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  1. 5 hours? I have downloaded the album in .rar and it was 3 hours 53 minutes and 51 seconds and its on 53 tracks like its on the website. Weird. Started to listen to the album now, very nice. Good job!
  2. I would like the soundtrack in a .rar/.zip file. Isnt that hosted somewhere like other albums? Now i have to download them all separate. I dont use Torrentprograms, maybe i should
  3. Last time i played TF2 was 14th Sep. I better come in and join again
  4. I have seen screenshots with blood all over the floor, how can i get that? I read something about a bloodpatch, is that what i need to download?
  5. Now I have updated to the newest drivers for my graphiccard. Going to test it tomorrow when i have more time and see if its been any changes and if the problem is gone.
  6. I run XP but i think TF2 should be able to run on it. Not really a big problem, I have played TF2 for almost 9 hours and it have happened once and that map was very messy to My graphic drivers are from Jan 08, im going to try the new ones.
  7. I have a problem that happened for some days ago, i played TF2 on a custom map called viking_final for 2 hours and my monitor jumped into Power save mode, all i could do was a computer restart. Anyone know why this happened and how i can fix it? Today I installed the drivers to the monitor (yes i had forgot to do it). Can this have made this happen? Sorry for my bad english
  8. Omg this is my kind of luck, Orange box is soldout where i live *cry*
  9. Atm im off to buy Orange box, never really played TF Classic or TF2, was just going to buy it for HL2, Portal, Episode One and Two. But now i want to try TF2, it looks so cool. Adding the server, maybe i come online later today
  10. Happy Birthday ! And have a great one
  11. I hate it, this kind of things always struck the good persons Good to see your getting better. I will pray for you and i know you will get alot better
  12. Thanks Im not so good at making banners and things, but i like this one, got to change the font on the name i think, looks weird. EDIT: Font changed
  13. I have done some changes on my Backloggery page and also made a banner
  14. Nice update, "Added pages for individual game statistics" is awesome. Yes please
  15. Add your favourite games and the games you play now, you dont have to add all today
  16. I suggested a forum for a while ago, imo a forum there is needed I can be found there as Didaji, who could guess that? Some already know
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