be perfect to insert a synth, probably something rather slow, that taps more into emotions. While the song is plenty happy, it does feel as if it's missing a little soul, and these parts in particular could use a boost. I didn't notice any "panning" problem, but then I'm sadly unfamiliar with the term :\. The low "brumpy" instrument felt like it would be going for one section too long when I got to 2:15. I did like it more on the second listen, and I really did like the tambre that started at 0:45 as well as the section from 3:10, but in the long run, it feels a bit too long and a bit too flat. I suggest shortening it up a bit and adding in a synth with more emotion in the places that feel a bit empty. I didn't really hear much of a problem with interpretation, but then I'm not a judge. Keep it up :]
  17. My think is good - I still love it. Towards the end is does feel as if it goes on a bit too long without a specific melody in mind. Also if you're going to do a second go-round of the melody, I suggest adding in another piece of tambre, maybe not electronic? (string?) Sorry if that sounds contradictory to the work, but you have so much electronica in there, which is great, but I can't imagine how you would pull off a second time while still keeping it dynamic enough. Anyway, that's just IF. I still think it's great, and I'm glad you're still working on it :] Nice job.
  18. What they said- way more interpretation is needed, but in my opinion the most important thing lacking here is LAYERS. We need more percussion or just more instruments in general. Another artist I recommend you listen to is Eshmasesh (you can just google him I think), as his work has the layering and variation your piece is begging for. Keep at it :]
  19. Very abrupt ending, yes, but WOW. That was seriously good stuff. The minor, electronic interpretation was great, and the pacing wasted no time getting to the sweeping melody. Love all the stuff and layers happening here. I wish I could say more, but I have no complaints. Just make it longer!
  20. Great work. Thoughts while listening... I started LOVING it at 1:30 - really became more than just any other trance mix. This would probably be a pain to change, but the beat in the melodic synth that starts around 2:30 is rather hard to recognize, making sections where its showcased hard to rock out to. Might want to simplify its rythym a little. Sound quality of the flute thingy at around 3:00 seems a tiny bit cheesy(?) IMO but I do like the use of the kind of tambre here. It wasn't a problem later on in the song when it reentered, only when it was showcased. The... wachamacallit at 3:50 seems a LITTLE much. Like... ow. Maybe I'm just a wuss. Again, in the song's climax at 4:10, with the synth it feels like the original melody has been altered to the point where it's not as catchy as the original was. If it were me, I'd revert to the original rythym or maybe put in something that preserved it. When the piano reenters near the end it should be a little bit louder, I think. It's a beautiful sample and deserves to be more audible, maybe even when it first enters a little, too. But those are just the things that were WRONG in my opinion. On the whole, I really, REALLY liked it. It was very multi-dimensional, which is an aspect of a song I'm always looking for. If those changes were made, I'd probably put it on my MP3 player (and I only have 2 gigs) :]
  21. This is pretty much the catchiest song in the world - no, the universe! Whoooo. The only rather sad nugget is that it's short, like a short person. :[ But that's okay, I just listen to it over and over because that makes me happy.
  22. Oh sorry XP Didn't see you were adding vocals. Lyrics or just vocals? Either way, looking forward to it
  23. I like it - it's catchy and assertive. Like the poster above me (or below me...?) said, the piano is begging for some reverb. Also, I think that really fierce beat is just a little TOO hard-hitting... it makes me think of the 80's for some reason. Anyway, if it were up to me, I'd make it a tiny bit less, er, "listen to me instead of the rest of the mix or I'll punch you in the tooth!". For lack of better wording. Now, I think the song is good at keeping new things in the mix, but you can only get so many minutes out of so many instruments. Therefore, I really think you oughta try shortening it up a little bit - even if it is just a LITTLE bit, keeping things moving will keep the listener from feeling it's repetitive. I was feeling that the mix was getting repetitive at 2:00 and 2:45, and both of these situations could have been avoided if you had just brought the next section up a few measures sooner. Other than that, it's great. I loved the power the last go-round's synth, and I truly think the track has potential. If you just shortened it up a bit, its repetition would help it (getting it stuck in the listener's head later on) without hurting it (getting tiresome). Keep at it! :]
  24. 1) Only heard of the remixing forum. But then, I'm more of a listener than a remixer. 2) I don't remix - but I like to encourage. 3) Typically the game - I will most frequently frequent the remixes with games I like. I also tend to visit less popular threads than the more popular ones. 4) I enjoy the WIP board very much and have no complaints/suggestions. 5) See above - I'm good.
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