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  1. This has been my favourite ReMix, the use of the samples works so well! I've never found something quite like it save for Edo de Waarts "Christian Zeal and Activity" recording; the syncing of the phrases to the music feels just right in every instance. I thought this was a quality of Simmons' performance, his barking little snippets like they were command, but that isn't always the case. Chimp was clever to pick up the lines that work in that style. So happy to have this!
  2. A slow and simple mix that never takes off, even though it adds sounds layers as it should. It is just that these are way too simple to form anything of substance as they also lack any synergy. As a result, this track might have a good melody- even though I cannot see that from from the way it is presented here- but apart from that, it not even serves as good background music compared to other simple electronic loop-tunes.
  3. The mix is not outstanding in any respect, but it conveys a good and upbeat feeling. There are a number of weaknesses, such as some sounds being too harsh and a slight lengthyness when regarding the unspectacular middle part and the rather simple background loop. But as a whole, the song is ok nevertheless, as it refrains from any pretence and just wants to be a nice variation on the source tune.
  4. A nice listen that for a change actually does well at integrating strings and a guitar, and so sounds very rich and varied, especially with the background section nicely present without ever stickung out especially, though it is also a little uniform at times. There are some shortcomings, namely the undecided beginning, but from there the melody develops nicely except for the rather uninteresting key change at around 1:55. The rest I consider to be a very satisfying and an inspiring blend of genres in some sections(*). Other than the beginning, the end works well for the piece, using a standard semi-'grandiose' pattern. (*) Which obviously has to do with how the song was made
  5. This is an excellent track that might easily have gone wrong and turned pretentious, but didn't. Instead, it uses sound variety combined with a ostinato-turning-theme that drives the piece with a powerful chord. Besides all the the great musicianship, there is a minor complaint to be made, which is that the artist could have been slightly more liberal in overall dynamics to make it perfect. But this is it, apart from that it is simple a great song.
  6. A pale mix, not fitting it all together well, with many parts too generic. The idea was appareantly supposed to be trance, even when the genre is not, but actually, the song is at its best at parts that are the least healthy to the designation, namely in some short piano sections. The background is definitely weak, using too many disparate instrument/ambient layers to feel anything but cluttered.
  7. a techno mix, almost as generic as they get, except for the voice samples. Nothing wrong with it but simplemost.
  8. nicely, it works now without my doing anything to help it. (maybe so. fixed the site?)
  9. A techno song that is obviously carried by the (source) tune and the (source) tune only, which itself fits the style well, being all vivid. This does not help the tune from being sub-par in terms of originality, but for techno this is of course not required. The long and short of it is: it is not a particular interesting remix in any respect, but ok for hearing once- or more often iff you like techno.
  10. yes, I even wiped all my cookies. Actually, I am logged in all the time. Right now I can access everything and apparently do everything that requires login, it's just the singular button "bitchin'" and leading me to the sign-in. Everything else clearly works! That is, I can use my workaround, browse, write in this and the review forum and at any time in between when clicking on the "control panel" button using Opera I am redirected to the sign-in, whereas all works fine with Firefox. Oddly, when I am on the log-on screen and open the community menu, both of "control panel" and "login/register" are in a highlighted greyed state (but NOT the dark grey that appears while moving over the menu entries, which is still there and works as always). This occurs whenever I choose any one of the two menu entries. In effect it looks like Opera's engine mixes them up and considers them "in use"/"switched on" in a weird way. I have no experience in web programming technology, but I can produce the error as described any time. As I said, it is a mere nuissance (not a nauseance yet:) ) since it can be easily avoided, and I just thought maybe there is some error in the code (whichever one...). I hope it is now clear I am not having cooking issues.
  11. another techno mix, this time a little more inspired. Alas, only a little, that is, at 2:29 onwards. But the part is still kinda shallow and a repetition of the material heard before after it without substantial additions brings down the track. In the end, little stands out beyond the melody line which in a techno song you either must love or else hate and fail to like the song.
  12. i tried that and Ffx works. Nevertheless, Opera 9.24 fails even with the most liberal cookie settings. It does not even ask me to place a new cookie (which I deliberately switched to "notify whenever") thorugh a log-in-log-out cycle. So, ovbiously cookies are not an issues. For the time being, I consider Opera broke at the point.
  13. the title says it is used to work about fifteen hours ago, but right now I needed to work around going through the >message suboption to get to the panel. I am using Opera 8 and wheneever I try the "control panel" "menu entry" I am asked to log in infinitely often (no I didn't count) even though I could well write in the forums at the same time (and still can, as you see). I will check again tonight (for me, that is in about eight hours) with a re-set browser and check if the issue persists for me.
  14. A very enjoyable remix in the classic sense of the term. Overall, the sound is ok, even if one might find it an inch to midi-ish for closer listening: the instruments could use just a hint less precision to appear more natural (since this is a lifely mix by intent). But really, this is no problem. The song is fun to listen to, relaxing, adherent to norms well and rightfully established, and as a result fine background music for better or for worse.
  15. An excellent mix- actually more than "just" a remix but refreshingly original and full of variety. This includes an odd instrumental syncretism, a nice drive, but what's more, a superb combination of well-structuredness through the "theme" and variation by a wide variety of means, including instruments, sound snippets, melody quotes et al. This piece stands out by construction, even when some use of dynamics could have been a nice-to-have addition. But that is it for complaints, it's still marvelous.
  16. This remix never really takes off. The first seconds are impressive, promising a very interesting remix, but then the song fails to deliver, staying unprecise without being decidedly ambient, with too much of the piano layer, even though this is varied quite nicely in itself in details. Still, with not much to listen to, this song does not interest me.
  17. Another interesting remix soundwise, especially atmospherically. Though, the mini rythm loop should really be considerably less eager to stand out at times (/at all) and the ending falls flat after a forthright reprise. Nevertheless, the song is nice to listen to once in a while. In the end, I cannot really decide which wheights higher since the succession of parts is otherwise well made, but the track generally moves on too little from its own stated but cool premise.
  18. a fine song. at first I thought it was a little too simple with the lack of substantial harmonic development, but the mix of instruments is very stimulatory and tension (stress?) is well taken care of. For the evocative title's sake I think the beats are a little too sharp, but other than that, it is quite nice to listen to, even though it will not transform (or even modify) anyone's experience of music (do not get me wrong: not every song needs to, but many bring a hint of structures/ themes/ history or whatever with them; this one goes unremembered).
  19. sounds like an old nine inch nails sound study with added spoken demon evocations. Do not expect something that in any way resembles Rammstein, as has been stated before. The whole thing is bland, at times feels detached through pointlessness. Still, a good example of that the judges do not mess with taste, because otherwise this could not have passed: technically there is nothing wrong with it, but I also see no reason besides nostalgia why one would want to hear this.
  20. the song has considerable technical issues (as in instrument handling) that have been pointed out here before. I needed not mind, but actually, the composition is rather thin. While the ambient sea sounds fit the piece well, the melodic development is not really interesting enough to carry through the mere 2:30 for which the remix lasts (harmonically its quite straightforward as well). The ending is the weakest point with the guitars abrubtly stopping, which does not work for me since we're quite in the middle of something, expecting 'verse' or outro but not the performers just dropping dead by a heart failure.
  21. as basic as it gets, this is no song to remember, almost plain techno. So if you're a sucker for cliché techno which makes up this song almost entirely- barring the sudden fullstop/restart at :50- or just the upbeat millenial fair music, you might like it. Otherwise, there is nothing to be heared here.
  22. for what it is, this is a very well-made mix: a lounge track with a quite symmetric structure, a tried and tested instrumentation and fine solo parts. Someone might (and did, see above) rightfully argue that the end is a little short; still I like it as it is.
  23. this does not sound very inspired to me, rather much too long instead. While the overall instrumental sound is right except for parts of the percussion that are quite sharp, the piece lacks in substance and variation since it reapeats much too short elements much too often.
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