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  1. I finished mine today, yay! So when do we get to upload our stuff? BTW I hope whoever requested The Hybrid Front song likes Hooverphonic/Balligomingo ;
  2. I'm going to assume you meant "without" and take this as a compliment
  3. Thank you Not yet. But I will have a track on the DKC2 project, so I guess that will be out when the project is released. Other than that, I have a sub in the queue, and various half-started WIPs that I really need to get finished ; Outside of OCR, my band Flickerfall will have our debut EP out on August 17.
  4. Yay, I'm glad that you liked my vocals and that it was what you needed, Gario. I think the finished track sounds great! Nice job
  5. I listened to the track and looked at the music, and I think it's pretty doable. BTW my usual style is pop anyway, so I think hopefully it should be a good fit. Middle C is very comfortably within my range And the part isn't too long. The only thing is, I still don't know how to pronounce the Latin words So since the lyrics are traditional, I can try to look up some kind of audio for them, unless someone else could provide a recording of that. I can learn the syllables phonetically if I listen to them repeatedly; this is how I learned to sing in Japanese without knowing the language ;
  6. Darn... I'm a soprano and I'd be interested but I'm going on vacation this Friday and I don't know Latin pronunciation. Well I could take a look at the music and listen to the vocal part when you post it, maybe it's still possible... if the singing part is not too long and I could get help with the pronunciation? One last thing, what style of vocals were you going for?
  7. If you find out a good way to learn, let me know, because this is something I've been trying to do for like the past 6 years, heh. Well, in those 6 years I've learned a few things: - I've been able to find hip-hop classes at the local rec center, fitness centers, and at college. These have helped a lot, actually, like you said it's hard to learn from just imitating, and I learned things I never would have figured out from just watching dance videos. - I've also taken dance classes in modern, jazz, ballet, and belly. These may not be your thing, but I've found that the more dance classes I've taken, the more they are a bit cumulative. They may have different terms, but a lot of the techniques used in different styles of dance are the same. For instance, I originally learned spotting in jazz, and it's the same exact thing in hip-hop. - This may seem obvious, but if you're trying to practice at home, having a big open space with mirrors on the wall is nice. I have a dinky floor-length mirror in set up in my living room, not ideal but it helps. Now if only we had hard-wood floors instead of carpet, because I find it impossible to practice spins on the carpet. x_x - I haven't done too much with this, but I have seen videos on YouTube on lessons of specific techniques. So if you know the name of something specific that you want to learn, try finding a tutorial on it. Hope this helps and good luck!
  8. Aww, that's too bad. I requested Monstro Town. But I understand, these things happen. I don't know, try anyway? Maybe just lay down the melody and chords and see what comes of it? It doesn't have to be brilliant, it's not like we are getting judged. Mine's certainly not a masterpiece anyway
  9. I feel a little embarrassed following OA's and Fishy's awesome WIPs But here goes. The source song is The Hybrid Front - Moon/Mars: Sukarabe Fight 3: VGZ MIDI Here is my WIP: http://diotrans.com/sound/diotrans%20-%20the%20hybrid%20front%20wip%2020090711.mp3 Choir "aahs" to be eventually replaced with vocals, but I'm still getting over a cold plus I need to come up with some better lyrics than what I have. BTW, who entered this challenge? Just curious. I'd never even heard of the game, but I like the song.
  10. I'll be there! Heck, I'll wear my remixed OCRemix shirt too.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions! This was all very helpful. I think a starter kit CD is a really good idea. Also thanks zircon for the article about free music apps. I will have to spend some time trying out some software then, and see what kind of starter kit I can put together. To prophet: yes, I am the other (non-Palpable) member of Flickerfall! Thanks for the kind words. We're actually going to have our first EP out at the end of July; we'll have to post to the forums again when it's officially released.
  12. I am a music teacher, teaching private lessons in guitar, piano, and a few other instruments. For a long time, I have been thinking about teaching computer music, either incorporating that in to my lessons with instruments, teaching it as an "instrument" in its own right, or giving workshops. But I don't know what kind of setup would be best for this. Basically, I am looking for suggestions for software and equipment for teaching multi-track recording and sequencing. Here are some more detailed criteria: - I have a Macbook but I don't know what platforms my students may have, so something that would work on both PC and Mac would be ideal. - Free is ideal, so that my students can try it out and play with it on their own before making a big investment. However, considering that many of my beginner guitar and piano students are willing to spend $100-200 on a new guitar or keyboard before getting a feel for it, if the entire cost of the setup is fairly low, I guess that would work too. (And obv there are some things that can't be free, like a microphone.) - I'm looking for software that does sequencing and multi-track recording, and free (or cheap) sample packs. I'd probably tell students to buy a cheap $20 microphone from Best Buy (or get our store to stock some) because the specific mic isn't really important. Audacity would be great if only you could load samples and use it as a sequencer. I'm also open to suggestions for other kinds of equipment or software if you think it would be useful in this situation. - My students range from children to teenagers, though I would probably have an age cut-off for who can sign up for this, maybe around 10. Everything needs to be very simple/basic, not just so that they can understand how to use it, but so that they can set it up at home (with parents' help, but parents may not be computer/music equipment savvy). - In case it wasn't clear from the other points, simplicity is more important than having a lot of functions or sounding professional. I just want to get the kids to be able to put together some basic beats, record themselves playing their instrument, and teach them some simple effects like reverb, delay, filters, etc. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  13. I already loved the source song, but this -- wow. It literally almost made me cry. The vocal harmonies are just beautiful, actually every part of it is beautiful. The lyrics are very well-written and moving, and add to the emotional feeling of the whole piece. I wish I could say more, but I am too stunned after listening to that!
  14. It really reminds me of a Secret Santa where we all get somebody random to give the gift of... a remix challenge? .D
  15. Hey I'm a piano teacher and for adults, I like to use the Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Lesson Book by Faber. Piano methods are usually designed to have a lesson book along with theory and technique at each level, the all-in-one includes all of that stuff. Another good all-in-one book is the "Adult All-In-One Course" by Alfred, but I tend to like Faber more than Alfred because I think they just explain things a little better, and the material they include seems to go better with each lesson. That's just my opinion though, you could check out both in a music store and see which appeals to you more. Here are some links to the Faber and Alfred books on Amazon. Err Amazon doesn't have a picture of the Faber, so here's a link that does. BTW I tecah at a store and times are pretty rough now, as you could probably guess. We charge $32/half hour lesson (I don't think 1 hour is really necessary at the beginner level anyway). At home I charge a little less, $25/hr. But $60/hr does sound like the going rate these days, unfortunately. Good luck and hope this helps!
  16. Thanks for all the kind words about the designs! I had no idea there would be so much interest in wearing the styles. Though it shouldn't surprise me; the reason why I came up with the idea was because of a lack of female OCR t-shirt styles. I hadn't even thought about making the t-shirts for sale. The problem with sewing projects like this is that it's rarely cost-effective to sell them. The white t-shirt with all the crazy straps probably took me something like 10 hours to make. If I wanted to be paid even just mininum wage, the labor alone would cost something like $65, which I don't think is reasonable for a tank top. But maybe I could come up with simpler designs that don't take as long to make. Or we could convince OCR to make some fitted tees and tank tops for ladies!!
  17. I like sewing and I like OCR so I decided to remix some OCR T-shirts to promote the site at conventions. Here's a "remix" of a plain OCR white T-shirt I made, that I wore to perform at the OCR panel at SITACon 08: I wore the black one for the live performance at the OCR Panel at Otakon 08. I think there may already be pictures of it somewhere, but here are more pics: Post your own modded OCR gear!!
  18. Thanks José I don't think anyone ever got a picture of the shirt (not while I was paying attention anyway), though there are pictures with the shirt in it. But I was gonna ask Vinnie to take a picture of it to add to this thread. I also a got a white shirt to remix, I'll get on that soon and post that too! .D Awesome panel everyone! Woo!!!!
  19. Thanks for all the info everyone! Yeah, I was just concerned because I saw this from the submission standards page: And to be honest, I've never played the Silent Hill games, I just know the soundtrack. Well, looks like I can start work on this now .D
  20. How do you find out if a song was originally written for the video game? I am new to OCRemix and thinking about remixing one of Akira Yamaoka's songs from the Silent Hill games, such as "Waiting For You," "I Want Love," or "Your Rain." Any input on whether one of these would be valid remixes, or how I can find out if they would be, would be appreciated, thanks. -Amy
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