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Status Updates posted by Chernabogue

  1. VV3 is done, hurray! Dracula rises again!

  2. VV3 Final Deadline: July 1st -- let's do it!!

  3. VV3 Deadline: June 1st -- get crackin'!

  4. Feel free to have a little extension for VV3. I know you're busy, so don't worry about taking a little more time. :) (And you exactly had 2,000 posts when I wrote this message, congrats!)

  5. Happy birthday, my man! :) 20 is a good one! :D

  6. I have plenty of MIDI guitars for you. Soon. :)

  7. Hey Kyle, got my FB message about the VV page? Don't remember who's the page admin though. :)

  8. Just wanted to ask you about the consent for VV1&2, and to remind your claim for VV3. You can find all info in the Recruit subforum. :3

  9. Bev, you need to clean your PM box XD

  10. Hey man, how are you doing with Machinedramon? I can help now that I'm done with the Pokémon mix. :)

  11. Thanks for the interest in my guide. I'll send you a link as soon as it's completed. :)

  12. Don't know if you saw my message in the GB album thread, but if you can send asap your wav to Larry, maybe he can add it to the release pack. :)

  13. Hey! As of now, I'm quite busy and I'm trying to finish everything I have to do with projects before joining new ones. I'll come back to you when I have less stuff on my plate. Thanks for the interest!

  14. Is it me or did you just got posted THREE times in one month?? That's crazy, man, keep spamming OCR! :D

  15. Lyrics should be in the rar file with the instrumental version.

    As for melody, I liked what Furilas did, but I never wrote a specific melody for the vocals.

  16. I fixed the link at the BA3 subforums. :)

  17. Is everything okay for the FA album? Feel free to ask me if you still need something! :)

  18. Hey Brandon, mind if I do the trailer for the GB album? I think I can do something nice, really quickly. :)

  19. Hey man, did you get my mail? I was wondering if you had anything new for the Sturm track.

  20. No news on the tracklist and the title of the album? My attempt to make the cover is taking shape.

  21. Oh crap, that's a typo! 0_o"

  22. No prob, Brandon! Good night! :)

  23. Yo Brandon, go listen to mah WiP for FF3! :D