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  1. I love this game and this song and this remix so much, it almost makes my heart hurt. I have so many feelings for this series!
  2. I dearly loved this song the first time I heard it, mostly because Pollyanna from the Mother Vocal CD was one of my favorite songs, just for its unyielding optimism and faith in the future. It was always a message that resonated with me. I wasn't sure if there was going to be a Pollyanna remix on the Bound Together project when I downloaded it, then I got to Home Again and was just totally blown away. It was just such a sensitive, slow version of the theme after I wasn't sure I would hear it all. Just when it was winding down, the words came back and reminded me of the song and the message in the song that I loved so much and tears came to my eyes. I have so many memories associated with this song, and the remix tapped into all of them in a way so much more...sad than the original? I think that's what I'm going for. Much love for this song.
  3. Oh man, I am deeply in love with this remix. DOTT was one of my favorite games, and this captures that manic, off-kilter feel of the game perfectly. All the dissonance just works perfectly with just how unique and stylistic the game was to begin with. I can picture this playing during the opening scene with the car so easily. If there was no dissonanec I don't think it would really keep the spirit of DOTT, and this captures it beautifully. This is awesome.
  4. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a new SC2 remix up. It's always good to give such a fantastic game some more publicity. PLAY STAR CONTROL 2 NOW AAAA Aside from that, I love this rendition of Hyperspace to death. So good.
  5. I'm not one fer rap myself and I listened ta it once before I didn't think it was my kind of song. But then I gave it another chance and paid close attention, and it's got this mellow groove and amusing lyrics that I just didn't notice before. I likes it.
  6. God, everytime I see a new mix for Starcontrol II come up here something in my heart just leaps. Every mix is more recognition for one of the best games and best soundtracks of all time in my opinion. In particular, I've always loved the Quasispace music (I always thought it was pretty though repetitive, much like my bizarre fascination with the fairy music from QFG1) and I think this remix is absolutely stunning in all measures. Everything about it just conveys that vast emptiness that is Quasispace and still keeps that enigmatic beauty. Ah, such joy.
  7. I really really like this. I never really played Slalom that much so I'm not too familiar with da original song, but I really like this remix. It's got that kind of noisy thing going on and the melody in it is really very catchy. It definitely has that feeling of skiing and snow and stuff, and I especially like that creative use of the sleigh bells. Very very very cool (HURRHURR PUN)
  8. If I recall my utter King's Quest geekery, I think Graham is traipsing through a land called Serenia in number five. ::kadork:: Anyway, I immediately loved this mix to death since I adore all Sierra games. I think it really matches with Daventry well and I love how it also does sound a lot like Concerning Hobbits. It matches them both fantastically.
  9. Oh my god. I've been dreaming of a Serenade of Water remix for as long as I can remember. It was always my favorite Ocarina song and now to hear it redone so beautifully...it just makes me smile. Hearing that first flute rise...goosebumps. Seriously. I think this captures the feel of the Serenade beautifully, especially that harp and when the piano comes in... God, this is so awesome. I've always wanted a Serenade remix and finally, here it is. And it's gorgeous.
  10. I approve greatly. I've liked what I've heard of Zyko's stuff before, so I knew somethin like this would be very different and very cool. I think this really captures Vincent in a way. That sad feeling, da kind of distance...it's so empty and yet ya hafta look really hard ta see everything... I mean, just da lines "Save me" "I don't want to be saved I want to be sacrificed" is meaningful enough as it is. I can imagine Vincent walking, wandering da mansion, eventually getting shot and captured and altered by Hojo... I mean, it really captures Vincent's story in a song, I think. I really like it. It's so eerie and sad at da same time...gives me goosebumps.
  11. I loved Magical Drop and I loved this. Fer me, da voice samples totally made this. That and that part where ya hear da spheres flying and breaking and stuff. great stuff. No Emperor quotes? No love fer Emperor? I weep for that flamboyant man. Hee hee.
  12. Hmm... I feel like the sax gets lost sometimes in the other aspects of the song, which is bad cause to me, the whole heart of Booster's theme was that sax. If the sax was kicked up a few notches so it didn't seem so background... Other then that of course, the rest of it sounds great as usual. It doesn't quite sound surf-like, but it does sound like something for the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. The background again seems to take a lot of precedence over the sax itself, but it's put together really well, so I can't completely fault that. The ending left me wanting more...like it wasn't a real ending. Maybe a solo ending would have left me feeling better about it, but... Of course, I love it. It's just...it falls just a little short of my expectations I guess.
  13. I love those bells. The beginning is definitly very dreamy and ethereal. I love the effect. This does make me think of a dream and think of da whole Chrono Cross atmosphere. This really does take me there. Those wrong notes at da end tho definitly don't fit. I could do without them. This remix is still amazingly beautiful, however.
  14. This song makes me happy in ways I can't even describe. I know now that I've been waiting for this Robo mix ever since I found this site. This is what I've been looking for. I mean, I can't stop smiling. When it mentions Fiona, I swear ta god I laughed out loud. Dear god, this song shouldn't make me this happy. But it does! It DOES! I commend you.
  15. I never played this game, but I'm a huge fan of Disturbed's work. I find his piano excellent and very moody and evoking. This is a beatiful piece for him, filled with emotion and excellent playing. I also love the addition of the strings. A beautiful touch. Anyway, here's to hoping to see more of Disturbed's stuff up here sometime.
  16. Wow! An EVO remix! I loved this game when I was younger. I played it obsessively. I dunno, it was one of those games where ya didn't really hafta think. I beat it as one of those winged dinosaur things, which made da ending sequence absolutely hilarious. Mwa ha ha ha. Anyway, this is gorgeous. It sounds so beautiful and very professional...like a real orchestra is performing it. It's fantastic on so many levels, I can't even really describe them all. All I can say is thanks.
  17. I can't believe I downloaded this and then forgot about it until it showed up on my list again. I love this to death. This is so well put-together, played, everything. I love the interpretation of the lullaby and everything. It's moving and beautiful in this way I can't even really describe. I can't stop listening to this! This is fantastic work and I love how original it is too. It makes recognizing the original melody all that more satisfying and amazing when it's interpreted in such a creative and wonderful way.
  18. I KNEW this belonged here. Fantastic stuff.
  19. Very pretty. So atmospheric...it really manipulates your emotions beautifully. I wish I had played Morrowind now. Very nice. It's very...wingless! He's got his own style, yes. Great stuff.
  20. Woohoo! This deserved ta be here. I'm not joking. Friggin GORGEOUS.
  21. This is amazing. This captures that sad, frightening kind of feeling that the Maridia music always gave me. I always loved this theme far more then the music that played through the majority of Maridia...I felt it conveyed more emotion and such. The desolation and isolation...this captures it all so beautifully and in such an eerie way. It's just fantastic. Truly amazing. My only qualm with this would be near the end, around 4:26, when it suddenly and unexpectedly picks up with the drums. It seems somewhat out of place...maybe if the transition was a bit smoother? That's nitpicking though. This is so hauntingly beautiful, a perfect and creative interpretation of the Marida music. It gives me goosebumps. That's so sad, but it's true. ^_^o
  22. There's always Orion.78 Civilization Mix on Maniac. But that's not technically a boss. Um...Gradius in general was really freakin hard for me...I also found Mother Brain from da original Metroid really irritatin as well. Master Gizamaluke in FFIX is drivin me nuts. ^_^o Jabberwock from Alice. Emotionally terrifying. ^_^o And that one frickin level in Black and White where Lethys steals yer creature and ARGARHAHGRAHR Ghouls and Ghosts in general...::shudder:: Dragon Warrior Monsters in the second time you go back into the monster world and you're invited to the big tournament. Friggin hard. Da endguy in Wizards and Warriors was irritatin, but there were no penalties fer dyin there. Queen Metroid in Metroid II...::shakes fist:: King Boo in Luigi's Mansion gave me trouble fer some reason. ^_^o It was cause I couldn't figger out what I was supposed ta do fer a long time. Ah well. Giga Bowser and da last event battle is pretty easy if ya break it with Jigglypuff or Kirby. Crazy Hand and Master Hand at once though...argh. The Giant Bulborb (Emperor Blublax? Is that it's name?) in Pikmin! ARGH! I friggin HATED THAT THING! Especially when it made me think I had it and then it sat on all my Pikmin and CRUSHED THEM or jumped in da air outta NOWHERE and ARHGHAHR. Took ferever. And there's always the Legend Cup in Monster Rancher II. Curse you you friggin skelly-dragon. That FRIGGIN QUEEN BEE in EVO! Took me friggin FEREVER. Lunar Star Story Complete and that driggin Green Dragon in da sewer. ARGH. Majora was irritatin if ya don't have da Oni Link mask. ^_^o Da boss in da second level of that Ghost in the Shell game was friggin irritatin as well. And Fred the ogre in Quest for Glory I was annoyin too unless ya were really compulsive about levelin. Bubble Bobble end guy ARGH! ARGH! Earthworm Jim too and that friggin race with Psycrow... Getting Balloon Pikachu in Pokémon Snap was really hard as well. Odell Lake. Anyone remember that? Da last boss in Spyro. Anyone else have this problem? Warrior Monks from Shogun Total War.
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