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  1. Man, clearly It's been too long since I was last here lurking. How'd things get so personal? I'd like to reiterate that I'm cool with my mixes being monetized for the site. Thanks for the patience and responses, djp. Thanks for bringing it up on Facebook, Brandon. Although I do wish you had kept the even tone you presented the matter with on Facebook. We're all coming at this for the love of the craft so I guess tempers/emotions are bound to flare.
  2. This was kind of a depressing read (the fighting/bickering). As to the topic itself - I think @Chimpazilla's suggestions make the most sense to me. I do see where @Neblix is coming from (and can see myself agreeing on most points he makes), but at the same time, my thoughts still all end up to: if a mix of mine can help the site in any little way, I'm for it. (Maybe part of the negativity stems from a few bruised egos regarding seeing actual money being made from their music (that is not going their way).) The transparency aspect is one thing I have latched on mentally, but it's mos
  3. Tekken mix! Man, I love this arrangement! I quite liked the dubstep parts, felt like a nice contrast to the section that came before it. It's pretty cool how you've used the various sources (especially when you bring in 'Night Falls'). Perhaps it's because of how you've structured your piece but like it was mentioned in the write-up: it's very easy to follow and more enjoyable for it. This is definitely going onto the playlist I do my writing to! Again, great arrangement, man!
  4. I love the imagery evoked by this track, and I have a feeling it could work in a number of varied contexts. In a way, I'm slightly torn: I really like how there's no percussion in the arrangement, but a part of me wonders (and wishes) there had been some light percussion to go with the switch up. But, that lack of percussion might be what makes the track for me, the guitars do a great bit of work driving the track forward while still keeping it laid-back. I think like a few others, I do get the feeling that this was feeling short but that might be because it almost feels like two songs tied t
  5. Hey! Can I make a claim on that intro track ("The Street of Rage")? 3 Weeks from today, right?
  6. Oh...my...this is awesome! Really love this track and how everything clicks. With a track like this, yeah, it's definitely a great time for Hip-Hop on the site!
  7. Oh man, I love this! Props, man, this is amazing!! (Now, this will sound so damn ignorant...but is it so wrong that I was thinking of Toy Story 2 when listening to this? )
  8. I wanted to echo this. Also, as mentioned before, "newcomer" and "compos" floods would be really good ideas to go with.
  9. I just want to say that this is an awesome arrangement.
  10. Damn, had completely slipped my mind. Done with exams and a couple papers so I can throw my attention this way again. (So, yeah, still interested).
  11. Is there a general feel you're aiming for? Cos I'd really love to play around with this new idea I have for 'Lava Reef', if it's still available and you would be willing to have me .
  12. Oh, thank you!! (For the birthday wish and the honour of being the first to leave a message on your page)

  13. Dude, this is awesome (Pretty dope title too)! The way the track begins is so beautiful, and don't get me started on when the beat kicks in, lovely - reminds me a little of 'Until the End of Time' (Tupac). Man, I need to step my game up, wish I could arrange like this! RnB and Western, huh. Sounds awesome the way it's done here, nice work! Gonna have this on repeat for a long time, will give the game a look too!
  14. I was under the impression that the ReMixer spread is global. I mean, yes, skewed to an American majority, but we also have South American and European representatives here, right?
  15. Damn, that was amazing! The drum n' bass/dubstep combination works really really well! Nice work!!
  16. ...I can't find words to describe what's going through my head! Thank you all for the lovely feedback! Man, I'll probably just end up gushing and ranting on and on, so I'll just say, thank you!
  17. This...this is my favourite arrangement, hands down. The level of epic emotions contained within the 5 minutes of this piece create a sense of majesty that I believe is very hard to ignore. If memory serves, this was the first OCR track I had ever listened to, through a flash movie, and had to track it down. From the moment the piece begins, you feel as though you're preparing yourself for some monumental task or event. The build-up is a nice mix of tension and subtle releases, flowing into the 1 minute mark where the piece becomes MGS-centred (which I consider to be the meat of the arrangem
  18. Outside of the VotL tracks, I believe this was the first Zircon mix I listened to. And needless to say, I was blown away! I always get friends to listen to this as it's something that always manages to get people's head bopping! I can definitely hear the Pendulum influence in this, and was drawn to find more of their music (and yours) through this track! Your production and arrangement levels are something to aspire to! The transitions feel natural and maintain the interest level throughout the piece. I love the pattern you have going when the drums kicks in and the flow into (what I feel ar
  19. I love how this piece flirts with the melodies from the source. It weaves in and out from the notes in the source and into your territory so beautifully. I feel teased whilst listening to this, you create a nice level of tension by sewing in the source and then not quite giving it to us. And it gets to an eventual point (3:07) where when you flow fully into the melody that I associate the Hidden Palace Zone with, it's a great catharsis! Job well done!! At first, I was thinking I would have expected the higher notes panned more to the right, but realised that the way things are set up, it's as
  20. The unassuming way that this track starts off in is pretty cool. I'm not familiar with the source itself, but, the way this arrangement stands right now, it transcends a whole lot of levels. It could work as background music for one, as a medium to tell a story in another, and something to reflect on. And it works in all those senses very well. The rapping style takes a little getting used to, but once I locked in on the flow, I realised just how well crafted the verses are. "I'm a bad boy like Diddy", haha, that wasn't a line I expected and it was pretty neat! I would have liked the rapping
  21. I really like the mellow feel to this - gets me to just drift off mentally and enjoy the piece on a whole other level. I'm not sure if it's due to the source or arrangement (most likely both) but I found myself humming little phrases from the melody and bassline as I was walking from class to class yesterday. Also, I just find the structure of the song helps with the flow of pictures in my head - in short, this would have a really touching music video if there was one. I found this after looking for Hip-Hop on the site and to find one of this quality is pretty damn cool and satisfying. The b
  22. It was a great movie. I just read through the thread and the racism/Nigerian thugs comment caught my eye. I thought the fact that it was Nigerians who turned out to be the thugs was quite funny. It's probably something people would pick up on if you lived in an African country, but it's a prevalent stereotype here to associate Nigerians with crime (regardless of where I've been - South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia or Zimbabwe). So I feel it was more poking fun at the whole judgement fellow Africans hold of Nigeria (especially since the "Nigerians" in the movie weren't talking in any langua
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