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  1. Yea...I love the way he has a go at people with no friends. He's going Tourney mode is good to play with friends, if you have friends, but if you don't it's okay cos you can still play...it's just much better with friends. But it's okay cos there are computers to play with, but they're not really friends are they? It's good to have friends.
  2. Yeah, but just think... If Ivysaur was doing razorleaf in this combination, the whole thing would've changed. The flames would've charred the leaves and the water would've put them out. So in essence, the Pokemon Trainer's Final Smash would've been a flurry of burnt soggy leaves. Not very effective!
  3. Just a few additions I don't think were mentioned: Nintendo 64: Army Men Sarge's Heroes 1 and 2, Air Combat Banjo Tooie Bomberman 64 Harvest Moon 64 Kirby 64 Rampage 2 Yoshi's Story GBA Advance Wars 1 and 2 Riviera - The Promised Land (awesome title!!!) Sword of Mana Tactics Ogre - The Knights of Lodis (also Sabrewulf WTF! You can't be serious!? I mean it was alright but in no way deserving of this list) PC Age of Empires Series THEME PARK WORLD!!!! I'm good for now....
  4. Hehe, I'm guessing you found this on Digg yea? I think you'll find this entry even more amusing though. Jack Thompson Says GTA 4 Mission Target is Him; Threatens to Block Release. Nuff said from me. Discuss pplz...
  5. Sorry if these ideas hav already been brought up but as you guys have been discussing, THIS THREAD IS NEARING 1000 FREAKIN PAGES LONG!!!11!! As for the character I'd most like to see, well let's just say it is very unlikely for reasons that may aggrivate many people but we won't get into that... and that character is BANJO! He would've been perfect for Brawl as he had so many mad moves from his games that could have been used. Such a shame that it just can't happen anymore.... Also, is anyone else at least mildly dissappointed by Link's Final Smash. I know this is going way back and may have been brought up already but after seeing Bowser's FS, all I can think is that Link should really have turned into Fierce Diety. I know he is meant to be based on Twilight Princess Link but come on! IT woulda been friggin AWESOME. Also with that, i would love to see 3 other additions as individual characters. Deku, Goron and Zora link. They could easily work as characters and would be a great variety for the game in terms of abilities. And as for Goron's final smash....all I can say is BLAST KEG!!!!!111!!!1
  6. All this stuff, you know, it'd would go without saying for us though. I mean it would be good to have a thread like this, but it would end up being, no offense, a bunch of rants from different people and it's really what you feel individually while listening and that is really hard to put into understandable words. and isn't that wat music is all about anyway? It's more an image thing that comes to mind rather than words. Anyway it's not us we need to convince about the significance of VG music...
  7. Yea, I wonder if it can fly as far as marrill can? But you wouldn't turn on ur own Piplup now would you...
  8. New enemies look nice! Don't you reckon they look a bit like enemies from past games though:idea: I dunno if it's intentional by Nintendo or not. For example, Roader looks very similar to the wheelies from the kirby series. And the pic with Trowlon and Yoshi in it just makes me think Gusty from Yoshi's Island. Any other similarities you reckon?
  9. I've got to say...this could be honestly the best remix in the entire album. Now why I admit, I haven't actually played FF7 or heard any of the original tracks, I can appreciate this mix and would be proud of what Jovette has done to the original. I can understand the complaints from the other post, but don't you think you're being a bit...well protective of the original . It kind of sounded like this was your golden tune and you didn't want anyone putting their grubby little hands on it. Full credit to the Jovette for taking this mix out of its comfort zone. I dont know whether the lyrics have anything to do with the game or not, but i gotta say, they're INFECTIOUS in the best way possible. They stuck in my head all day and will probably be there for along time to come. The best remixes in my opinion, are those that not necessarily stick to the original, but can just fill your head with imagery and make you become lost within your own head, and this song does this to great ends. That bridge is GOLDEN:!:
  10. Man, that's a bit steep for high school.... Living in Aus, I'm guessing you know at least a bit about violent video games, considering all those that they've banned here. It's all to do with the fact that our highest rating is MA15+. I guess you could get some articles about some of the banned ones, Bulletproof is one for starters. I figure I'm somewhat close to this topic considering my bro has delved into this for one of his public speaking thingos. Some names that often pop up with these issues would be child psych Michael Carr Greg and family minister Noel Macnamara (think thats the spelling), he's kinda like our Jack Thompson in a way, well ... maybe not as extreme.
  11. ...One being the Final boss of FF Mystic Quest. I found out using cure on him takes over 15000 damage. Use 3 and he's dead. Felt kinda dissatisfying by the end of it...
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