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  1. Well, it's pretty good - I really like the weird choice of tamber. However, I do think that the piece progresses to slowly - it's basically one concept repeated many times, even with the increasing layers, and to cure that I think that you need to get to that really good piano entrance sooner. However, I may also suggest that you wander a little more - while a shortened piece would help, I think a bit more of an off-the-path quality could do wonders for the piece. Try leaving that creepy high-pitched tambre alone for a section and focus on the piano going a little crazy. Don't keep doing the same melody (though the same tempo would be advisable) - invent something different. Maybe make the drums a little more prominent. Errrgh... sorry if that sounded really bossy. It's just I think your piece has real potential, but it's not quite there yet. Excellent concept, just flesh it out a little more! :] Don't give up - it's good stuff!
  2. From good to awesome, and the the ending was spectacular. Seriously, keep up the amazing work.
  3. Hey - sweet stuff. I love Kirby (hence the name), so I'm glad to see another potential remix. I do agree that fluctuation of mood is needed, however. It sounds very manufactured in how constant the tempo is, and since the tempo is rather slow and somber throughout, it definetely hurts it. One good inspiration you could check out is "Starbound Warrior" from the site's Kirby Album - the bridge definitely sets a different texture than the rest of the song. Also, at first listen, the lead sounded a little too "silly" to my liking. I know it's difficult to pick out a great lead... but I don't think this was one of them. Despite these setbacks, the work was very atmospheric, and it really felt like you were back in the castle. With work, this could be great.
  4. May I ask what the source tune is for Paradise? (There are many songs by that name.) Is it from a video game, or is it a standard song like The Moment I Said It? (Thanks for turning me on to Imogen Heap, btw.)
  5. Yeah, I love Death Note, and I recognized that tune instantly. What I have to ask though is if all the songs up there are remixes, or are some original?
  6. Holy MOLY your work is amazing! I seriously downloaded every song up there @_@
  7. Ooh, I like this a lot! And I loved the source tune, so I was excited to see a remix of it. If it were me, I would take out the "dooooooooooo-ddodda-deeeeeeeee" clicky synth in the last one/two go-rounds .and replace it with something more powerful. It feels a little too unassertive in the climax to really rock out to, so that's why. I really , REALLY liked this though - I hope you can get it up because it rocks!
  8. Seriously awesome!!! If you ever wanted to expand it, some bells would be a nice touch. I really enjoyed it.
  9. Just plain awesome. I love this mix! The only one small beef I have is that the format ABAB seems to give a little too much to the second part when it's the first one's harpsichord that gets stuck in my head. Still great, though!
  10. Couldn't have said it better. Good mix, but a little more "MMPH!" would have made it great. I did enjoy it, nonetheless. Excellent quality.
  11. http://rapidshare.com/files/49602717/DKJBMusic.zip.html This game had some AMAZING songs. Sky Garden, Banshee Swamp, Spirit Tree, Monkey Fest, just to name a few, already sound excellent, but with some more solid percussion like the game had and varied repeats (oh hey, how about adding in the percussion after the first go-round?), it could make an AMAZING mix. I was thinking trance in structure but not the song itself wouldn't be necessarily techno... Oh, and Aerie Fortress... How freaking awesome would a trance mix of that be? But really, whatever the mixer would want. It would make me a very happy person.
  12. Yeah, I really liked Kirby 64 music, too... Very nostalgic. I loved the Shiver Star music, both the snow outdoors and the factory inspection.
  13. Firsties! I just thought this remix was excellent. Very creepy, catchy towards the end... It wasn't exhilirating or exciting but it definetely kept me interested, and the source tune was instantly recognizable and used well. 9/10. Good job!
  14. Absolutely amazing how Disco Dan can have such long songs that still don't get stale! The song just glides the listener through it, always presenting new and catchy sounds without making the song unfocused or all over the place. Simply stunning. 57/10!
  15. I absolutely agree. Maybe a trance? Any genre that's not subtle would be great IMO. I would love to hear this song remixed.
  16. Not bad at all! I love the eerie winds and... noises and stuff... and the ORGAN! Sorry if I'm bad at giving feedback; I don't know many musical terms. I like how you put the boss theme in there (the heartbeat was an amazing touch), but it seemed like you just kind of zipped through it when it deserves a little more attention. Despite this, I really like it, and it brings back great nostalgia. I hope you can get the piece onto the site!
  17. At first listen, I felt that the song was, while charmingly magical, a bit unsubstantial, having exciting layering at the beginning only to end on a more quiet note. However, now that I listen to it again, I'm quite satisfied with the beauty of how it ends, and I don't feel that it's too repetitive as I used to. It's an enchanting remix, and I applaud your work.
  18. This song is so amazing! THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT!!! *foams*
  19. I too would love someone to do Paper Mario! Crystal Palace (and basically any track from Chapter 7) also stuck out to me, but the ones you mentioned are good, too. If anyone needs the link to the soundtrack, I'm pretty sure I can find it.
  20. I truly love this song - the opening is absolutely beautiful! The smooth synths, the jungly xylo (i think) and the deep cello all come together to produce such a subtle beauty. It's astounding!
  21. I've always felt that Sega really gave us some great tunes with the Super Monkey Ball series, especially with number two and the Wii version: Banana Blitz. I was wondering if anyone could do a remix of a song, like Pirates Ocean (from SMB: BB) or something. Songs from the second are on galbadia hotel and you can find the Banana Blitz tracks on wiimusic.net. Thank you so much for looking!
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