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  1. Album downloaded and all tracks listened through, awesome album, i know for sure that im going to listen alot on this one. Thanks to all involved that made it possible for us to listen to this masterpiece.
  2. Very nice, havent listened to all yet but so far i love it
  3. A Kingdom Hearts 2 remix would be awesome.
  4. Coming 9/14/2007 nice that i have a free day on Friday, no work !
  5. So few days left, cant wait to be able to listen to it
  6. If its possible i would like to change my name from Grush -> Didaji. Thanks.
  7. I have used AVG, the free version, for some years now and i have not had any problems so far
  8. Hello, I have been watching this site and forum for a while, so i decided to register now so i can speak some Im a 23 years old male from Sweden, i just love videogame music remixes.
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