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    Kanji compounds, so yea, you can. If you wanna learn more about kanji then I consider this to be the most educational and entertaining site on the web to do exactly that: http://www.hellodamage.com/kanjidicks/main.htm
  2. Knives

    No? YES!

    It's catchy, I found myself humming the tune and reciting the lyrics in the shower this morning. Though I can't figure out if OA is kidding about the saved marriage thing, because if he isn't, then I'd like to hear the story
  3. Same here. Over 95% of the time I don't even know the source tune that is being remixed, so it's more like an instrumental song rather than a vgm remix to me. But to actually answer the question, I listen to OCR stuff, and just music in general: infrequently.
  4. It's too loud. Turn the master volume slider in your mixer down. And if you want an instrument to be quieter than the others, then turn the volume down on that one as well, don't leave it blaring at max volume and just put a limiter on it. Getting the right volume levels for every instrument in your song is a fundamental skill in mixing music. Work on it. An example of your remix versus zircon's "dirt devil" remix (recently accepted to OCR): Your's is flying off the graph, and that's not a good thing, because it causes things like clipping and distortion, which makes your song very jarring and difficult to listen. Try to make it more like zircon's, which basically means turning the volume knob down on a lot of stuff.
  5. Knives

    No? YES!

    It has about as much substance as modern hip-hop songs do, I would have YES'd it. 2:13 - 2:36 FTW.
  6. I'll assume you got mine already, and I have a question: how does voting work?
  7. Aww, shit. And I thought I actually knew what I was talking about, I assumed the blue laser was exclusive to blu-ray and HD-DVDs still only used a red laser. Everyone can disregard my previous post, I described the difference between DVDs and blu-ray, not HD-DVDs and blu-ray. Uhhh, storing 3.9 terabytes on one disc doesn't impress you? 3.9 terabytes: as in 7,986% (this isn't a typo, it really is more than seven thousand percent) more space than a double-layer blu-ray disc (50GB)? HELLO? I don't know what to be more astonished by, a disc that can hold 50TBs, or that said disc can only hold 4 hours of uncompressed UHD footage.
  8. I don't know if there are any physical differences in the discs, there might be, but then again, there might not be... I honestly haven't looked that deeply into it, I've said all I know.
  9. There are so many things affecting how much data you can put on a single disc. The size of the disc, how many writable sides it has, single or double layer, the thinness of the laser writing the data, and the method of writing. The only difference between a HD-DVD and a blu-ray disc is that the data is written with a red laser on an HD-DVD and with a blue laser on a blu-ray disc. Because the blue laser is thinner it gets more data on the same space, that's it. But deciding to use a thinner laser ain't all that impressive, and it certainly isn't the best method currently out there either, if you really wanna write a ton of data on a single disc then look into HVDs. EDIT: This is incorrect, HD-DVD uses blue lasers as well, I described the difference between DVDs and blu-ray, not HD-DVDs and blu-ray. My bad.
  10. djp had a really good answer, but I wanna do my "blu-ray for dummies" post anyway: blu-ray is just a blue laser that scribbles data on a disc. Because the blue laser is thinner, it can fill in much more data on a disc than a red laser can. A violent laser, which would be even thinner, would totally kick blue laser's ass in the amount of data that could be stored on a disc. A completely retarded example would be: blu-ray is the amount of times you can wrap floss around your index finger. The (old?) standard of writing data on a disc (red-ray) would be the amount of times you could wrap a very thick rope around your index finger. That's about it, blu-ray "creates" more space on a disc, and more space means more data that can be put in that space, and being able to put more data means higher resolutions on videos and other stuff.
  11. I've had a few ideas in general for OHC, rather than just doing themes I think you can do something like give the participants a .midi of a chord progression or bassline and it'd be their job to evolve it into a full song within the hour. Or you could let them freely compose anything but limit them to a certain tempo range or time signature to make things interesting. I'm also still in support of doing the sample packs. Just a few things to consider.
  12. You otha brothas can't denyWhen a girl walks in with a... oh never mind. Anyways, I love this song, it made me check out AeroZ's other remixes, which were all just as awesome, especially "Wicked N Floating." I'm anxious to hear more from him.
  13. Knives


    Anime that is "a little more grown up:" Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal (masterpiece, 4 eps) FLCL (masterpiece, 6 eps) Deathnote (masterpiece, 38 eps) Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (excellent, 26 eps) Outlaw Star (great, 26 eps) Samurai 7 (great, 26 eps) Last Exile (great, 26 eps) None of the above animes have any teeny-bopper or cutsy scenes/storylines like most mainstream anime is known for, and revolve around more serious themes. I guess except FLCL, which is sort of a combination of both? It's hard to describe, but I really recommend seeing it, it's short and you could do so in a few hours.
  14. I already voted this for week's compo but the option to vote for me still exists at the bottom of the page at http://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/OHC003 Does that mean it didn't register the vote or we can vote multiple times or... what?
  15. Use http://vgmusic.com/ to find midis of game music. FF8 "Ride on": http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sony/ps1/Whatever_FF8_Ride_On.mid
  16. There's nothing quite like an Uematsu piece remixed by Zircon, his Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger remixes are my all-time favorites on the site, this new addition only adds to the list.
  17. I thought it was great, some images were up for a quick moment and disappeared before I could take them in, but they were shown again later so I picked them up then. I also had no problem with the voice, but I listened to it through closed headphones in a quiet room so not much outside noise got in the way and I could fully concentrate on what you were saying. I can't give much more feedback other than what was already given, but I'd say it's good as it is, if you go with what you got here then you'll probably get a good grade.
  18. The concepts brought together into this mario-halo mash-up seem to work pretty well, and the level design is good too. I don't see why people are nitpicking it for things like "it's not commerical" and "graphics and music could be better." Screw that, if it's fun and plays well, then it's good game.
  19. You can always default to one of the many awesome advance wars themes. Just a suggestion.
  20. I think the sample packs R KEWL, LOL. You should incorporate them more frequently into the OHCs. Otherwise, everything else is fine.
  21. I missed voting by a few hours too, I really thought V___'s was the best, but even if I voted for his it doesn't seem like it would have made much of a difference :/
  22. Ah... that's a shame, I was really hoping to see that gay-stripper-at-14-year-old-boys-house footage, think how him and his family would have reacted? Not like anyone would get hurt... but the looks on their faces... ohh maan.
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