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Status Updates posted by Rozovian

  1. Hunting for gear tips, I see. :D Most of what I've got on the site has been done with Logic Express 8 and some free stuff from the net, tho my more recent stuff also contains Omnisphere and Ultra Analog. Future mixes will contain some Native Instruments Komplete stuff.

  2. I was asked a while back, and they gave me a few tracks to judge. Apparently, I wasn't consistent enough and failed to listen properly to the performance. Yep, we need feedback on our feedback. :D

  3. When they need more. If my judging is more consistent than last time they asked.

  4. I saw it, haven't gotten around to listening to it. My sister has invaded my "studio" for one of her projects, so I haven't had the opportunity to listen close enough yet. Sorry, will listen when I can.

  5. Still not sure. If you must have it, fine :P, but there were other things in your wip I wanted you to fix too, so either way you're not done yet. We'll talk on AIM.

  6. Got it added the other day. Larry either got tired of ppl complaining about there not being any avatars added, or just found the time. I was hoping for Noxus (same game), but apparently he has no idea what Noxus looks like and thus had no idea what the avatar looked like. I gotta fix that, somehow. I want Noxus, not Sylux. :D

  7. Hey, just hit me up on AIM if you wanna talk music making. :D

  8. Superstitious much?

  9. Hey newbie... :D

    Welcome, look for teh rules, read teh rules, live by teh rules... :D Get used to the community, enjoy your stay, and don't give DarkeSword a reason to put you on "vacation". He does that. ;)

  10. Thanks man. Yeah I saw it too. Might be a while, I've had Beyond Velocity in the tpb list for a while now, and having my ff4 track in the project track tbp list might get djp to post my stuff sooner. At least if my two following submissions get judged and passed any time soon. :D

  11. Don't worry about it. The recent forum restructuring has left a lot of ppl confused.

  12. Lycka till. Meddela om du vill ha min hjälp med nåt. :D

  13. Svenska? Här? Okej, får se hur länge det dröjer innan nån klagar på att de inte förstår. :D

    Jag har en från Aeropolis, F-Zero GX, i To Be Posted-listan, men annat än det... nej. Hörde av Willrock lite om dina planer. De där två är de enda jag har just nu. Det är inte det enda spelet jag vill remixa från. ;)

  14. Dude, I see you're logged in. Are you alive?

  15. This feature is so gonna get spammed...